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Unauthorized Use of Content

Notices Regarding Unauthorized Use Of Copyrighted Material

Some unscrupulous people have been lifting whole posts from here, sans my permission, and using them on their sites, creating a situation in which my good name may well wind up tied to causes and groups I do not endorse or support. I have very little control over this, the Internet's being huge and my time and resources limited. Those wishing to spread the word on their sites about what's here would do better to provide notices to their readers, a brief excerpt and then provide a link to my blog's home page. That way people see the whole site and also get to see that I have an E-book which might interest them.

To solve the above problem, we have implemented the iCopyright system. It allows you to post excerpts from this site and/or send stories via email simply by clicking the Email, Post or Republish buttons.

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