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When German POWs Came To The US–The Hidden Side?

Camp Concordia for German POWs

German POWs entrain. If official, probably US Army Signal Corps, but may be from unnamed newspaper or magazine. Found on

German POWs: Preliminary Analysis of Detrainment Locations & Possible Significance


We know German POWs and other Axis POWs , some 425,000, came to the States during and after World War II , but thanks to an illegal scrapbook kept by an American enlisted soldier guarding such Germans under the strictest of security, we now have a glimpse behind the security screen of the times and, to some degree, now. Rest assured, important stories remain untold and vital secrets remain buried. The information comes from a Twitter thread and is based, like something out of a spy novel, on material which lay for a long time in the false bottom of a bureau. It was eventually discovered after the death of the great uncle who'd been that GI. My plan in this post is to walk through the tweets and show the possible significance of things not readily obvious, such as place names unfamiliar to most readers, in order to squeeze new information and fresh insights into understanding what went on and why.

Here is the thread. My comments are in Italics.

This is the first tweet from @Notalice1776.
It, and all the others, is from August 21, 2019.
My great uncle (GU) kept a scrapbook of his time in the Army during WWII. I mean, kept it. In a false bottom of a bureau. My parents stumbled upon it after he died. He was stationed at #Roswell after the war. He didn't talk about it. At all. Cont. #OperationPaperclip #WWG1WGA



5:23 PM · Aug 21, 2019Twitter for Android

Though some might think so, there is really nothing remarkable in this. POWs routinely travel under armed guard, maybe even shackled. They are rigorously isolated from the public. This is for both for protecting POWs  (per Geneva Convention requirements) from insults and worse from the public (especially those whose loved ones have been terribly wounded or killed )and to prevent anyone, particularly agents or sympathizers, from slipping files, knives, saps, brass knuckles, even guns to the prisoners.

Generals, because they're usually well behind enemy lines, are hard to come by, and since colonels are listed, too, the likelihood is high they were parts of the staffs of one or more of these generals. The generals are walking encyclopedias of the German Army, thinking, starategies, operations discussed, what might be pending, supply situations, manpower, names, natures, capabilities and expected arrival dates for replacement and new weapons, etc. And the colonels are themselves information repositories, but typically will be focused on a specific area, such as Intelligence or Operations. All in all, quite the haul!

Replying to

In late April, 1945, he accompanied nazi POWs on a transatlantic voyage docking in Boston, MA.

It would appear her grandfather first delivered the German generals and colonels captured in Tunisia to an unnamed location, after which this specially trained guard was sent clear across the Atlantic to escort enemy POWs to the States. He evidently turned over the prisoners when the ship he was on docked in Boston. Please note this is happening in wartime, for Germany didn't surrender until May 7, 1945, celebrated then and still as VE Day (Victory in Europe). What I can say, though, is that this considerably antedates OPERATION PAPERCLIP, which didn't start until late July of 1945.

From Boston, nazis were put on a train to Chicago, and from there transported to various POW camps around the United States. Concordia, KS, Camp Hale, CO, Benton Harbor, MI, to name a few in these clippings. GU accompanied them as a guard.

The object of the game here is to possibly connect where POWs were sent with what was going on near the detrainment points. If POWs had particular knowledge, experience or both in a given matter, it would've made eminently good sense to send specially qualified or informed German POWs to places where such expertise and insights could be useful. These would be few buried amid trainloads. When I was looking at the short list, one immediately leapt off the page at me, triggering a bunch of memories as to its potential significance. That place was Camp Hale, CO. Why is that significant? The US Army's Camp Hale was the location of the something called the IPU (Interplanetary Phenomena Unit). Yes, you read that correctly.

Now, the common belief among ufologists and other researchers  is that the IPU was established in 1947, but was it? Did it, in fact, precede the July 1947 Roswell crash? What UFO (among other topics) researcher and writer Nick Redfern turned up in the official records in no way disproves this, to some, radical notion. The IPU later became tied to a super secret Project MOON DUST, ostensibly targeted on retrieving the remains of foreign satellites (read Russian) which fell to Earth, but that was really operational cover for UFO crash recoveries.

Was the IPU already established by the date those POWs detrained at Camp Hale? Was it involved with the retrieval of items from the famous/notorious 1897 Aurora TX, ahem, airship crash? This may all sound crazy, but the famous/notorious WW I ace the Red Baron shot down a “shaped like a saucer” “interplanetary craft” during the Great War, as attested by his handpicked wingman. Broke this story in depth in JKI. Moreover, the German Roswell, if you will, happened in Bavaria in 1937, but the Italians had theirs, near Moderna, in 1933. The US Navy fished one out of the water near San Diego CA  around the same time as Italy's crashed. The flying saucer, trailing smoke, fell from the sky practically atop a cruiser on maneuvers, too!

