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UFOs, Breakaway Civilizations and Hidden Truths 1

Originally posted on March 29, 2017 @ 4:21 PM

UFOs over Santiago, Chile, late December, 2015 Image Credit: Ovnis and UFOs via YouTube

Alternative 3–The Suppressed Purported TV Hoax Program

UFOs, SF, and Breakaway Civilizations

When I was a boy, I used to voraciously read SF, as well as anything and everything I could get on UFOs, weaponry and military history. Back then, no one had any clue about FTL (Faster than Light) travel, so the stories relied on what were called Generation Ships to get the future colonists to their destinations. For those used to the warp speeds of “Star Trek™” and other things in the SF canon these days, the SF of yore would be quite the shock. People going to colonize Mars would be put in stasis, while the flight crew would go out young and come back a lot older. But remember those Generation Ships? Why call them that? It is precisely because those who left Earth to travel to the nearest star system would never live to see it, nor one or more generations thereafter. Sucessive generations would know nothing but space and life aboard a sprawling spacecraft. This was dictated by the propulsion technologies of the time.  As a rule, only those of the final generation before arrival would finally arrive at that far away galactic destination. Frankly, I dreamed of going to the stars, and since I have become increasingly aware, since around 1990, of breakaway civilizations, a term coined by Richard Dolan, my feelings of being ripped off, even violated, have been growing. Periodically, they flare.

As I have repeatedly stated, I used to be an intelligence analyst, so I look at things in ways most not only do not but never so much as entertain the idea in the first place, yet the evidence, expressed in a variety of forms, kept stacking up. You could argue it began with a a real shocker of a book called Alternative 3, by Leslie Watkins, which was spawned from what was supposedly a hoax show broadcast only once in the UK, but also in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It was never broadcast in the US. Around 1990 I got to see a blurry copy of the supposed hoax, and it chilled me to my marrow. Watch it for yourself above and draw your own conclusions. Would like to point out, too, that the person who showed me the video, researcher and ex-Bulgarian solar scientist Vladimir Terziski, was publicly holding forth, not just on UFOs, but Nazi UFOs (!) AND kept talking about–wait for it–the Rockefeller controlled secret space fleet! Spent hours talking to him at a UFO conference and in his home, during which he showed  his guests (including me) yet more astounding videos. This was a lot to handle, but it both opened my eyes and set me to thinking. Vladimir Terziski subsequently disappeared. Tried and tried to locate him over a period of years, as did my super spook contacts in the last few. Even they failed!

What I learned from him, the bootleg video and the book, of which I eventually and fortunately secured my own copy, set  me to thinking some generally unpleasant thoughts, for the intelligence picture which would become more and more clear over time bore little resemblance to the bright future I imagined as a child. Instead, the information mosaic revealed ever increasing clusters, nodes and branches of seemingly disparate, yet actually related, data painting a picture terrifyingly supportive of Alternative 3.

It was a picture of an Earth in which liberating, life enhancing technologies (unlimited clean Free Energy harvested from the seething ether, antigravity, inexpensive cancer cures, super advanced materials, pollution eliminating technology, to name a few) were suppressed time and again, by:  money, intimidation, ruined reputation, job loss, threats of harm to the inventors, friends and family, real harm, sometimes outright murder, generally represented as suicide. Meanwhile, we are deliberately left enslaved to fossil fuels and everything that goes with them, including myriad wars whose slaughter further enriches those who have consigned us to a hell they made and deliberately choose to continue. Such are the “blessings” of the technocratic, elite-controlled, black magic practicing and pedophilic NWO (New World Order), one of whose leading architects, David Rockefeller, has recently died–before he could do yet further damage to what is left of Earth and her peoples!

It was a picture of a War on Drugs in which the largest supplier was and is the CIA, which was then and remains now practically untouchable. When one or more of its people got caught narco trafficking, this was then and still is invariably attributed to a “rogue operation.” I have read, and my sources have confirmed, that some 40% of the black budget is tied to this and other nefarious activities. Yes, you read that correctly. This nation, and other nations, are being destroyed by drugs and deliberately and bloodily destabilized to fund what our supposed betters do not want us to know is possible, still less happened and continues to happen. While we chase our tails some 70 years since the 1947 Roswell Crash (actually, crashes) debating the existence of UFOs with the ignorant (genuine or willful), skeptics who are not and professional debunkers, what the military terms “Fast Walkers” come and go, terms like “IAC” (Identified Alien Craft) are used, and some are taken under fire by weapons shooting, my “Deep Throats” tell me, in one case, streams of miniature black holes capable of swallowing up whatever they hit. Here is hoping none ever fall back to Earth unsated! While we wonder about aliens and are charmed by Spielberg's “E.T.” (heavily modeled on a real chlorophyll based one called an EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), insider contacts tell me some 186 different species of ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) visit Earth every single day!

END Part 1


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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3 years ago

Hi John, what`s your take on there being some form of DISCLOSURE this year. To me its either Disclosure or all out war, and I know which I prefer.

3 years ago

Really great post, John!

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