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US SpecOps Revealed Is REAL

Originally posted on September 8, 2014 @ 7:23 PM

US SpecOps Revealed Is REAL; Very Late!

US SpecOps Revealed very much exists, but, like many matters here at JKI, it has been exceedingly delayed (putting it mildly) by unanticipated vicissitudes, not least the collapse of the economic underpinnings of Karl, who built this wonderful site and has practically killed himself to keep it going, fix it when it breaks (a frequent occurrence because of complex software interactions and software obsoletion or outright failure) and continuously improve it. You have no idea how much work and time expenditure all this has entailed for him, nor what he has given up in order to do all the vital things. This by no means the entire list, but it should serve to explain the core answer to the anguished, deeply frustrated question “Why don't I have my copy of US SpecOps Revealed yet?!”

Without Karl, who very nearly wound up “under a bridge, ” as he archly yet correctly puts it, not only is US SpecOps Revealed screwed , but likewise the JKI site. Therefore, Survival 101 mandates that Karl has to be a) kept out of the rain, fed and given water to drink, plus b) at the very least stabilized, as a prelude to his ongoing and terribly bumpy economic recovery, presently underway and also subject to the unbending attentions of Mr. Murphy and his iron law.

Upon Karl all depends, you see. John Kettler cannot complete the book without him because only Karl is the one who has the knowledge and experience;  possesses the skills and the specialized software to bring to fruition the US SpecOps Revealed book project. The cover art is his. The book design is his, as are the font choice, the layout, the text entry and change incorporation, as well as figuring out the best pictures and graphics to use from what John Kettler has found; then reworking them as needed to fit the layout. Mr. Kettler has continued his research and also been provided more juicy insider material to grace the pages of the book and further expand reader understanding, but this is, as far as the book is concerned, something akin to the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy! Worse, until there is at least a completed draft, John Kettler can in no way begin to start voicing the audio book. You may now scream. Both Karl and he have!

“Sounds good and all that; might even be true, but how do I know Im not being BSed here?” Answer? There is no better evidence this is not the case than to provide excerpts, so here goes. To avoid confusion, from here on in all remarks not from the book will be in Italics.


“The secret of the success of Navy SEALs and other Special Operators lies in their weapons training and endurance. They train with all of their weapons until the operation of the weapons becomes part of the body, controlled by thought. When a mission is called, where failure is not an option, Special Operators are called because they have demonstrated the ability to overcome any physically or mentally painful situation, enduring all discomforts for the sake of the mission.”


The above sets the tone for what follows. Below are outtakes, if you will, from various parts of US SpecOps Revealed.

Note On Sources & Approach

“Where possible, I have cited relevant open sources, sometimes in reference to classified ones. There is also information derived from research cued by highly sensitive contacts. The Watergate Coverup exposure was precisely the result of such insider coaching…”

“This work could never have been written, though, without expert, covert help. Highly knowledgeable people who risked life and limb to help inform the American people what those at the extreme tip of our military spearhead have done, still do and will be doing in the future, together with a look at the unbelievable tech fielded and a glimpse into where we may be going.”

“Even so, readers should understand this is a dance down the razor’s edge, one played for the highest stakes. Human lives. The Special Operators’ lives and my own.”


“This book is respectfully dedicated to the fallen and wounded Special Operators and their families.

Though sometimes thrust into the limelight, by circumstance, idiotic politicians or even treachery, these Special Operators, by and large, conduct impossible missions, against unbelievable odds, in obscurity.

The general goal is to enter action undetected, strike suddenly, sometimes invisibly, sometimes surgically; at other times with devastating power, then exit, preferably unseen and undetected, mission accomplished.”

US SpecOps do not exist in some sort of vacuum, having suddenly appeared from nowhere. To the contrary, they have a definite historical context which must be understood by the public and the military alike in order to properly appreciate and effectively use SpecOps forces.

