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Video Curation Autos levitating in PRC?

Originally posted on December 14, 2015 @ 8:54 PM

video curation

Video Curation on JKI! Does strange Chinese video show UFOs at play, a secret weapon demo or something mundane?

Video curation on JKI begins now. What is video curation? I wondered, too, initially. After all, to me the curator is the person in a museum who is responsible for the entire holdings of the museum.  Simply put, video curation is posting a video and talking about it. Not only does Google love this, but doing video curation is oh so much faster than the extravaganzas I put out far too seldom–for your long-suffering webmaster Karl's taste, yours and mine. Video curation means getting more Google love, in the form of organic site traffic Google sends JKI because JKI is deemed (and rightly so) an authority site. All well and good, but the benefit to you, my readers, is that I can cover a much broader swath of topics and do so without requiring a big chunk of your time for in-depth reading in the process.


This video is all over the Internet in both English and the far more widely proliferated Asian side of things. It was brought to my attention by a member of Ground Contingents, with the observation that perhaps this blurry video was UFOs at play. While such notions have, of course, been been covered extensively on the internet, along with arguments of some human secret weapon being tested, there are very much contrarian views being vehemently, even scathingly expressed, starting long before the official PRC government statement it was a cable.  Indeed, the comments to the above video are past awash with not just rejections of any ET, ET/ED or UFO angle, but include savage ad hominem attacks on those who dare argue such views. This is the full video, which was part of a Reddit thread on the event.

Regardless of what's really going on, this event has caused an explosion of views and comments. secureteam10, the source of the video I got, has over 126,000 views and over 1300 comments regarding it. That's but one site. And now we have an explanation video which, unlike the primary video, is in color, razor sharp and clear. If this is right, the cause was a cable, but I believe it's prudent to be wary when it comes to official explanations. After all, ours notoriously explained away a major UFO case as “swamp or marsh gas.”

Earth Sensitivity Sucks–Especially When Writing Posts

There's much more which could be said about the weird events in the PRC, but that would take not merely enormous amounts of time, but energy and mental focus I simply don't have. Indeed, considering some of the Earth, solar and other issues I've been utterly wrecked by for the best part of two weeks, not to mention frequent outright war with this fossil of a computer, it is practically a miracle that I got this video curation done at all.

Hard to do this work when you're practically cross eyed from exhaustion–and still hurting from the last round of the unending energetic siege. I was up all last night and until 2 PM yesterday dealing with a hyper inflated volcanic middle which felt as though I was being ripped apart within, coupled with a nasty headache, whole body pain, a lit up CNS, lots of floaters in my field of vision and a barely contained urge to scream. Isn't this everyone's ideal path to health, restorative sleep, abundant energy, clarity of mind and enormous productivity? Today was so bad I'll discuss it some other time. In any event, this is not a good status to be in when undertaking something new on this site. So new I initially and wrongly posted my first video curation on JKI/SA, where few could read it, largely nullifying the post to begin with. Consequently, I had to port it here, tweak it, then kill the JKI/SA version.

As for what really happened in the People's Republic of China, I don't know, and am too wiped out to care. My job was to tell you that there was a strange event there, that it had gotten enormous global response and that a wide range of explanations had been offered.


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