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UFOs Downed By Human Weaponry–Since World War I Part 1

With UFOs back in the news, but deliberately repackaged as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) to get rid of all the baggage of their original moniker, we now get word that senators requested and got an UNCLASSIFIED UAP briefing that left some of them “disturbed”. A reader reply to that article showed that people have the misperception that we Terrans are completely at the mercy of powerful beyond imagining of ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) in their enormously varied in appearance craft. People may think that's the case, but in truth, there have been shootdowns, by the US, the Soviets and the Germans, to name but some. It was the Germans who first downed a flying saucer, and the man who did it was Manfred von Richthofen, the both famed and notorious Red Baron.

The bare bones of the story are open source, but the rest of my post on this astounding story  comes from well-proven high level military/intelligence sources and from ETs/EDs of the positively aligned group known as the Liberation Forces (here to free planet and people). Initial connection came via Ground Contingents (people with a direct familial relation to them), but have long been able to access and communicate with some of them for years now on my own, too. The resulting account is truly mind-boggling, but boils down to a 125′ diameter interstellar spacecraft, crewed by arrogant Grays (felt they didn't need their force field on), being shot down by a minuscule (by comparison) Halberstadt D II biplane armed with a single 7.92 mm (.32 caliber) Spandau machine gun!  That craft, and two small beings observed scuttling into the woods after it crashed, have vanished from history altogether. MJ-12 doesn't know where they went, and neither do the Liberation Forces.

A Halberstadt D II like this one , armed with a single 7.92 mm/0.32 caliber Spandau machine gun, was used by the Red Baron to shoot down a 125′ diameter UFO.

The Russians apparently shot down their first UFO in 1948 at their TOP SECRET rocket and missile facility at Kapustin Yar (officially listed in our intel docs as KY, a moniker which gave my military aerospace young colleagues and I the giggles; think lube), but it was a dearly won downing, for though the MiG-15 fighter got the kill, it was apparently zapped by a beam weapon from the cigar-shaped craft and itself crashed. The cigar-shaped craft was not blown apart by the unguided rocket salvo (inferred, since the Russians had no guided air-to-air missile then) but instead, apparently lost antigravity lift and just dropped out of the sky, almost intact, close to the base. This place, ironically given the name Zhitkur, a town which no longer existed, once westerner spooks and researchers of exotic aircraft and UFOs  became aware of it, was informally called Russia's Area 51. First learned of it myself via a History Channel program called “Russia's Roswell” That documentary contained a Russian UFO researcher's reconstruction of the Zhitkur underground complex. Presumably, this would've come from combining eyewitness accounts and things seen in classified docs by those who'd never been there.

This UFO shootdown was in July 1948, a year after the famous Roswell crash. It's deemed the Russian Roswell and occurred at the facility called called in intelligence circles KY (feel free to giggle; we did) but more fully KYMTC. Means what? Kapustin Yar Missile Test Center, whose history goes back to the 1930s testing simple ballistic rockets, as opposed to various guided missiles, captured or developed at home. It was located in the boonies some 60 miles east of Stalingrad (now Volgograd), scene of the horrendous battle. Like the Americans, the Russians painstakingly evaluated captured German V-2 guided missiles (used gyroscopic accelerometers for missile guidance), designated R-1. Like the Americans, this served as the springboard for later designs.

KY was a TOP SECRET facility, and it was about to receive things far more sensitive. Parts of the story are hard for me to accept, not because I don't believe UFOs are real, but because of what the information I have on Russian air-to-air missile technology shows. What you'll see depicted in the videos below are MiG-15/FAGOT  interceptors (called Destroyers), then brand new and naturally, stationed to protect a vital area. Try as I might, though, the only feasible “missile” I've been able to come up with to have been fired by them is of the missile which is another word for “projectile” and therefore is a free-flight rocket. As it happens, the US used exactly the same type of weapons on its aircraft, too, in order especially to be able to down heavy bombers with but a hit or two, as opposed to many hits required by machine guns and cannon. When the orders came to shoot down UFOs on both sides, this was what the tech of the day had for weaponry, over and above built-in machine guns or automatic cannon, so that's what was used. And official denials aside, the US interceptors did fire rockets at UFOs in and around Washington DC when they were swarming the place in 1952.


If you saw the FX heavy Hollywood hit “Battleship” you have unwittingly been exposed to another UFO shootdown, but with no robots rolled up in balls landing on the deck, though.  It took place on January 24, 1991 during the first Persian Gulf War and was, without a doubt, the most unusual battleship engagement in recorded history. The mighty 16″/50 Mark 7 naval rifles of the battleship (BB-64) USS Wisconsin  obliterating a flying saucer which had–you guessed it–no force fields up.

