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UFO War–A Ghastly New Foe! Great Victories!

Originally posted on October 30, 2012 @ 4:25 AM

UFO War–WARNING! Extremely Disturbing Information!

UFO War: The Cthulhu/Lovecraft Connection Image Credit: H.P. Lovecraft via Wikimedia Commons

UFO War. Has any subject been so hot, inspired such controversy?  First, a note on sources. The information here comes primarily from highly sensitive military, intelligence and scientific sources, supplemented by nonterrestrial ones. The government's official policy is total and ongoing denial. Rinse. Repeat. Some have risen in self-righteous fury to claim the UFO War's an NWO (New World Order) scam, and I'm, variously, a dupe, a willing disinformation agent, a clever writer or flat out insane. That's before addressing the 4th Dimension attacks into our nearby 3.9+ Dimension by what some now call the PPE (Purple People Eater, from the 1958 Sheb Wooley hit). Others think of it as more of a monster a la Lovecraft. Either way, the toll continues to grow. Meanwhile, the U.S. and China have achieved the shootdown of 10 hostile UFO type craft since the Coalition Forces began joint naval warfare. These shootdowns have destroyed a combined total of four (4) saucers and six (6) cylinders. All told, Coalition Forces have at least six (6) ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) in ultra secure custody as a direct result of these UFO shootdowns.

What would you say if I told you a previously unknown ET/ED (extraterrestrial/ extradimensional) race, very much like what eats OODs (Officer Of the Deck) and sailors, is now at war with us–and we have the prisoners to prove it?

You are emphatically advised to stop here if you can't handle profoundly disturbing material which will challenge you to the uttermost. There's no shame doing so, for this shocking set of developments has already driven people mad. You have been warned!

The UFO War has taken quite a turn since the Reptoid attack which cost the U.S. a frigate and 250+ people making the ship's complement. In  shootdown after shootdown in which survivors have been recovered, there have been NO Reptoids  found. What has been found has driven one person, so far, to kill himself and sent others off the deep end. NOT kidding!

UFO War–Our Beyond Disturbing New Foe Detailed!

They call them Blobs. We'll discuss who “they” are shortly. For now, we'll say the definition will itself be a shock. The Blobs we'll discuss separately. Time for another warning. WARNING!  Not to be read by those of unsound mind, ill, easily freaked out; or before, during or immediately after a meal.  Parents are strongly advised to first read this material themselves before allowing any of their children access to this post. Before embarking  upon a highly detailed, sanity reducing, discussion of our “guests” at Area 51 and an unknown high security facility in China, a bit of review is needed.  Remember this?


UFO War–New foe makes shoggoth easy to take!  Image Credit: pahko via Wikimedia Commons

I previously used a shoggothto help you begin to get a mental handle on roughly what the creature eating our people might look like. By the time I'm done, you'll want one for a pet!  Even Reptoids, being somewhat like us in appearance, are far easier for us to deal with. For what I'm about to describe, in excruciating detail, nothing can prepare you!

UFO War–Reptoid (Main Opponent)   Image Credit: Kesara via Wikimedia Commons

The warnings are over. From now on, you're responsible for your own mental state and reactive behavior, if any. May I suggest reading this post in small chunks, so as not to go into complete mind fry?

Blobs Described

For the record, “Blobs” is a mutually agreed upon term between the Area 51 intuitive communicators/telepaths and the Eloah, the self-given name for the classic Grays who figure in numerous UFO abductions. Not only are they here, but the U.S. is working with them. Has been doing so for decades! The Eloah provided considerable information on the Blobs. Why Blobs? What would you call something that looks like this?


“Amorphous 5'x5'x5′ cube” (not counting tentacles). Did he say “tentacles?” I did! Color range runs from “coral to hot pink.”

Arms & Hands

4 large tentacles, each with 6 smaller tentacles emerging from the far end. 24 tentacles. Total length of “arms” (smaller tentacles included) is 5′. Running total=24 tentacles.


None per se. Instead, the Blob has 3 clusters of 4 tentacles each. 12. Every tentacle's tip has some sort of light sensor, which reportedly looks like a lens. 36 tentacles and counting.


None. Blob has 6 groups of 4 tentacles, with auditory receptors on each tentacle. 24. Count's now 66 and we've barely begun!


None. 2 sets of 4 tentacles, each tentacle having an olfactory sensor. 8. We're up to 72 tentacles.


None observed, but thought to be on the Blob's underside.


None, but suspected to be telepathic.


Appears to be blindingly fast, with slime containing victim's DNA excreted right after eating. Excretion takes the form of a slime trail, rather like that of a snail or slug.


Secretes hydrochloric acid.


Observed to breathe chlorine gas from a “flexible balloon like container,” with “olfactory tentacle inserted into the container.” Area 51 scientists want to get the Blobs out of their labs (have 3, via three UFO shootdowns), since the Blobs' exhalations are highly corrosive and are ruining the facilities.


Has no legs or feet. Has 300-400 tentacles to support and move the Blob. Total Blob tentacle count is somewhere between 372 and 472. Eat your heart out, H.P.Lovecraft!


The Eloah are of the firm opinion we (humans) “don't want to see Blobs copulating.” How bad could it be? You already know what a Blob looks like, with 78 tentacles constantly in motion.  Observers at Area 51 characterized three Blobs fighting over a rat as resembling “three dozen hula dancers trying to do the Twist at once.” We don't know whether or not they have gender.


Unknown, but seems somewhat similar to the 4th Dimension thing devouring OODs and sailors. Closest Earth species would be cephalopods–octopi and such. Fortunately, Blobs are visible via the naked eye. The really good news? No teleportation/”blipping out” observed!


Blobs are intelligent, dexterous (observed deftly playing with a computer keyboard) and use technology highly advanced by our standards. Their antigravity craft, equally at home underwater or in the air, have no force fields, but whatever they're made of, they're very tough. Their engineering is superb. According to the Eloah, the Blobs have bases below fresh water, on the ocean bottom (pressure=5000 atmospheres at 30,000 foot depth) and underground. Blobs presently have no space travel capabilities, but they did in the past and are attempting to regain that capability.


Known natural weaponry consists of toxic exhalation, skin exuding hydrochloric acid and the ability to seize and devour prey rapidly. Blob UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)/USO (Underwater Submerged Object) craft, per the Eloah, have a single disruptor weapon. The Eloah believe we have no defense against this weapon.

Effects on Personnel

Professional exobiologists (scientists specializing in extraterrestrial life forms), whether brought in or normally employed at Area 51, have not handled the encounters at all well. So great, in fact, has been their abreaction, that they have reportedly “not stuck around any longer than they had to” and have rationalized their experience as ” some special SF hologram movie, designed to trick us.” So far, at least two people have been driven mad, and the Chinese have had one known suicide. The Chinese, totally unhinged by what to them are demons incarnate, have been uncharacteristically forthcoming. The Chinese have volunteered to share information about the Blobs with both Japan and South Korea, but the Republic of China/Taiwan has not been included.

UFO War, A Partial Summation

The Reptoids, and their undersea bases, are very much with us, contrary to certain emphatic reports. These reports have been comprehensively refuted by no less than three highly credible sources in the Liberation Front and one Ground Contingent. My terrestrial sources are confused by the absence of Reptoids among the UFO shootdown survivors and are reeling from the shattering effect on their psyches of the Blobs, beings horrible beyond human imagining and transcendently alien. Even so, my trusted terrestrial sources have informed me dozens of undersea ET/ED bases remain. There's much more to discuss, but your minds, and mine, can handle only so much!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Wow, this really makes the Enquirer look like a credible news source. /facepalm.

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