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UFO War Now Covers Entire Pacific! Exploding Story!

Originally posted on October 19, 2012 @ 10:39 PM

UFO War Explodes Through Entire Pacific Ocean! Now A Coalition War!

UFO War Zone

UFO War Zone–The Pacific Ocean! Image Credit: NOAA via Wikimedia Commons

UFO War in the Pacific has now become a five-nation coalition war through the Pacific Basin, per supersensitive terrestrial sources.

Naval forces involved include the U.S. Navy (U.S.), PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) (China), JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force) (Japan), ROKN (Republic of Korea Navy) (South Korea) and ROCN (Republic of China Navy) (Republic of China/Taiwan).

Several Asian nations have “emptied their cupboards” to supply desperately needed ships to fight this war. Intended mainly for coastal defense, these crews and ships are being pushed past the limits to support this war.

Total is around 200 ships, including two U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups, many additional surface combatants (frigates through cruisers), numerous submarines and multiple URGs (underway replenishment groups) to keep all the warships fueled, munitioned, crews fed and supplied with  multitudes of items. The UFO War is an unprecedented kind of coalition war–with all the headaches and political delicacies that entails.

If “Politics makes strange bedfellows,” nowhere is this more true than in the vexed case of the PLAN and ROCN. For simplicity, I shall call them the Chinese and Taiwanese forces. With their parent countries continuing to shell and raid each other's outlying islands, getting the two naval contingents to work together, without killing each other, is akin to ice skating while sword juggling! Though willing to work for the common good–species survival–they do NOT work together. The Chinese and Taiwanese each have their military tasks, but are deliberately kept as far apart as possible.

UFO War–How President Reagan Got It Right–Partially!

Ronald Reagan's December 5, 1985 speech in which he described the unifying effects an off-world extraterrestrial threat would have on humanity,are now being borne out and are no longer theory.

In case his message got missed before, he subsequently repeated his observations of the rallying effect on humanity from an “alien invasion threat from off world.” Where did he repeat his trenchant observations? New York City–before the United Nations General Assembly!

This is no NWO (New World Order) false flag! It is now officially an undeclared shooting war, and as I write this, the UFO War is being prosecuted throughout the Pacific Basin. Apparently, one of the major combat areas lies in the middle of the Pacific, but with other events near Adak in the Aleutians and down toward Antarctica. Orders are “Shoot on sight!”

Why was Reagan only partially right? There is NO alien invasion threat–viewed in terms of what is happening in the Pacific. Why? We were invaded and subjugated ages ago. The sooner you get that, the sooner you will be able to understand the multitudes of strange, even terrifying things which have already begun to happen, as the dimensional veil continues to thin.

UFO War Is Being Fought From Above And Beyond

Unfortunately, even some of our black program stuff is not cutting it in suitability and/or combat effectiveness. This will not be discussed further, but I will say that the nations involved are carefully considering ALL their military options. While the U.S. defense industry has so far received no QRC (Quick Reaction Capability–“Need it yesterday!”) contracts, extraordinary weapons, such as the super explosive spun hydrogen, are already in use. Spun hydrogen warheads are delivered by the ancient (entered service in 1961) ASROC (AntiSubmarine ROCket). Reportedly, this ultra potent version of ASROC has evidently forced abandonment of two Reptoid underwater bases, one base located near Catalina Island, California. 

In an ironic twist, though submarines and high power sonar figure prominently in the UFO War, the fixed wing ASW (AntiSubmarine Warfare) aircraft do not. Their weapons and sensors simply are not designed to go after ocean floor, heavily shielded, bases. And they are hopelessly outclassed by a 200+ knot USO (Unidentified Submerged Object),  a target neither their sensors nor weapons are suited to handle. The Reptoids apparently hate our active sonar, which we, among other things, use to “herd” their USOs. Mega odd, considering their USOs are easily five times faster than our subs.

Some of the worst fears about humankind's response to an extraterrestrial presence are now expressing themselves. President Obama, considered “useless” in a bunch of power circles, has NOT been briefed on the UFO War, though the Joint Chiefs of Staff are aware of it, as are certain commanding officers. The general reaction among those world leaders who have been informed is not encouraging: “They stand about and wring their hands.”

