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UFO War–Antarctic & Pacific Oceans! 3 UFOs Vaporized!

Originally posted on October 20, 2012 @ 8:23 PM

UFO War Expands–Heavy Action In Antarctic Ocean


UFO War Now In The Antarctic Ocean/Southern Ocean!  Image Credit: Connormah via Wikimedia Commons

The UFO War continues to expand, with heavy action in the Antarctic Ocean and 3 Reptoid UFOs destroyed elsewhere, according to highly sensitive sources. Two submarines of the Chinese PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) have been slammed together, resulting in injuries, but no fatalities, to the submariners inside them. How did this happen? The Reptoids have unleashed a fearsome new weapon–a tsunami generator! It works by inducing huge standing longitudinal waves (a la the great Nikola Tesla) in the water, which then mutually reinforce and get ever larger. Please see the demonstration of this concept starting 50 seconds in on this video.

With the standing wave concept at least somewhat understood, understand this: The Reptoids are generating 50 foot waves, to a radius of ten (10) miles! 

While they're doing their best to sink our ships, without directly confronting us, we've let them have it. Three Reptoid UFOs have been “reduced to atoms” by U.S. space based disintegration beam weapons. More on that shortly. Reptoid ships were destroyed off the coast of South Africa, off the coast of Chile and off the coast of Peru. Sizes were reported as being 135′, 150′ and 175′. No information was provided as to what size Reptoid UFO was destroyed in each location.

Last night, 20 UFOs, traveling at 25,000 mph, left the Antarctic Ocean in a group and went to Guadalajara, Mexico. Another group of 15, flying at the same speed, went to Argentina. This morning, 12 more emerged and went to Chile.

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UFO War, Molecular Disruptors and the 9/11 Connection

UFO War has brought some deep black programs out of hiding. While we don't know who built the disintegration beam weapons, or quite how they work, we now know disintegration beam weapons work and have been used before. Real students of black program weaponry will be familiar with disintegration beam weapon use in the Gulf War. I quote  one sentence, but urge you to read the entire passage at 6) there. (Fair Use)

‘Two pictures my relative confiscated from one of his officers showed: 1. a large disc-shaped craft slightly in front of our men with a high intensity beam of light emitting out of it; then, 2. where men, equipment, etc. was [had stood], there only remained dark charcoal-like spots on the desert floor. We have had this technology for quite a while.'

If that seems fantastic (and not in good way), please understand that I have separately and independently confirmed this information through my most sensitive sources.

Then, there's the mind shattering evidence that weapon technology very much like or identical to the above disintegration beam was used to achieve surgical destruction of multiple World Trade Center buildings on 9/11. The overwhelming proof the official explanation's total hogwash is here, in high resolution big color pictures.

And if all that's not enough to convince you, the Germans had a disintegration beam in development and successfully tested it in 1943. This information appears in Joseph Farrell's beyond astounding book Reich of the Black Sun, which completely, but temporarily, shattered me intellectually when I read it. So overwhelming was what it reported, that I was in a veritable daze for nearly two weeks. At a stroke, reality as I knew it ended. (Fair Use)

“An American intelligence report declassified only in 1998 described the experiments conducted with this and similar apparatus as follows:

Experiments: The experiments involved a large, elaborate atom-smashing apparatus, the main features of which were four “Spruehpole” (positive) and one “Fangpol” (negative), each about 6 m high. Liberated protons were conveyed through a quartz tube to the Spruehpole, from which they were “fired” at an object placed on a quartz plate up to 800 m distant. This resulted… in the complete disintegration of the object.

The first two experiments of this kind … took place in Dec 43 and Jan 44. In one a 10 cm cube of steel (grade ST0012) was disintegrated within four-tenths of a second, The object in the second experiment was water, contained in a large quartz tube, tiled so that the “rays” would strike the largest possible surface. The water disappeared in two tenths of a second.

The most spectacular experiment was conducted early April 1944, when some 75 rats were made to disappear in the same way. The experiment was photographed from the quartz-enclosed observation tower, and PW claims there was no trace of smoke or flame, nor did any ashes remain on the iron plate. His explanation of this apparent violation of the laws of physics is that the rats were somehow reduced to a gas, which was absorbed by the iron plate.”

So, while most think, and fervently believe, disintegration beams are the stuff of TV shows, comic books and Science Fiction, they've been a reality for over six (6) decades!  Still think the government's telling the truth?!

