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UFOs Downed By Human Weaponry–Since World War I Part 2

Photo of Pleiadean beamship imaged by Swiss

contactee Billy Meier. Image Credit:

Billy Meier


Former combat pilots and well-informed UFO researchers above discuss the evidence (including direct experience) the US and other governments' pilots actively 
went after UFOs, under orders to shoot them on sight! Similar accounts exist from nations all over the globe and are easy to find online.


UFOs Downed By Terrestrial Energy Weaponry–Both Planned And Unexpected!

In UFOs Downed By Human Weaponry Since World War I Part 1, I made a strong case, using standard, spook and even ET/ED (Extraterrestrial/ Extradimensionsal) sources, that humanity has been not only dangerous but lethal to alien craft. Sometimes this was because their nature was wrongly attributed by deciding the particular craft or group was a terrestrial foe (Red Baron downed a UFO he thought was American, especially impressive since we were flying borrowed French biplanes), but other times, knowing full well they weren't from Here ((battleship USS Wisconsin‘s 16″ gun obliteration of that cigar-shaped UFO during Gulf War I). At a time when we stood practically naked to alien attack (late 1940s) a war with an ET/ED race nearly resulted from several unintentional shootdowns!

Interstellar War Was Barely Avoided In the Late 1940s. Culprit Was Radar!

The culprit was radar, specifically, microwave radar, one of the Allies' most closely guarded and vital secrets during World War II. According to then LT COL USAF (Ret.) Wendelle Stephens, now dead, writing in his seminal book UFO Crash at Aztec, the barely avoided interstellar war occurred at the US Army's WSMR (White Sands Missile Range), where the US Army , using captured German scientists and engineers and our own people, was testing captured German V-2 ballistic missiles.

Apparently, the shootdowns were inadvertently caused by our radars being used there. This got me thinking about something I read in RADAR, a reprint by Marconi Defense of the classified heavily illustrated and photo-rich radar bulletins from WW II. In one of those bulletins was a major writeup on what could fairly be termed the radar of radars for the period.

It was called MEWS (Microwave Early Warning System), and it was a huge radar of such power that, operating from atop England's cliffs of Dover, it was able to surveil the skies over the Normandy beachhead and way beyond from clear across the English Channel.  As you might imagine, that took a lot of what's called ERP (Effective Radiated Power), for signal strength drops by 1/R*2 (R is range), thus, 1/R*4 for the round trip.

But what happens if something not of this world happens to get zapped by a pulse string from one at, say, a few tens of miles? What if the craft's designers hadn't a clue that such a thing existed, especially in terms of radar pulses being able to enter the flight control and navigation systems aboard their supposedly impregnable craft and interfere with them so badly the craft loss control altogether and crashed?

In aerospace, this is called backdoor entry, and all it takes for this to happen in a crack, an improper connection or some other failure. Or, if there's something transmitting from inside that does the same thing, then the identical problems can occur, which is precisely why you are required to turn off oe otherwise disable all personal electronics during takeoff and landing.

Planes have crashed because such devices have inadvertently introduced false instructions into the flight control systems. Older planes are especially susceptible to this because, when they were designed no such personal electronic devices, thus, Safety of Flight issues,  existed.

To give you some idea of how dangerous high power microwaves can be, against even theoretically hardened military systems, consider the following:

1) As a result of a tiny crack in its fuselage, an air-to-air missile hanging on its launcher aboard a fighter on the aircraft carrier's flight deck in a carrier battle group (with the usual radars and radios operating in it and aboard the carrier) had its electronic innards fried, rendering the expensive weapon useless.

2) The US military learned–the hard way–that such energies could also lead to explosive ordnance detonating high order (full force) without warning and that fuel could also explode, leading to special measures to protect both. If you didn't design against a particular hostile electronic environment, then count yourself fortunate should you run into it later and don't suffer the consequences.

Those ET/EDs over WSMR unwittingly put their ships into the line of fire of an unexpected and deadly weapon. Don't know whether they figured it out themselves what had happened or whether there was some sort of message traffic between them and us, but either way no disastrous for us (US and maybe the world) interstellar war resulted. Whew!

South Africa Downs A UFO Using US-Supplied High Energy Laser

This story, the UFO shootdown in the Kalahari Desert in May of 1988 or 1989 must be important, for it's been the subject of considerable spin, outright obfuscation and suppression by South African and US authorities. First read of it in Quest, a popular British UFO magazine, where I saw that very story.  A telltale on this score is a statement by a US Air Force officer that the US gave South Africa advanced technology in exchange for the saucer (and occupants).

That report does not say anything other than that about the technology transferred. We don't know so much as the type of tech, whether it was: a device (lab piece), an outright weapon or a package of engineering and scientific data sufficient to let the South Africans create whatever it was for themselves.  During World War II the British Scientific Mission brought over personally and in the greatest secrecy the cavity magnetron which the British had invented, without which microwave radar was impossible. This enabled the US to conceive, develop and prototype an entire array of microwave radars for various specific applications and then mass produce them for chosen allies. War-winning!

