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UFOs, Dulce Base, Area 51–Norio Hayakawa Interview Pt.1 Excerpt

Karl the Webmaster here. Yesterday, John and I were thrilled to conduct the first of what we hope will be many interviews with one of the leading lights of modern UFO research, the erudite and always interesting Norio Hayakawa, considered by many in the UFO field to be the dean of Area 51 research. Norio was leading “expeditions” to the now-restricted locations around Area 51 long before it became chic to do so. His explorations and investigations themselves have become part of the fascinating lore surrounding Area 51.

Just press the orange button below to hear the excerpt!

Today, Norio lives in New Mexico – the one place on earth he considers to be “the key” to unlocking the UFO mystery – where he continues to do his research into UFOs, cattle mutilations, abductions and much more.

What's available here is a sample of the raw recording as it happened, only edited for sound levels. The complete, 1 hour recording is currently available only to JKI/SA members. Just click the link! We will eventually have the recording up on podcast sites, such as iTunes, but doing so takes scarce time on my end, and John and I thought JKI/SA subscribers would value having the informational content now, rather than waiting weeks for all the time consuming post production stuff to be done.

archuleta mesa dulce nm mapAs John and Norio were catching up – they had not spoken at length in many years – the subject inevitably turned to the Dulce base mystery, which Norio has been carefully investigating for some time.  For those that don't know, Dulce is a small town near the enormous Archuleta Mesa, which straddles the New Mexico-Colorado line, an area long associated with strange goings-on.

But the area is also rumored to be one of the locations where a deep underground military base (DUMB) is located, one which has a particularly unsavory history and purpose (if accounts are correct). The late Phil Schneider claimed to have been involved in a shoot-out with ETs inside the base, and over the years footage, pictures and stories have leaked seeming to support the contention that extremely disturbing and upsetting activities take place there.

In this must-hear interview, Norio reveals shocking new information about the “Dulce secret base” and it's history. Another shocker concerns the Atomic Energy Commission. Did you know it nuked the United States in 1967? Listen to the audio to learn more.

Future interviews will delve deeper in these and related subjects, including much more on Area 51. Again, you can access the full 1 hour interview on JKI/SPECIAL ACCESS.

For those that can't get enough, here is Norio from an interview in 2013…

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