POWs taken to Concordia, KS  may (note conditional) have been tied to Boeing's B-29 Superfortress strategic bomber, the one used to savage Japan with a deluge of incendiary bombs, leveling most of Japan's major cities. B-29s delivered what are officially recorded as the only two nuclear attacks of World War II, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Researcher and prolific author Joseph Farrell disagrees, made a strong case in his seminal and shocking (left me in a daze for weeks) book Reich of the Black Sun, the Germans did it in July or August of 1943! In taking this matter up with spook sources,  powerful confirmation was gleaned from both the highly cleared progeny of OPERATION PAPERCLIP scientists, but also from current/former members of the prestigious RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences). These revelations caused then CIA Director Jack Brennan to flip out.  That date has since been refined to July 11, 1943.

Since the Germans had considerable numbers of the He-177 heavy bomber in combat, small numbers of something similar to the B-29, the Me-264, as well as the far scarcer JU-390, were certain aviation specialists available among the POWs, they could've been helpful, especially in terms of future developments and solving various problems. Recovered German plans indicated the Ju-390 was slated to strike Manhattan NYC, the center of the nation's finances and a strategic port, with what today we would call a RW (Radiological Weapon) or dirty bomb. It was going to be a huge bomb casing full of radioactive particles surrounding a burster charge. Detonated at the optimum altitude, the detonation would've dispersed lethal radioactive contaminants over miles radially and downwind. Those in the inner zone would've died within hours, farther out, days to weeks, and on the fringes, months to years. Manhattan and surrounds would've been useless for businesses and uninhabitable for people, the Port of New York dead., not to mention all other modes of transportation in the strike zone.

Benton Harbor, MI is close to Chicago, arguably the hub of American war production. Consequently, you could have knowledgeable specialist POWs sent to any number of defense plants, but that's all that could be posited, absent knowing who was detrained at Benton Harbor and had what background.


GU's final stop in May, 1945, was where he would remain until at least October, based on the telegrams he sent to my great aunt (GA).

Take this to mean his final stop was at Roswell NM, which was shortly to be the home the home of the only nuclear capable bomber unit in the US, though many likely thought the world. This was the 509th Composite Wing, then based at Wendover Field, UT and learning nuclear delivery techniques at Watertown NV, subsequently to be known as Dreamland and Area 51. Roswell was close to WSPG (White Sands Proving Ground) in NM. By this time, the US had been doing missile tests for years and was nearing its first test of an atomic device there. That device, which was not a bomb but a test article, was called TRINITY.

*The Japanese internment camp at #Roswell was renamed the Roswell Prisoner of War camp.* The more you know. #QAnon

Notalice1776 (Copy function stopped working for this)

Why'd they send nazis to Roswell? Less than two years later, the “incident” occurred.

They could've been people associated in way or another with the several German atomic efforts in such fields as reactors and weapons, not to mention missiles. Again, have used a conditional.


Some more clippings



In closing, I haven't explored related declassifications, if there are any. I don't have access to microfiche either. GU never spoke of this, and kept it hidden. In their telegrams, it is evident that neither my GU or GA trusted what they were being told. Neither should we.

And yet, people still think all the secrets from World War II are known and explained! These revelations from an enlisted man who guarded German prisoners as high as generals and dropped batches of them off at all sorts of potentially high leverage places bears further investigative effort, but am simply not up to it right now. While it's true that at least some prisoners were put to work on tasks legal within the Geneva Convention restrictions, am of the opinion such efforts also were used to hide what was really going on after these batches of German POWs arrived, presuming the connections posited by me are valid.


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Richard k Cole Jr
6 months ago

Dear Mr. Kettler: I am writing to inform you that Douglas Duane Dietrich has published photos taken of a scrapbook compiled by a US Serviceman and provided you by his great-nephew. Dietrich claims he took photos of the same scrapbook while employed at the Presidio Post Library in the 1980s. He also claims he was ordered to destroy it. “FROM DOUGLAS DIETRICH’s Own PERSONAL FILES: The Japanese Internment Camp at Roswell was renamed the Roswell Prisoner of War camp. Dietrich was able to smuggle photographs of these clippings out from El Presidio from a scrapbook he was ordered to incinerate” I… Read more »

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