Chapter 1

SpecOps & The

American Revolutionary


(Past As Prologue)

“One of the single greatest weaknesses of the American people, and, by extension, the military that springs therefrom, is a frightening lack of historical perspective and memory of the bitter and bloody lessons learned. Sadly, this is very much true when it comes to the correct understanding of the pivotal role Spec Ops and Special Operators had in the making and sustainment of our country.

It’s fashionable, in some quarters, to aver that the emergence of Spec Ops as the go to, default mode of modern warfare is somehow newfangled and edgy. Such thinking is badly out of date. By three centuries plus!”

Chapter 2

SEAL Vignettes

“The only easy day was yesterday.” – SEAL motto.

Practically everything the SEALs do, with certain exceptions, is, in one way or another, classified and may never be declassified. Indeed, I’ve been privy to some remarkable deep background stories, concerning which I dare not breathe a word. This is a trust I hold sacred.

Here is an exceedingly rare look at the modern Navy SEALs in action. Note there are no SEAL Team numbers given, other than for one particular weapon development not directly germane to current ops. Revealing which Team is operating where is inherently a breach of OPSEC (Operational Security) and won’t be discussed here…

Racetrack Demon (snippet)

Location: Afghanistan
Date: ?
Mission: Locate Downed Aircraft

Cued by the spurt of smoke (a little oil injected into one of the B-52’s engines creates the puff) heralding the JDAM’s release overhead, the SEALs roll downhill a bit, to put some distance between themselves and the shattering force of what’s to come. With their bodies either facing up or lying on their sides facing the foe and parallel to the coming detonation, they open their mouths, to prevent lung damage, and point their heads downhill, to avoid injury to their vulnerable faces and eyes.

BOOM! All of the Taliban outside the caves die from the JDAM burst.

See a 1000 lb JDAM bomb strike in Afghanistan:


Surviving Murphy And His Laws (snippet)

Location: Afghanistan
Date: 2011
Mission: Establish Ridgetop Position, Interdict Taliban

“The helo suddenly comes under fire as previously unseen Taliban, responding to the whirlybird’s’s arrival, swarm out of caves on the ridge. The pilot, following standard procedure, pours the coals to the engines and abruptly soars off, dumping the SEAL off the ramp and into the fire of 15-20 Taliban.

The unexpected abandonment of their SEAL brother doesn’t sit well with the remaining two SEAL snipers, who, despite strong resistance from the pilot regarding returning to a very hot LZ (Landing Zone), exhibit remarkable powers of .308 rifle persuasion, which is how they belatedly enter the desperate fight.”

Chapter 3

The Real GI Jane & Women In SEALs

“No one’s said who talked, but the Demi Moore movie “GI Jane” is based on a real woman, who, like everyone else here in or formerly in SpecOps, shall remain nameless.

Note I didn’t say she’s considered a SEAL. Why not? She met BUD/S and SEAL Training head-on, against the exact same requirements and criteria as the men, including the dread inflatable rubber boat evolutions, log exercises, freezing surf soak and 200 lb. fireman’s carry in BUD/S. She proudly wore the “Budweiser,” the large, distinctive SEAL insignia. She earned it – no shortcuts, gender adjustments or any alterations whatsoever to the rigorous requirements to become a Navy SEAL.”

US SpecOps Revealed is focused on Tier One SpecOps units, but the SEALS are not the only game in town. Behold the US Army's Delta Force!

How Delta Force's Operation Eagle Claw (Iranian Hostage Rescue) Was Fatally Compromised from the Start!

Chapter 4

Delta Force Vignettes

(Delta on the wrong end of an op)

“Location: Desert One FOB, Iran
Date: 1980
Mission: Spetsnaz Strike Against Desert One FOB!

No, you’re not hallucinating!

Using information likely gleaned from high level House and Senate intelligence briefings and planning documents concerning Operation Eagle Claw, the carefully conceived hostage rescue by the Carter administration, George Bush evidently gave the Iranians, with whom he clandestinely met in Paris, France, an inside look at what was planned by the US to free the hostages and where.”

