You are doing a wonderful service for your country at the very risk of your own life.  I am proof of that-after serving our country for 40 years in the military, rising to the highest ranks, and more years using my experience to further the intelligence needs of the nation.

When I discovered illegal operations going on that were against our Constitution and all international conventions, as well as being highly immoral, I spoke out letting Congress and the public know what was going on. Congress and the public reacted, and the heinous operations were halted.  I did not expect or want any praise for what I considered to just be my job, but instead of even minimal thanks, I was deprived of my well earned retirement and driven into abject poverty.  One by one, two of my wives and several of my children were murdered by hit and run drivers, “friendly fire” in Mideast combat and unexplained accidents.  All to punish me for breaking the code of silence.

The only reason I am still alive is that I learned spycraft so well that I manage to avoid the things that they look for that would point at me and I manage to stay several steps ahead of those I know are coming.

I hope and pray that those of you reading this are not just sitting back and depending on John and his ETs and EDs to protect you.  We must all stand up and be counted.  We must pay attention to what goes on in Congress, and we must work to elect those who represent us who will actually work for US and protect the Constitution and not bow to the money manipulators who want to lead us into a one world dictatorship after killing most of us off, except for the few to be their slaves.  We don't have time to diddle around wondering what to do.  The National Defense Authorization Act allows the military to break down your doors without writ or warrant and to detain you indefinitely in already constructed concentration camps or ship you to another country where you will be tortured until you confess to whatever they want.  Two bills that would have allowed the government to take over or shut down the Internet were derailed by the courageous protests of Google, Wikipedia, and others.  Another law to allow the government to revoke your citizenship and throw you out of the country-a man or woman without a country-is working its way through Congress.

I've done what I had to do.  Knowing the toll it took on me and my family, I would still probably do it again.  Would our Founding Fathers have done less?  NOW IT IS UP TO ALL OF YOU!!! BE READY TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!

For now I will just have to be Anonymous II.


PS:  It has taken me four days to get this to you.  Someone is fucking with your website and your email.




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