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Originally posted on February 12, 2015 @ 4:13 PM

UFOs & ETs/EDs?!


UFOs? Well, I did show you one near Chicago and another over the Antarctic, plus some near the Sun, but for all the writing I do about them, I have never directly seen any UFOs that I know of. Not a one. Nor, in this plane of reality, have I ever, to my knowledge, encountered ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) directly. Here on Earth, on this timeline. Terran branches, known as Ground Contingents, of ET/ED family clans? Yes. Demons? Pretty sure I've encountered at least two. Vampires? If we talk about apparently human energy suckers, rather than blood drainers, quite a few. You know, the people who contribute nothing to your own aliveness but suck you dry of yours? They're frighteningly common.

UFOs You Never Knew You Saw

There. My secret's out. I have been a student since elementary school (used to get the Project Blue Book reports) of UFOs, ETs and other once wild stuff, including USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects), but I've never seen any exemplars of the first two. Or have I? How about both?

Let's consider UFOs. Have I ever actually had eyeballs on one? Unless it was disguised as something else or my mind was messed with so I didn't perceive correctly–both knowns in the annals of UFO research–I've never seen a UFO, yet I have. At one remove. And so have many of you.  You just don't know it yet. Let me help. If you've ever seen an F-117 Stealth Fighter, an F-22A Raptor, an F-35 Lightning II or a bunch of other platforms, you were looking at UFO technology. This was explicitly stated in the cover feature aviation writer Jim Goodall (writing under a pen name) did for Gung Ho magazine in 1988. It was called “Stealth and the UFO Connection,” and, I'm told by my super sensitive military-intelligence contacts, the story made black program security types go ballistic. It wasn't a leak, but a flood, and we now know the source of that flood was Ben Rich, who took over as Director of the famous Lockheed (later Lockheed-Martin) “Skunk Works™” after the renowned Kelly Johnson departed. Ben Rich is the one who dropped such Disclosure nukes in the interview as “We have things out here that would make George Lucas green with envy” and pointedly spoke of “Un Funded Opportunities.” Ponder the implications of that one sentence and see what that means in terms of the true technology base. But why bother trying to reconstruct the quotes–when you can see Jim Goodall for yourself on camera and the Ben Rich quotes as well. The video quality's not good, but the info on it is stellar. A term you may take to have meaning on several levels.

TOP SECRET UFO & Black Program Aerospace Models–Death Was the Price!

Nor did Ben Rich confine his Disclosure activities to print, for I'm reliably informed he was the source of the information which made possible the detailed Testor's kit of the “Sports Model” flying saucer the controversial Bob Lazar says he worked on reverse engineering the propulsion system of at Area 51's S4. My contacts also say he was the source for other Testor's kits such as the SR-75 Penetrator and the XR-7 parasite aircraft.  Neither designator is correct, but the craft depicted are very much real. And the nominal SR-75 is itself capable of independently conducting various missions, over and above functioning as the “mother ship” for the putative XR-7. Whose actual designator I've been emphatically and repeatedly denied. According to my exceeding valuable contacts, John Andrews, Testor's chief engineer (designed the models) and a friend of Ben Rich, was murdered because of these devastating revelations. But we don't have to make do with Ben Rich quotes, either. Here is a wide-ranging interview with a man who not only had broad experience in black projects including UFO tech, but knew people who'd had  ET/ED encounters while working on black projects, seen the bodies, etc.  Call these but a few of the topics covered in this astounding video.

While many responses to this video are negative, dismissive and worse, I can say that this man, Don Philips, is the real deal. Not only is he entirely credible to me, someone who worked in military aerospace for over 11 years on white and gray classified military projects–sometimes slipping into black, but he's got details on items obtained from UFO crash retrievals which both confirm and amplify various tidbits I've gleaned from various first person accounts in books on such “never happened” retrievals.

UFOs I've Seen. Sort of!

Since I've been within 15 feet of both an F-117 Nighthawk aka Stealth Fighter (first shown publicly eight years after going operational) under armed guard at an air show in Van Nuys, California, I've seen a UFO. In truth, it should count double, since Stealth Fighters seen in the skies over Nevada were reported as UFOs. In fairness, though, I should add Tacit Blue, which Karl and I saw at the then-Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB (Hangar 18, anyone?) in Dayton, Ohio. Tacit Blue was the Proof of Concept Demonstrator for the curved RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) design later used on the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber. A radical departure from the flat plates which defined the configuration of the F-117. Flat plates were used because the ability and computational horsepower to model and analyze complex curved RAM surfaces didn't exist then. What would you think if you saw this in flight, especially head on? (Tacit Blue coverage starts at 59 seconds). Additional credit should also be given for seeing, up close, a flyable prototype of the trouble-plagued F-35 Lightning II, a horribly expensive fighter bomber all over the news for some time now.

My Personal Encounters with ETs/EDs from UFOs?! Stay tuned!

Sorry for the disappointment, but you now know my history of (non)encounters with UFOs. Pretty depressing, wouldn't you say? If reading UFO books counted, though, I'd be much better off, for I've read hundreds and own many of the classics going back to the UFO awash 1950s. Be they UFOs, IFO's (Identified Flying Objects), IACs (Identified Alien Craft) or whatever we call our US piloted IACs, IAC replicas, homegrown craft such as the TR-3B Black Manta, ancient vimanas or even the products of German occult societies, the Nazis and beyond, I am most definitely interested. I've talked to eyewitnesses who've seen all sorts of fascinating things, many of which will eventually wind up on JKI, on JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS, or in one or more books. Not only do I expect these posts and books to be meaty reads filled with exclusive info, but I expect they'll cause a great deal of consternation in circles black and beyond.

In Part II of this post (to be found on JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS), I'll address what may or may not have been my own direct encounters with ETs/EDs, in early childhood, while still in elementary school, together with several near encounters back in late 2011 or early 2012.

End Part 1

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