Blackest treachery!

“Yes, that’s correct. The Soviets attacked American forces at Desert One in Iran, thoroughly wrecking Operation Eagle Claw and turning the terrible episode into a national humiliation for the U.S., while sinking Carter at the polls.”

Somehow this never made the news. Could it be because this bastard child of Iran Contra, had it been outed, might have led to World War III?!

The above describes what happens when OPSEC, for whatever reason, is compromised. Here, though, is what it looks like when unbelievable amounts of training, sacrifice, courage and utter determination to win come together.

Operation Medford:

Below is an unfortunate situation in which Delta did its job, only to be shafted by treacherous so-called Afghani allies!

“Delta was involved in the hunt for Bin Laden in the now-notorious Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. According to Delta's then on-scene commander, interviewed here, Delta came very close to catching Bin Laden.”

The book is about way more than true accounts not obtainable elsewhere of incredible bravery in the face of overwhelming obstacles and bullets and RPGs whizzing past. Or hitting. It is also intended to spark a national debate on the use, misuse and abuse of American SpecOps forces by the US government, not just the administration, either. Here is John Kettler's merciless take on the difference between the BTDT crowd's retirement situation vs that of the self-aggrandizing pols allegedly representing our interests in Congress. If you have hair, you may now wish to Super Glue™ it into place!

“And, after years of the most arduous service and stellar devotion to duty, what awaits these incredible warriors? Nothing by way of retirement if they don’t manage to make it 20 years! Oh, sure, they and their dependents do theoretically qualify for five years of VA medical benefits, but that’s a fight, too. Sadly, in order to support growing families or for other reasons, many can’t afford to stay in for 20.

By contrast, pathetic excuses for representatives and senators, those who serve but four years (two-term representative) or six years for a senator (one term), yet don’t get re-elected, get full pay for life, together with complete benefits for themselves and their dependents. What’s wrong with this picture?!”

The image below brutally encapsulates John's views on the SpecOps retirement issue. The photo needs no caption.

Marine Force Recon is practically unknown inside the SpecOps community, less known still by those who watch certain military documentaries and only a film dramatization to audiences who saw the Clint Eastwood hit “Heartbreak Ridge.”  This is John Kettler's informed take on this ultra low profile organization.

Force Recon-Informed Speculation

“While the Army’s Delta Force has a somewhat high profile (hijacked aircraft takedowns, “Black Hawk Down!” and some reported hostage recoveries), and the Navy SEALs prefer to operate under the radar whenever possible (unless the Veep blows their cover, as in the Bin Laden raid), the Marines’ Force Recon seems to be more akin to the Stealth Bomber. So invisible is it that we know infinitely more about what Force Recon did in the Vietnam War than we do about its activities for the last decade. Something to ponder!”

Force Recon is fully capable of numerous target insertion techniques, deep recon patrols, deadly accurate sniping, setting up and executing devastating ambushes, snatching someone for interrogation, blowing things up and raising all sorts of organization-paralyzing and panic-inducing hell before the main force arrives.”

A somewhat dated look at part of the spectrum of capabilities Force Recon has.

As we saw above, though, Force Recon is exceedingly good at undetectably penetrating a target, thoroughly reconnoitering it and exiting undetected.

That undetectable penetration could just as easily have been the silent elimination of a key enemy commander or the planting of a timed or command detonated demolition charge on a vital communication node. It all depends on the mission.”

The below example is nearly four decades old, yet it very much shows Force Recon's operating style.

Get 4 O’Clock Charlie!

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Date: 1982
Mission: Neutralize Lethal Mobile Recoilless Rifle

“There’s a considerable difference between bravery and stupidity, so the “zap Charlie on sight” plan goes straight out the window, replaced by something altogether more cunning. “Let’s follow Charlie and see where he goes.”

