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UFO WAR GOES NUCLEAR! U.S. Navy Destroys Undersea Blob Base!

UFO War–Navy Nuclear Attack On Hostile Undersea Base Is Third Nuclear Strike In Recorded History


UFO War Foreshadowed? Nuclear ASROC Detonation Plume            Image Credit: U.S. Navy via

The UFO War entered a scary new phase October 29, 2012, 4 a.m. local time. This was when the U.S. Navy successfully nuked and destroyed 1 of the estimated 7 or 8 undersea bases (size of nuked base unknown) operated by the mind shattering sentient species called the Blobs.  According to highly sensitive terrestrial sources, the attack, the third in recorded history, was made 30,000 feet deep (below the seabed), ~300 nautical miles east of Indonesia with a custom built 150 KT (kiloton) nuclear warhead. Details later. Reports indicate a huge primary detonation, followed by an even larger unknown source secondary explosion. Imagine what it takes to “outshout” ~10 Hiroshima sized nukes detonated simultaneously!  Prior to this, the only officially acknowledged underwater nuclear detonation was undertaken in 1962 as Operation Swordfish, seen below in the declassified Navy short documentary.

UFO War & Why We Nuked The Blobs' Undersea Base

The attack resulted from numerous hostile encounters between the Blobs' USO (Underwater Submerged Object)/UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) craft and warships of the U.S. Navy and the PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy). Though details are sparse, it is known most of the recent U.S. Navy shootdowns have been done with the Phalanx CIWS (Close-In Weapon System), which is specifically designed to defeat small, close-in, rapidly maneuvering, low radar cross section targets.

It was Phalanx which bisected a Blob UFO saucer.  In that instance, the Blob USO breached water a mere 300 yards off the port bow of a Navy warship and proceeded to cross the ships's beam to starboard.  It was Phalanx which provided the first Blob captive, following the sawing off of the nose of a cigar shaped UFO and the finding of a Blob in the considerable, slowly sinking remains of the craft. Using special protocols for capturing EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), the sailors lassoed the horrific creature, and were reportedly shocked to see the line used begin to burn, the result of what later was determined to be hydrochloric acid exuded by the Blob's skin. Exactly what happened next is unknown, but it is known that moving the Blob ultimately was done in a Kevlar™ and Aramid™ cargo net. The Blobs recovered were all found with~5 gallon containers filled with seawater, seawater later determined was being converted by the Blobs into their atmosphere of choice–toxic chlorine gas!

Such a net was,ironically, apparently itself based on retrieved UFO technology from the 1947 Roswell Incident (supertensile fibers; see Corso, The Day After Roswell). Those involved in this retrieval, and another one in which two more Blobs were recovered, now, unsurprisingly, have major psychological issues as a result of these ghastly encounters. All three Blobs apparently went by air to Area 51's S4, damaging unknown vessels and aircraft in the complete process via acid exudation and highly corrosive acid exhalations.

The Chinese of the PLAN reportedly used what may've been some sort of converted SLCM (Submarine Launched Cruise Missile), which was surface launched and possibly had a large conventional unitary warhead, to down the first Blob UFO, followed by the Type 730 CIWS to down a second.

From these, the Chinese, by methods unknown, retrieved at least three Blobs of their own. It can be reasonably surmised these recoveries were even harder on PLAN personnel than they were on ours. Why? To the Chinese, the Blobs are demons, demons of the terrifying, worst sort!

UFO Wars–First Atomic Limpet Mine! How It Was Designed, Attached And Used

Once it was determined where swarms of  Blob UFOs were originating following the attack on one of their undersea bases in the Antarctic Ocean with spun hydrogen warhead equipped missiles, a crash effort was made to deal with such bases in the future. “A task force from the Naval Research Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory” designed the 150 KT special warhead and developed the guidance package for a converted Titan booster. The plan? To “bell the cat” with a whopping nuclear limpet mine, to be missile emplaced on the hull of a Blob UFO just before a swarm entered the water.  Final assembly of the undisclosed designation weapon system was aboard a Navy repair ship while underway. The resulting weapon was  then transferred by crane to a Navy surface combatant, where it was loaded into a launch tube of the launching ship's VLS (Vertical Launch System).

Careful study of UFO sightings and detections in the region had identified an undersea base location, what with swarms coming and going having been observed and reported. Consequently, when another dense swarm appeared, the special missile was fired right into the middle of the pack, with the idea of hitting, and attaching the nuclear limpet to one craft. The Blobs' craft had been found to be nonferrous, with high beryllium content (beryllium's uncommon, expensive and toxic) and magnetic. Amazingly, the desperate scheme worked!

One of the Blobs' UFOs got hit by the atomic limpet, whose powerful magnets promptly latched onto the hull, just as the craft entered the water. The idea was to have the unwitting craft return to its undersea base, with nuclear limpet firmly attached. The limpet weighed “about a ton” and was in a very strong pressure resistant cylindrical container 2′ in diameter and 5′ long, exclusive of magnet assembly. The weapon was fitted with a hydrostatic fuze rigged to detonate when the highest pressure was achieved. That was at 5000 bar (5000 atmospheres) 30,000 feet down and below the seabed–close to or in the Blob's undersea base.  With such extraordinary, utterly unprecedented tamping (Operation Swordfish, with 10 KT warhead, was at ~ 700 foot depth), there came first the enormous weapon detonation, then an even more powerful secondary detonation. There was very little to see, though, no detectable flash to split the 4 a.m. darkness at the scene. There eventually came an enormous, slightly radioactive, gas bubble, resulting in a 700 foot high spray plume like the one in the top picture.

UFO War–NO Report, Nuclear Aftermath &  News The Liberation Forces Were Involved!

Since the strike, the word's “The area's been completely quiet.” Such was the excitement I was told “We may've won the war!” There hasn't been a word said, though, about a nuclear detonation ~10 times the size of the one which which wiped out Hiroshima, Japan. How is that possible? Simple. Control the reporting of an event, and you control its perceived occurrence, too. No reports=never happened. My sensitive contacts have informed me the detonation vanished from seismic reporting sites almost as fast as it appeared. So thorough was this suppression campaign that even obscure sites showed no record by the time I got to them. My sources informed me that secret agreements exist among governments for just such a situation. If a friendly call, a favor cashed in or a threatening call from the U.S. doesn't make the seismic event, easily distinguishable from a quake by a seismologist, go away, then cyber warfare does. That's how you turn a world historic nuclear attack, against hostile Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, into a nonevent!

“B, B, But,” you sputter. “I thought nuclear weapon use was strictly forbidden by the Liberation Forces?!” Call this attack “somewhat authorized.” How so? The LF (Liberation Forces), who closely monitor all nuclear matters, were well aware of the planned counterattack and nullified those very effects which would've otherwise ripped the dimensional fabric apart and let even more negative entities in. As it was explained to me by one Ground Contingent, the nullification operated much like noise canceling headsets, but at very high energies and in an entire different frequency range. The Navy detected only smallish levels of radioactivity over the scene of the detonation, and a senior LF commander said radioactivity cleanup robot ships would handle this situation, and routinely at that. Now you know why, despite all the harrowing predictions of agonizing mass death from Fukushima's reactor fires and breaches, we're still very much here, as is Tokyo.

The Navy hopes this'll be the last time it has to use a nuclear weapon in the UFO War, but reportedly has 2-3 more available if needed. As it turns out, the Navy may well be right. That war may be over, but the Reptoids remain, in what the LF have informed me are ~40 heavily cloaked undersea bases alone. Expectation in the LF is that these will soon be revealed, but how I'm not allowed to state.

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