UFO War, The Liberation Forces, Star Wars & Defeating Shambling Horrors

With the UFO War now raging in two oceans, people want to know what the Liberation Forces are doing. The latest news from the Liberation Forces is that the balance has begun to shift some in our favor. This is the result of the decapitation of the Reptoids by slaying their Earth Commander. The upshot? Underlings once under his iron control are now jockeying for power and doing what they do best: causing havoc and destruction. That's why we're in the UFO War, but now, we're carrying the fight to them. We're destroying their underwater bases, while the Liberation Forces savage them up and down the dimensions.

People ask “Why don't the Reptoids just nuke us out of existence?” The answer? They'd destroy their eggs from the resulting high radiation doses, wiping themselves out here in the process. People ask “Why don't they attack our cities?” and go on to say “This UFO War would be easier to believe in if they did.” The considered opinion of my sources is that the Reptoids likely don't attack our cities because the the Reptoids are so busy defending their vital bases. Do people really want whole cities laid waste by large scale application of disintegration beams? I think not. Their desire to know for themselves is understandable, but we can't afford to satisfy their curiosity! What about airline pilots and anyone who happens to look out? They can see things, but have no frame of reference. Why not? There are no boundaries in this war, as seen by the vast expanses in which it's taking place. The ships, in particular, are impossible to miss, given their bow waves and wakes, but from 37,000 feet, there's no way to even begin to comprehend the action–if there's anything to even see.

My sources report the three Reptoid UFOs were destroyed at the command of a human who ran the satellite engagement. The next anti UFO weapon put up will analyze, target and fire automatically. The word from my insider sources is “The planet is on lockdown,” whether UFOs are coming in or leaving. The Liberation Forces are aware of this and will operate accordingly.

I close with some information everyone can use, but particularly the naval forces engaged in the UFO War. If a 4th Dimensional monster nips down into our nearby 3.9+ Dimension, it has to become solid. Why? Our dimension is very dense. To act physically, the entity must be physical. I recommended all-up cattle prods (juiced up ones even better) to drive off or maybe kill the ghastly things which have carried off two OODs (Officer of the Deck) for dinner. That story is told here.  My recommendation was later validated by one of the Ground Contingents and certain members of the Liberation Forces. Cattle prods, flare guns, and other unpleasantness are being investigated, as are means to detect, record and trap whatever snatched and ate those OODs. Perhaps, this awful denizen of the 4th Dimension is like one of these vile creatures.

Granted, what I've said here's awfully hard to accept, but you had better get used to it. This is the way things are trending! I've said before–I'm not here to coddle you!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Dear Mr. Kettler,

I would like to believe you truly. But, Up to this moment, I haven’t seen any photo to prove what you said was true from this website. This website is pretty much like Tolec’s. Where is the beef?

Best regards,

Bob Tan

8 years ago

This is such an amazing story! I’m inclined to think that it’s accurate, although my searches for corroborating reports hasn’t turned up anything. I thought I would post here what I’m finding when I’m trying to track down amplifying information. here’s one of the search terms I used on Google “pacific ocean ufo war” at the top of the list are, this site, Veterans Today/Gordon Duff article, and followed by numerous blogs and such, who only have copy/pasted the story, instead of adding any additional information to either support, or debunk it. Not much use, these camp-followers, and I for… Read more »

8 years ago


Great update finally tide is turning in favor…


P.S. it’s been awhile I haven’t ask ours your health…hope your not loosing a lot sleep wrting this article’s, because I do, I see a lot of vision and I do loose a lot sleep myself making sense, since this year started!

8 years ago


What can we humans do? Is there any act (e.g., prayer) that has any effect on the outcome? I am very concerned by what I’m reading here and what I learned from listening to Gordon Duff. What can we HUMANS do — every one of us — to defend our species from these invaders? Not all of us are in the military, but we all want to help in this war!

8 years ago

Hi John Thank you for all your latest reports. Things are getting interesting. people have been talking about disclosure bet they never thought it might happen this way, the kind of wet fish slap in the face version. john do you know of michael tellinger south african scientist and researcher he wrote a book called slave species all on genetic manipulation humans underwent. check and have you heard of the book gods of eden by william brambley. Also have you listened to or read any of the interviews with credo mutwa the zulu shaman. he has all the ancient… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
8 years ago

Hello John,
I did read your new report when I finished reading I did meditate for our planet to be safe and our brothers and sisters the ET’s , and for them to be able to desintegrate those dark entities and fight with harmony.
Also, I would like to ask you if the liberation forces would allow HAARP to activate an earthquake in California? you know in the San Andres fault, I read the news and they showing a map that HAARP will be acticated to cause such an event in San Andres fault. is it true?

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