Patient, and dangerous, trailing eventually brings Force Recon to 4 O’Clock Charlie’s secret lair. To the place where he keeps both his technical and his ammo reloads.

Fortunately, Charlie’s a part time warrior, and he and his Arab buddies are soon found to be party animals once the daily work’s done following the shelling, after which, off they go.

Once Charlie’s schedule is known and observed to be consistent, Force Recon slips into the warehouse (later destroyed by demo charges, contents and all) as soon as he and his pals leave, pours quick-drying cement into the recoilless rifle’s muzzle…

And that is just part  of the 1982 mayhem!

What to use these days to facilitate a successful Force Recon mission?  This article presents a truly remarkable piece of gear apparently in at least combat testing stage and quite conceivably in Force Recon hands!

But the book is not just some grim diet, which it is not,  of numbers, facts, dates; of polemics on retirement issues and proper force utilization. Forget dry and somber. Time for a bit of fun!

Better Than Panties! The Raids That Shook Camp Pendleton

Location: Camp Pendleton, California

Date: 2001

Mission: Expose Base Security Problems

“Marines are known for being hard-fighting and hard-drinking. To achieve the latter, Marines can and will break all sorts of rules, but will also go to great lengths to avoid getting caught.”

(How slipping back in–while drunk no less– exposed a huge security problem, but nobody was listening. The daring duo decides to get that attention).

“Undaunted, our intrepid pair carefully observes the house, the routine of those pesky armed sentries and plots the break-in. At a carefully selected moment, the duo penetrates the guard screen and enters the two star’s temporary abode. Inside, following a quick search, they discover the major general’s carefully…”

Whatever could that be?

“Base Security will now have to wake up and take swift and serious action; the successful raiders head on over there to reveal the unmistakable proof of a huge security problem and tell how they filched the hapless two star’s…from right out of his house, under the noses of his protection detail.”

Go, Force Recon!  

Chapter 6

Night Stalkers Vignettes

“Death Waits in the Dark” – Night Stalkers motto

For a highly secretive outfit, the Night Stalkers or, more formally, the 160th SOAR, have some pretty amazing videos out there, by both night and day. These cover everything from a small insertion operation to a full-blown raid.

The Night Stalkers are the ride of choice for the SEALs and Delta. Sometimes, Force Recon, Rangers or other units take that same ride.

It is a profoundly bad idea to piss off the Night Stalkers, who can turn a hot extraction point for a SpecOps team into an even hotter one for the people shooting at the team! And at them! This is what John's sources call “unsurvivable firepower.”

MH-60L DAP (Direct Action Penetrator aka Ass Kicker)  in action. The footage is NOT an AH-64 Apache. feature=player_embedded&v=ksq43zrVJP8

Other Than That

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Date: 2013
Mission: Decompression Post-Mission

“An MH-47 pilot for the Night Stalkers is sitting in a Kabul bar, taking a well-deserved break from his highly demanding job. A guy who’s there asks him what he’s been up to. The reply goes something like this.

“Well, I was carrying a SEAL team, at night, for a covert insertion when the fuel line ruptured, causing us to crash atop a high mountain.”

“The aircraft burst into flames, but everyone got out. Fortunately, no one was hurt.”

If that is only the start, then what else happened? Numerous adventures ensued!

“Other than that, not much” he says as he returns to his drink.”

And what would SpecOps be if it did not involve the latest toys?! The Force Recon segment linked over to a real life “Predator” outfit, but you have no idea what is really out there!

Chapter 7

Special Weapons (Some Beyond Imagining)

“If you like the show “Future Weapons, after this, you’ll probably think of it as showing ancient arms. Part of this chapter will take you into realms of weapon development and ordnance technology which will be stunning news to all but a relative handful of you readers. These revelations may evoke feelings of panic and disorientation. You may feel the urge to instantly deny what’s presented here. Perfectly normal human responses to overwhelming information.”

How about a few of the tamer examples?