On January 24, 1991, a flying saucer parked itself 200 feet  over that seagoing behemoth and the BBG (battleship battlegroup) built around her and initiated a psionic or perhaps psychotronic attack on the crews (described as being intense high pitched “sound” registering directly in the brain) so severe that the battleship's skipper ordered antiaircraft fire to commence from all ships to drive the craft away or better yet, kill it. The BBG employed 40 mm cannons and 5″ guns firing proximity fuzed ammo for the guns and did nothing in the way of damage to it, while emptying their magazines in the process of an epic 20 minute engagement. No SAMs (Surface-To-Air Missiles) were employed, apparently as a morale booster to crews all but driven mad by the alien psionic weapon attacks.

Fortunately, the craft unwittingly wound up placed in a fatal situation for it–hovering in place a nautical mile (6076 feet) out  and only 500 feet high–well inside spitting range for a main battery engagement! Two giant turrets traversed, each holding three 16-inchers loaded with a 2700 pound Mark 8 Armor Piercing Shell, and fired. With shattering blasts, the huge shells burst forth. Mere seconds later, two of those six hit, blowing the previously immune attacker to bits.

The USS Wisconsin (BB-64) as she looked while deployed during the first Gulf War. Image Credit: Author Unknown. U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons

The above cases are clear wins, but it didn't always go that way. Consider, for example, the famous 1948 case of Captain Mantell and his F-51 which crashed, so they say, as a result of chasing Venus. Wasn't the case at all, for he clearly described what he was chasing as a structured object. Nor was Venus capable of turning his aircraft into a sieve, the skin a sea of tiny holes, per the previously cited spook sources. UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield described in one of his books the disastrous outcome when a Navy F-7U-1 Cutlass fighter trued to engage a UFO. The plane completely disintegrated in midair, killing the pilot. Unsure where I read that, but it's burned into my brain as to what happened.

In any event, what's certain is that such efforts were mounted. Indeed, during 1952, our fighter planes tried time and a gain to down UFOs over Washington, DC and surrounds. Have spoken with someone who had a recovered expended rocket fuselage used in one such engagement of many he witnessed as a boy. The problem of US Air Force planes being downed by UFOs was bad enough that in 1980 a group of Air Force pilots calling itself J.M.P. (Justice for Military Personnel) wrote to newly arrived President Ronald Reagan complaining about CIA forced silencing, institutionalization, even murder of aircrews over UFO sightings and of all their losses because of CIA-mandated orders to pursue and shoot down UFOs. The group requested release from security oaths so its members could tell him what they knew was the truth and requested urgent relief from the terrible stuff the CIA was doing to the men. This letter appears as an appendix to UFO, Animal mutilation and paranormal researcher Linda Moulton Howe's phenomenal An Alien Harvest.

In 1974 or so, the US Army downed a UFO near the vital Rammstein Air Force Base, a critical base for aircraft, but also for Air defense command and control. The gist of this incredible, but true, story goes something like this: For bizarre reasons supposedly related to Russians tickling the air defenses (charging toward the border to get radars turned on and test defense response before turning away), the Army deployed Chaparral SAM (Surface-to-Air-Missile) systems and towed VADS (Advanced Vulcan Air Defense System) 20 mm auto cannon to cover a pass. The Chaparrals, bizarrely enough, were positioned near a whorehouse. The men had been on a 4 and 4 (4 hours on duty and 4 off) continuously for 72 hours when it was their unit's turn. This had been going on for 10 days, and the men were exhausted.   Nor was this some exercise, for the units on duty were in full wartime posture: guns loaded and missiles on the launch rails, plus all communication means powered up and ready to go, all tie-ins made to the supporting radars. There is no doubt this was an ambush, for the firing positions were carefully chosen, and the men were specifically told to expect something would come through. Another telltale? The airspace had, in advance, been what in defense circles is called deconflicted, which means that arrangements were made that no aircraft would operate below a specified altitude ceiling, so as not to get shot down by friendly fire, which isn't! In this case that number was 2700 feet. Any aircraft below that was fair game.

The video shows you both the Chaparral system and the VADS, which will help you follow the story proper. The VADs used in the engagement was the towed version. The engagement was conducted by both the Chapparal and the VADS. As the account indicates, there was one VADS gunner who was blamed by his fellow soldiers for the shootdown, despite multiple weapon mounts being involved. In this night engagement, the fast-moving UFO, which wasn't a flying saucer but a “flattened ellipsoid glowing silver,”  was engaged by two VADS mounts, but only one hit, and a single Chaparral missile.  All told, the VADS gunner lit up the UFO with ~ 350 rounds of some sort of 20 mm HEI (High Explosive, Incendiary) fire, but the expected pyrotechnics didn't ensue and it seemed there was some sort of force field dampening the effects of what should've been spectacular hits.