Most people don't realize it, but South Africa was then the most technologically advanced nation on the African continent and produced not only an array of conventional and advanced conventional weapons, but was involved with Israel in developing and testing a nuke, with the detonation taking place down Cape of Good Hope way but well out to sea. The distinctive NUDET (Nuclear Detonation) dumbbell signature was noted by US nuclear detection satellites and caused considerable alarm, not the least of which was figuring out the players, how the device was conceived and made, by whom,  without being known about until the device (not a bomb or missile warhead) went off. Critical intelligence failure! The US was worried that South Africa might nuke its Marxist-guerrilla-supporting neighbors, too.

For the US to swap carefully chosen advanced tech in order to get a downed UFO is eminently reasonable, if you know what else it's done before in its singleminded drive to acquire as many crashed or downed UFOs (intact or not) as possible and their occupants. When the US learned Japan was building a certain to be heavily visited and covered UFO museum into which it would put and display its own collection of real UFO debris and components, the sometimes murderous top dog UFO control group MJ-12 intervened. Strong pressure was applied to State, and through State, to Japan.

The deal worked out was that the Japanese wouldn't exhibit real UFO items but, like those wonderful food models which largely substitute for menus in Japanese restaurants, would instead display accurate replicas. And what did that major concession cost us? Granting MFN (Most Favored Nation) trade status to Japan!

An in my Extreme UFO Crash Recovery, I chronicled how the US provided enough money to a (named in the book) Scandinavian country that this named nation was able to build and deploy an entire flotilla of warships–in order for the US to acquire an incredibly still functioning to some degree UFO dug out of an ~65 million year old sedimentary rock stratum! Naturally, MJ-12 was behind that one, too. As you can see, the US can and will go to enormous lengths and expense to acquire UFO secrets and prevent others from gaining access.

Here, things become even more murky, for we've got partial memories, wrong memories, story conflation or disinformation, alone or in combination. The most noticeable disconnect lies in the dates given, years after the ones I gave above. But we also now have the direct account of the former South African brigadier general who claims to be responsible for the shootdown.

But the original account referenced using a powerful laser aboard the intercepting Mirage jet fighter, something assuredly not in the South African arsenal. Since what I recall reading said South Africa got it from the US, this implies several other matters of real significance but not discussed. How was it the US knew that UFO was coming, in time to ship a laser clear to South Africa? To me, this implies a lot of ongoing UFO activity in one area, with the alien craft possibly operating on some sort of at least rough schedule.

There had to be considerable assurance there would be an engagement or engagement in fairly short order after the laser arrived from the US, doubtless with both a team of technical experts (some likely borrowed from top US defense firms) and heavily armed guards to protect what could well have been a weapon based on alien science, incorporating alien components or maybe an alien weapon repackaged to fly on a particular terrestrial aircraft type. Such highly skilled people are scarce and in demand. The longer the laser was out of its ultra high security area, the greater the risk was of some sort of compromise, or worse, sabotage, destruction or theft of the weapon, and personnel casualties or worse, kidnap, could've been both project disastrous and possibly National Security disastrous. And even MJ-12 has a budget and other limits on what it can do, where and how long.

Nor, even if the weapon is self-contained, can you simply bolt the weapon to the centerline station or dangle it from a wing pylon, for it must have the means to send and receive data to the pilot or weapon operator if present. Most weapons aren't self-contained, so require power, sometimes ram air and even coolant supplied by the aircraft.

All the wiring, hoses, fittings, etc., must be compatible to begin with or meticulously made so. Electronics must talk to each other properly, sensors be interfaced, displays integrated, not to mention all the weapon controls, gauges, status lights and all other things required to have a one-off exotic weapon not only work but work reliably under the most demanding of conditions.

And let's not forget system familiarization, training and perhaps live fire practice on the ground, in-flight or both. For the sake of redundancy, there would have to be a spare crew trained as well. Overall, this meant millions of bucks spent simply to get to the point where any combat engagement at all  became doable. Given these realities, what I learned from my father, who was a crack electrical and electronics engineer in military aerospace and whose skills included mastery of radars, lasers, and infrared systems, plus what I picked up myself from reading, talking to pros and being involved to one degree or another in such issues, it's clear to me there's a huge gap in the accounts out there–all of them! There is no magic wand when it comes to doing all the tasks I described and more, in an engineering discipline which is called systems integration. Screw it up, and your system won't work properly or maybe at all. Screw it up badly enough and people die.

Also, each aircraft type is a creature unto itself when it comes to what has to go where, what limitations are imposed by its internal layout, power and other item system capacity, weight limits, changes to aircraft CG (Center of gravity) drag, flight stability and even such seemingly mundane matters as shape and placement of landing gear doors. The last alone can impose crippling limits on what can be fitted and how, because those doors must always have room to work, in turn determining how long and wide whatever is installed has to be. Dizzying though this list may seem, it's not remotely complete, but it's essential you get at least a basic understanding of what it means to attach a weapon to an airaraft, let alone a foreign one. Suspect the US got some help from Israel, which flew the Mirages like the ones the South Africans had. Much better than starting from scratch!

Now that you have at least a working level understanding of the issues not addressed elsewhere, in Part 3, you'll see how US spooks fit into this shootdown. Shall also show you the MJ-12 manual on what to do and how to do it when it comes to UFO and UFO occupant retrieval, handling and disposition. You'll also learn about how fortunate the US and South Africa were to down this UFO at all.

END Part 2

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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