Forget Big Bang Theory

Weapon Designation: Classified

Nature of Special Weapon: Super Explosives

IOC: 1963!
Production Quantity: Unknown; Believed To Be Numerous Units Using Them

“Newly obtained information indicates that some super explosives, if in the same size as a cherry bomb, possess the explosive power of a stick of dynamite. Used operationally in an unnamed country, just such a small demolition charge blew up a guard shack, the two sentries and their guard dog!”

Other Exotica

Weapon Designations: Unknown & Classified

IOCs: Unknown

Production Quantity: Unknown

Units Using Special Weapons: Classified

Nature of Special Weapons: Classified

“There are weapons and technologies in use or contemplated which are so sensitive and so dangerous to talk about that “No comment” has become a response I’ve come to expect from my highly sensitive contacts. This area is so hot that even speculation could be extremely dangerous. Suffice it to say that even the tiniest whiff regarding some of these things has pretty much shorted out my brain.”

“Just imagine what else might be possible, were the transcendent creativity and ingenuity of our black program people to be combined, not merely with Area 51 UFO technology, but whole realms of human knowledge unknown even to most of the scientific community?”

Summing Up

Though you might not believe it, what you have read and seen is but a taste of what awaits–once Karl and John finally get US SpecOps Revealed out the door! 


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6 years ago

***** Put the United back in the United States*****

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We can stop Karl from living under a bridge the bare essentials, Jeez

Love and Gratitude

Reply to  Grateful
6 years ago

This Ops revealing is a project which grew out of 6 posts John did on SEAL Team Six’s operation, a fearless writer of secret truths on forbidden subjects o battles half-way around the world.

Reply to  John Kettler
6 years ago

Hold up on your last sentence. Brakes!
“I never had the rare combination of good stuff”.
You are all those things with exception of balance, every once in a blue moon.

You are extremely smart, extremely fast at what you do, if, your able to keep up with my questions and comments, you have a multiplicity of very,very,very keeeeeen senses all being eeeeeeeeeessential traits, and that’s the whole truth, and nothing but the whole truth.

Ali Karim
6 years ago

I agree with 790, that JKI seems to have moved from delivering information from ET/ED to glorification US Military and its hardwares – of how good and effective it is to take out lives. Which I’m perplexed that the ET/ED did not intervene, including on the resent Nuclear missile test by Russia. Conspiracy theorists or not, more and more alternative reports are surfacing debunking US propaganda with greater details and facts. Unlike US in the case of the downing of MH17, relied solely and conclusively on social media reports and a video by Ukraine and hastily place a trade embargo… Read more »

Ali Karim
6 years ago

I cant help to follow my intuition, that when I see the mouthpieces of the ruling class (and media) demonizing a foreign country every now and then the first question is who would benefit from it. Follow the money trail and it will become clear, that it leads to Oil, US, Oil, US, Oil, US and more US (and Oil). Its about US life long obsession with its dollar and the threat of “gold standard”. It is depressing to learn that the majority of the population has been “zombiefied” with religion, sleepwalking into a disaster. Its is apparent now that… Read more »

6 years ago

Isis is a pretext controlled opposition, being used as propaganda to create american support for attacking Syria and continuing the fake war on terror among other things. It seriously couldn’t be more obvious the way the msm running isis coverage 24/7. Its all based on lies and manipulation. Pretexts will always be updated to pacify an uninformed public into accepting elite marauding and plunder, and even get them to naively cheer it on or accept what they see on tv. The Ukraine situation is no different. Russia didn’t supply nazi’s with weapons and funds to start a fake rebellion. That… Read more »

Ali Karim
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US Military complex in a nutshell

6 years ago

You claim to be a spokes person for the ET/ED’s yet you glorify war and killing.

O well I’m sure this will be banned. Good luck on your donations. This site is a contradiction. Poor Karl.

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If you really cared about Karl, you would have donated a long time ago, since you have used both John and Karl’s data space, mind space, and patience.

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