Nor are the defense engineers at a key U.S. defense contractor handling the situation well. I was told “They just sit and stare into space.”  Not good!  But while the defense engineers suffer near catatonia, other minds are working around the clock, trying desperately to comprehend the incomprehensible, then figure out how to deal with an “impossible” problem. Had the UFO security lid not been kept on for decades on end, we would likely not be in our present dire state. Instead, Earth's military has practically been caught flatfooted and is reeling in confusion. Here is why.

What should work, against a hostile UFO, does not. The SM-2s, which provide a missile umbrella for entire battle groups, have been tried repeatedly, and shockingly, shown to be useless. The 16″ Mark 50 gun, which obliterated a Reptoid craft over the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War in 1991, is no longer in service. With aircraft carriers on the scene, very heavy aerial firepower has now become available, but will we be facing a Tehran UFO situation? Will our aerial weapons work against a Reptoid UFO when they are needed?

There are NO battleships left in the U.S. Navy, nor anything else armed with the same devastating 16″gun. Right now, we could really use those battleships we used to have. Even better would be one that could shoot straight up. Why? There have been numerous UFO incidents at sea since WW II with the UFO tauntingly overhead or nearby. Battleships could never fire vertically and never needed to so.

The hunt is on to find a way to get the same net effect of battleship fire–by adapting old weapons to uses for which they were never designed. Any weapon idea which might conceivably work, is now being seriously considered. Am talking weapons little less strange than this desperation design WW II antitank weapon. It was conceived in the dark days when England was practically defenseless against an expected German invasion. If there is one thing we humans excel at, it is rapid innovation. And our cleverness and creativity know no bounds when it comes to engineering weaponry!

Also being considered is the use of highly classified, even unknown, space weapons by several countries and by the Liberation Forces. In any event, the Liberation Forces are heartened that a) humanity is finally starting to wake up, and b) thrilled we actually managed to achieve something against the Reptoid underwater bases. The Liberation Forces plan to hit Reptoid facilities both directly here and via actions in other dimensions to essentially cut their power there, depriving the Reptoid underwater bases of their means of operating here.

UFO War, MJ-12, Hydrographers & Ongoing Sleep Deprivation

The UFO War has ruined life for the Committee of the Majority AKA MJ-12 and  MAJESTIC–12. By no means a myth, MJ-12 has been mercilessly keeping the UFO secret since 1947, if not earlier. But the proverbial chickens have now come home to roost. The solutions which might have been available had people been informed at all, let alone timely, about the reality of the UFO/USO threat simply are not there. Our space based anti UFO weapons are pointed away from the Earth–when the invader's already long since here! Judging from the near collapse in a bunch of key sectors, the planet's leaders, never mind the Earth military and the people, are still not ready, but have to deal with realities and issues for which MJ-12 should long ago have prepared them. All that UFO security mania has now resulted in our present, acute, insecurity. And the planet is very close to entering the 4th Dimension, a situation making the UFO War even harder to handle.

Fittingly, MJ-12 has been flung into full crisis mode. Meetings used to be once a week; now, they are around the clock, underground and show no sign of stopping. Fittingly, MJ-12 is now hoist with its own petard and reportedly is going through endless options, yet making no headway. Sleep, though, is all but impossible to come by, and the misery is definitely being shared among those whose peculiar skills are needed. Right now, hydrographers, experts in the ocean bottom, are poring over not only everything already known about the Pacific Ocean floor, but endless streams of new data as the ocean floor is being carefully scrutinized–in a relentless, cross-correlated search to locate, target and destroy every Reptoid underwater base.  My current count is 36 remaining; my super sensitive contacts say total underwater bases (not necessarily the current hostiles') number 50. Happily, there are no joint Terran military/Reptoid bases. This is both good in terms of avoiding a serious evacuation issue and bad in that target intelligence information is far harder to come by.

UFO War & Beyond High Weirdness

War is, and has always been, a confusing, chaotic affair. That, sadly, would be a huge improvement, given the things that have happened lately.

