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UFOs: MJ-12, an SF Novel Series & Muslim Shock Troops 2

Originally posted on January 18, 2017 @ 6:57 PM

UFOs photographed in 1967 by Augusto Arranda over Yungay, Peru. Image Credit: Augusto Arranda via The Big Study, June 2015.


UFOs, more specifically, certain military related activities by their occupants in our history of warfare here, formed the subject of Part 1.    In that post, after explaining what Janissaries were, I noted a remarkable congruence between the core scenario in SF writer Jerry Pournelle's Janissaries and what MJ-12 (the controllers and lethal guardians of the secrets of UFOs) had to say on the matter in a document I believe for a number of reasons to be real. The central premise, described here, is that aliens aka (per my usage ETs/EDs–Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) in UFOs are taking whole small military units from Earth, carrying them off to a faraway planet not in our solar system and using them as tailored forces to wage proxy wars.

What it boils down to is this: MJ-12's own putative highly classified internal document shows multiple instances of military units simply vanishing, complete not just with their weapons and what's on their persons, but even entire encampments with nothing left but the tents!  Worse, the last set of instances strikes altogether too close to home–whole small units of US troops apparently taken a bunch of times during the War in the Pacific, during WW II which ended a mere 71 years ago.

In my first post, I posited a number of ways marvelous SF writer Jerry Pournelle could've become aware of ABOVE TOP SECRET material on this. I described them (Italics mine) as follows:

“The answer, I believe, lies in the circles in which he then ran and the people he met. A technology maven, and highly educated man, as detailed in the link on his background, he was directly involved in very high level space defense work and other matters. He was thus well positioned to come across those in the know. It is entirely possible he was talent spotted, as I was, and tracked from very early in his military aerospace days, if not sooner. Someone might've said something in passing, been overheard, or some gem could've been deliberately imparted. The last may have support in the form of something said to me decades ago when I remarked on how it seemed to me he was getting some very sensitive information from somewhere. The reply (quote close to if not dead on) from someone who knew him well was revealing: “People tell him interesting things.” I'll say!”

Though I had a vague recollection he was dead, it turns out, happily for us both, he was very much alive and still actively writing. A bit of research produced an E-mail address, so I reached out to him, including a link to the earlier post. My query specifically asked about the source for that core UFO abduction scenario described above and requested his response. Two days later, to my shock and delight, I had his reply. It was simple and straightforward. Italics mine.

“Sorry, I have no sources.  I wrote a story…”

Now that we have his direct answer, I shall show just how accurate that story really is. If we take him at his word, then we are left to consider that he, like many writers before him may have tapped into the information pool known as the Akasha. Throughout history, writers have anticipated inventions and events. The great Jules Verne described at least eight devices well before their time in his published futuristic, at times, seemingly current novels. In his rejected novel, Paris in the Twentieth Century, published in 1994 after his death in 1905, Jules Verne anticipated the sorts of things instantly recognizable today, such as skyscrapers, trains like Japan's famous bullet trains, global communications and more. Though I haven't been able to run down the quote again, his publisher said that the novel would discredit Verne and ruin him.  H.G. Wells, familiar to most through his several times filmed novel War of the Worlds, had his own stack of technology descriptions which came true, among which were nuclear weapons, a lunar landing, and genetic engineering. He also correctly predicted World War II was coming and by when. But my favorite apparent dip by a writer into the Akashic was by a gentleman named Morgan Robertson. His novella, Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, is so spot on regarding the story of the Titanic as to be hair-raising, though the writer, who was quite familiar with maritime matters, denied any prophetic powers.

UFOs Carrying Off Military Units: MJ-12's Records on the Matter

This discussion is now going to place me, I am sure, in a way I haven't been for quite some time, squarely in some very powerful people's sights. Therefore, I am going to be exceedingly judicious in what I say and how I say it.  Much more is at stake here, you see, than my hide! Consequently, since I'm well aware of the little traps put into highly classified documents to show where a leak originated, things like deliberate spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors, I am not going to provide the information verbatim. Instead, I'm going to recast it. What I saw was for an Annex “C' and was page 13 from same. I believe this to be from a September 1948 year-end report of The President's Special Panel to Investigate the Capture of Unidentified Planform Space Vehicles by U.S. Armed Forces and Agencies. To be clear, “planform” is not a typo. It means configuration or shape when viewed from above. What I was shown had some sort (hard to say exactly, given extent of cross out) of TOP SECRET markings at the top and bottom. There were no paragraph markings, which were mandatory for every classified document I handled during my over eleven years of doing classified military analysis at Hughes Aircraft Missile Systems Group (now Raytheon) and Rockwell International, North American Aerospace Operations (now Boeing).

The Annex lists no fewer than five principal disappearances which appeared to be tied to the UFOs. They were:

1) 4000 troops, including horses, vanished during the early 1700s War of the Spanish Succession.

2) 1885 saw 600 French troops in colonial Vietnam disappear, equipment and all, without a trace.

3) August 12, 1915 saw an entire regiment (really a remnant, some 400 men), typically listed as 5th Norfolk, march into a most atypical dense cloud on the ground which–wait for it–appeared to move, climbed, then vanished, taking the men, weapons, packs and all! The supposed MJ-12 document says  no record of what happened to that regiment is in the records of the Imperial War Museum in England. There is an excellent account of the 5th Norfolk's disappearance here. The details on the blog Splatter by Marilyn K. Dennis are extensive and the story engrossing.

A contrary claim has been advanced. This is on a site called HISTORIC UK in a first rate piece called “The Lost Sandringhams” by Ben Johnson. The publication date, judging from comments made, was 2012. The information is grim. A comprehensive battlefield search in 1918 found mass graves dug by the Turks. One of those graves held 180 sets of human remains, of which 122 wore the regimental shoulder flash (unit patch) of the Norfolk Regiment. Every last one had been shot in the back of the head! The Turks were notorious for murdering prisoners, and that is exactly what appeared to be the case here. Indeed, the Comments have several by people whose forebears were murdered by the Turks after being taken captive. The article casts major doubt on the credibility of the man, Frederick Reichardt, formerly a New Zealand sapper (combat engineer) who, supported by the testimony of three others, released this story in 1965, 50 years after the Gallipoli Campaign which was the overall military action in which the disappearances occurred.

Did the rump of a regiment get carried off in a UFO shrouded by a deliberately generated artificial cloud, as some testimony suggested, or was MJ-12's research insufficient, causing it to make a serious error in its own assessment? Or did a UFO take, say, half of the force, while the rest somehow wound up first captured, then executed? I don't know, but what was originally written in the document I saw didn't “smell” right to me or sit well. Am all but dead certain the unit name listed, which I haven't mentioned, was a deliberate trap.

4) During WW II, ~4000 Nationalist Chinese troops and all their weapons and gear (except the mess tents) vanished from their encampment in China. Poof!

5) In the Pacific, close to or on the front line, platoons and up, at various unnamed locations, also disappeared from the face of the Earth, taking with them the usual items.

Summing Up

One way or another, the great SF writer Jerry Pournelle somehow tapped into TOP SECRET information of the most closely held sort. If the document I saw was in fact from MJ-12, then his core scenario is real, and for some time (who knows how long?) Earth's militaries have been losing entire combat units, as the saying goes, lock, stock and barrel. If the ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) snatching these combat units want to learn about terrestrial weaponry, then why take entire combat formations and all the supporting stuff? The answer logically dictates they envisioned using these units in battle!

Part 3 will address other examples from the same document of similar things. I shall also show, from my own reporting, the raids have continued.

END Part 2

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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