While he was shooting, one of two Chaparral launchers in the valley near the whorehouse visually acquired the craft and launched a single missile, under conditions where the missile barely was able to arm in time. The combined effects of the VADS fire and the Chaparral going off discombobulated the alien ellipsoid's flight controls, causing it to wobble and descend to the valley floor and crash, but more like a crash landing. At this point, weapons were ordered secured, packed up and all concerned return to the Rammstein motor pool. Cartridge brass was not policed, which was highly unusual, because policing brass was mandatory and keeping, without authorization, so much as the brass from a single pistol round, was Theft of Government Property and punished accordingly. Nor did the men clean their weapons when they got back, either. When next they saw them, they were immaculate, not only cleaned, but gun barrels replaced on the VADS mounts so that they looked unfired. Presumably something similar was done with the Chaparral launcher. Thus, not only did the event never occur, but all physical evidence disproving that statement was vanished.

These practices are all telltales that a) something major happened, b) it was extremely sensitive, and c) form ironclad proof of a coverup. To those schooled in UFO coverup procedures (have talked to real former government MIB and done lots of reading), this sort of thing is old hat, as are debriefs by, ahem, military officers (CIA or other alphabet soup operatives in disguise) who say things like “Erase and forget”, accompanied by bloodcurdling threats (not a joke, for many civilians and military alike have been killed to protect the UFO secrets), forced signing of security agreements, warnings of lifelong surveillance, etc.

And if there's any doubt after all that, the C-141 pilot's accounts regarding assembling the recovery team, high level officer involvement and external carriage of the recovered UFO atop the plane (the craft being too wide to fit inside the plane) are dispositive, especially when you understand the referenced Blue Berets are an elite Air Force UFO unit specifically tasked for UFO recovery and similar work involving black program aerospace craft, some of which are themselves UFO derived. Their primary base is Fort Belvoir, Virginia and can deploy anywhere in the world on short notice–and have. Procedures for securing the crash site, protective measures to be employed, packing, marking, shipping etc., of recovered UFOs and occupants are in the leaked MJ-12  SOM1-01 EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENTITIES AND TECHNOLOGY, RECOVERY AND DISPOSAL, which, as of 1957 when it was last updated, was the distillation of all the key info necessary to deal properly with downed UFOs and their occupants, if any, whether alive or dead.

What piggy back transport looks like. In the case of the C-141 transport, the fuselage is narrow, and the wings extend to the fuselage top, requiring mounts on the fuselage roof and atop the wings. Image Credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

If all those things haven't told the tale already, note the carrier aircraft (with the piggy backed UFO atop it on supports installed atop the wings and fuselage) was sent non-stop (multiple in-flight refuelings) to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, the location of, among other things, Hangar 18, a facility so sensitive itself that Senator Barry Goldwater, an Air Force Reserve major general was told off by none other than Air Force general Curtis Lemay, then head of the mighty Strategic Air Command, when he asked to see what was in it. Back came “No! Hell no! And don't you ever dare ask me again.”

At that time Wright-Patt, as it's commonly known in military and military aerospace circles, was the home of the FTD (no, not the flower delivery firm, but the aptly named Foreign Technology Division. If you think about it, is there a better cover for something truly foreign than to hide it under the cover of also occurring legitimate classified intelligence work regarding the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and various other entities with military and scientific tech of interest? It just so happens that I found a fabulous piece of research someone did into Hangar 18, but more importantly, a careful investigation into long since closed underground facilities at Wright-Patt, so sensitive still in 1994 got a construction engineer in deep trouble (had his clearances pulled temporarily–couldn't work), after AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) played back to him days of phone conversations with the intrepid researcher. The engineer was warned never to speak to him again! One witness described seeing multiple alien bodies inside one part of the now closed off underground complex. Thus, whether Hangar 18 was ever real was immaterial in terms of the larger revelation: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base not only, as multiply attested, received the Roswell Crash debris and alien remains, but it was actively involved in that sort of work, in vast underground facilities, for decades afterwards. It therefore makes perfect sense that there would be a balls to the wall effort to get that alien craft back to Wright-Patt's FTD as fast as humanly possible, sparing no expense in the interests of security and to obtain the fastest possible access to its secrets.

In Part 2, shall clue you in on other UFO shootdowns, some of which nearly led to war with outraged ETs/EDs, as well as one which could be called UFO downing by proxy!

END Part 1





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