Item: USO surfaces 50 feet away from the warship, roughly paralleling the ships's middle. It seemingly does nothing before popping to 200-300 feet and whizzing away, yet three principal events occur. Every electric battery on the ship, from smallest to largest, including those not in use, explodes! Simultaneously, all the milk on the ship curdles. And if you thought that was exciting, try being female officers who suddenly are having their periods two weeks early! These are but a few of the reasons MJ-12 is presently sleepless. There is no known explanation for the above phenomena. None.

Item: Even more disturbing, profoundly so, in fact, are the recent at-sea disappearances of two Navy OODs (Officer of the Deck, the de facto skipper, absent the skipper or an officer on the bridge outranking the OOD) from their posts on two different warships, one near Midway Island, the other cruising near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The telltale signs are something straight out of Lovecraft–no OOD (ship searched stem to stern); a brass telescope, symbol of the OOD's authority, lying on the deck. From the telescope to the ship's rail runs a thick slime trail, which continues down the hull and into the water. Yes, a slime trail, such as what a huge snail or slug might leave. Or maybe, one of these!

You see, we have now begun to enter regions heretofore the realm of shamans and mystics of every stripe; of myth and legend, not to mention the “fantastic imaginings” (but are they?) of Lovecraft and those who have followed since. In the 4th Dimension lurk awful things which can pop out of their dimension, grab their prey from the 3rd Dimension (easy to do with the dimensional veil almost gone), then disappear from standard reality altogether! The Navy thinks this is part of the UFO War, but it really is not. More like wrong place at wrong time.  Again, MJ-12 and other ruling elites are directly culpable. They have deliberately and systematically kept us from knowing we have and developing the very same psychic powers that are meant, in part, to keep us alive in the face of such terrible threats. Since we have been systematically dumbed down and prevented from becoming truly aware, we are now tasty meals for 4th Dimension carnivores!

The Navy does not yet know this, so is responding at the individual ship level in the only way it knows how–by arming those at risk. OODs on at least two ships now assume their posts armed with a Ka-Bar combat knife, a loaded pistol and an M4 5.56mm automatic carbine, with 50 rounds of ammunition. Whether this will work is highly problematic, and what is working may blow the UFO coverup apart. Why? Word of these shocking disappearances and other strange happenings is running through the Navy faster than wildfire, traveling at the speed of light in some cases.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Since this covers the entire Pacific wouldn’t commercial airliners planes be spoting this kind of activity?

Reply to  John Kettler
8 years ago

JK, you wrote: “The action resembles no naval battle ever fought.”

So what does it look like then?

PS I’ve watched Battleship if that’s any use as a point of reference 🙂
And Independence Day too.

8 years ago

John, thanks for the new update! Do you think the reason there is more interaction between humans and ET/ED’s has anything to do with us being at the 3.9 stage? Is that level increasing gradually? Do you think all of us will begin to see into 4D soon? so many questions…such a small brain, thanks John

8 years ago


Could this war have anything to do with the “Lemurian/Templar” gold being guarded by a certain faction?

8 years ago

John I understand that Gordon Duff of Veteranstoday was interviewed today on Coast to Coast, regarding “disclosure” and UFOs . I am unable to comment further on this because I cannot access the video on VT site for some reason. It is possible that some of his info. may coincide with what you have just released in this article. This is mind blowing John, the details of what is happening in the pacific is amazing. I only wished that the various human military navy’s involved could realize that they all MUST work together for all of humanity. Humans can be… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
8 years ago

JK, you wrote: “As for mind blowing, it’s gotten even wilder since.”

Are you saying that it’s got even wilder than this article you’ve just knocked out? Wow!

Reply to  lightseeker
8 years ago

If you’re looking for the Gordon Duff interview on Coast to Coast, here’s another link, uploaded Oct.17, 2012:

It’s a bit slow, but it seems to be working. I haven’t heard it yet myself (because it’s still loading).

8 years ago

Good Heavens! Or where ever… Most days now I feel as if I live in the twilight zone. Rod Sterling couldn’t have been this creative. I turn on the tv and see one world. Then I log on and join what I think is the REAL world. But is it? Now I see that Drake has alerted the militias for active duty and they are arresting big names one each day. Tolec says the reptilian bases underground are all empty, taken care of by our friends upstairs. How are all these things related if they are?? My family thinks I’m… Read more »

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