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UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics

UFOs and the Ancient World Connection

UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas and Mystics

UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics Cover Art Image Credit: Mann

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What do ancient Indian sacred texts and terrified Tibetan mystics have to do with Stealth technology, antigravity projects and a new Indian warfighting strategy—let alone the ongoing clashes between India and Pakistan in long-disputed Kashmir?

What will happen when India’s strategic bluff is revealed to the surprised world, an outraged Indian public and a delighted Pakistan?

Find out this in stunning and revelatory investigation that explores the deep connections between ancient Indian flying machines, modern UFOs, antigravity technology and, perhaps not so strangely, the suppressed and forgotten powers of the human mind.

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UFOs – A Major Reason for U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan?

What 2010 Afghanistan discovery has confirmed that the “mythical” Vedic accounts of aerial battles by the “gods” are real—and that the weaponry involved laid waste to ancient cities and consumed entire armies? Through extensive research and “Deep Throat” insiders’ perspectives, renowned investigative reporter John Kettler—perhaps the most published author found in the pages of ATLANTIS RISING, with over 50 articles to his credit—uncovers the answers to these compelling mysteries in an easy-to-read, fast-paced, engrossing story.

Join him—in a series of worldwide exclusives—as his investigation leads to one inescapable conclusion after another, and discover the hidden truths behind “ufos” that are every bit as astounding as they are terrifying. Comprehend matters of “deep politics” so controversial and delicate that complex international relationships could be shattered—and major governments fall—as a consequence of their exposure!

Containing staggering new information available nowhere else, UFOs, ANTIGRAVITY, VIMANAS AND MYSTICS covers—among other things—the mysterious trek to the hinterlands of Afghanistan taken by world leaders during one strange week in 2010. Did this pilgrimage have anything to do with suppressed news that a recently-unearthed war machine—perfectly preserved, armed to the teeth and still operational after thousands of years—is resisting (at great human cost) every effort to seize it? Will you be left to wonder whether humanity’s pride in its modern-day achievements is about to be undone by stunning revelations of what our “backward” ancestors accomplished thousands of years in the distant past? Feats that in many ways rival and even exceed our own?

Ancient UFO, Modern-day Harbinger?

Dare you see for yourself what's not being reported in the evening news—or anywhere else for that matter? Will you open your eyes and mind to the searing facts carefully concealed by a bodyguard of lies, deceit and propaganda? Can you handle truths the public was never meant to know?

If you think you can, don't wait and don't hesitate to read John Kettler's revelatory new E-book, UFOs, ANTIGRAVITY, VIMANAS AND MYSTICS. It may well redefine the way you look at reality. Learn a powerful and shocking series of hidden truths and suppressed secrets, starting today!

Premium edition PDF, readable even on small hand-held devices. Contains WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE CONTENT unavailable in any other publication. Included with your purchase from this site (and only available here) are the EPUB (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.)  and MP3 (iTunes and other digital audio players) versions – hear John read the story for you!


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9 years ago

I purchased both of your E-books on July 31, and I started reading immediately the first E-book; just finished and I have to say in a eloquent manner: That you are academically gifted – so gifted, in fact, that you defy the imagination. Rather than poke around with tidbits of information, you allow the reader to submerse into the reality of events that have taken place. Loved it…

John It is surprising you haven’t not been lance and boiled….LOL

John Kettler
John Kettler(@flugkreisel45)
Reply to  sloynaz
9 years ago


Thanks! Always good to know I’m getting through to my readers. Absent the special protection I’ve been given, I think I would’ve been “drained” long since.

Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
9 years ago

hi john and sunfire, after reading your ebook quest, and i will say i will have to keep reading it, as its making sense with what I’ve read before and watched, so it all seems to be blending in, and i look forward to the next so thank you, and my best to you and the ETs/EDs regards daniel

John Kettler
John Kettler
Reply to  Daniel Jackson
9 years ago


Glad you’re enjoying my E-book! Always nice to read something like that. Please post a review here, on Amazon and Smashwords.

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