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Understanding Q Strategy! New Series Begins Soon





Get Ready For Q Strategy Made Simple!


In order to understand Q Strategy, it's necessary to first understand what Q is and is not. Q, generally and wrongly called QAnon, is a very hot topic these days, not least because there is so much misinformation about it, disinformation and outright lies. Their patently obvious objective is to define Q and the Q movement in the most negative, terrifying and galvanizing terms both to neutralize them and pave the way for direct action far beyond the MSM hue and cry and the massive censorship, suspensions and outright bans of thens of thousands of social media accounts, jamming, forcing multiple pro-freedom, pro-Q providers out of business and so on we've seen so far. Shall cover these and much more to provide a context for showing what and who Q is, why Q exists, what's really going on and especially, describing and explaining the twin-track approach that underlies Q Strategy.

That strategy analysis came to my awareness while reading the third volume, Twilight of the Gods, of historian Ian Toll's monumental (thousands of pages total), magisterial Pacific War Trilogy in which a certain admiral Wylie did a strategic analysis of how the Pacific War was won, concluding that it was a combination of sequential (the familiar battles, invasions, island hopping campaigns, etc.) and the cumulative (the aggregate effect of myriad small injuries to the foe, chiefly by submarine warfare, itself tied to mine warfare by sea and air).

Ding! went the bell in my brain as I realized in an instant that an analytical tool had been dropped squarely into my lap, as I immediately understood that here was a way of explaining Q and the Q movement that would make sense to a lay audience, would explain why such an enormous effort's being made by the Deep State to muzzle the public on all fronts, and most important of all, how the We the People can and should, through seemingly insignificant efforts, cumulatively devastate our oppressors by using all sorts of nonviolent means to get the liberating word out–despite a full court press to stop Us at every turn!


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