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UFO Downed By WWI Machine Gun!

Originally posted on September 16, 2012 @ 8:49 PM

UFO Downed In 1917–By The Red Baron!



UFO Killer Manfred von Richthofen Image Credit: C.J. von Duerthen via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, you read that correctly, but even I find it hard to accept. It is so out there I doubt Hollywood would even buy it. As the saying goes, though, truth is stranger than fiction, as this UFO story convincingly illustrates. This is a tale of how a routine dawn patrol led to The Red Baron's strangest kill–a UFO–in a storied career ended by a single bullet, whose origin is hotly disputed.

It is March 13, 1917, and Rittmeister (Cavalry Captain) Manfred von Richthofen, commander of  Jasta 11 (Fighter Squadron 11) is conducting dawn patrol over western France, following takeoff from an airfield in Belgium. His wingman is Rittmeister Peter Waitzrik. Based on his rank, he was likely von Richthofen's executive officer, number two in Jasta 11's command structure. The pair is seeking prey, such as reconnaissance aircraft and enemy fighters. It instead encounters something thought to be a new American weapon. It is not. It is a 125′ diameter UFO!

Doubtless taking advantage of the sun's rising behind him, the Red Baron, in his trademark red triplane, pounces on the  huge UFO, described as “bright silver and shaped like a saucer,” which he erroneously believes to be some strange new weapon flown by the newly arrived Americans above the war-torn, shell-cratered trench lines below. Interviewed years later, von Waitzrik said “We were terrified. We'd never seen anything like it.” Firing with deadly accuracy from close range, The Red Baron somehow manages to down the slowly moving, possibly hovering UFO–with what a gobsmacked senior Liberation Forces (positive ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals)) commander bluntly characterized as “archaic weapons.” An investigation is currently underway by the Liberation Forces to research this previously unknown UFO shootdown.  I get the impression that losing such a powerful craft to a veritable peashooter was so upsetting and confounding as to be almost incomprehensible. Additionally, there is a view emerging that this case may be unknown because a coverup was performed over this incident.

UFO Downed! Now What?

That this incident occurred has been confirmed by highly sensitive terrestrial sources, but much is still unknown. The UFO, however improbably, was shot down, perhaps while hovering, and it did crash. It was observed falling straight down through the trees, shearing branches as it went. Two bipedal survivors, described as being child sized, were observed by von Richthofen to leave the craft, and escape into the woods. A search was conducted by Imperial German troops, but the UFO's occupants were never found. That much, we know. We do not know where in western France that UFO was downed. Nor do we have any information, even at highly classified levels, as to what happened to the shot down UFO. Unless it happened to come down near a river or railroad, it would have been a nightmare to move it, for there were no tank retrievers or heavy trucks to carry off such a prize, which would likely have been utterly incomprehensible to even the best scientists and engineers of the period. This UFO seems to have vanished from history altogether, leaving no trace of what became of it. Also, there is a disconnect in the data.

UFO Shootdown Done By The Plane That Wasn't

While highly sensitive sources repeatedly talk of the Red Baron's downing the UFO while piloting a”Fokker triplane,” the available records indicate otherwise. You see, there was no Fokker operational yet. The Fokker Dr.I, the earliest Fokker triplane to see combat, did not do so until August 22, 1917!  This is confirmed by the Red Baron's kill list, which shows no Fokker kill until that from the pre production Fokker Dr.I prototype on September 1, 1917. It therefore appears that the Red Baron downed the huge UFO with a Halberstadt D.II, armed with one fixed, forward-firing 7.92mm machine gun!

UFO Shootdown In World War I–Peter von Waitzrik's Closing Comments

“There's no doubt that what the Baron shot down that day was no U.S. reconnaissance plane. It was some kind of craft from another planet. Those guys who ran off into the woods weren't Americans.”

UFO Shootdown–Epilog

Shortly before this post was made, the previously mentioned Liberation Forces' senior commander got back to me. As I suspected, the downed UFO was hostile and belonged to the Grays. Nevertheless, he was appalled that such a thing had occurred. He said careful combing of available files had revealed the craft was having problems, but also that the arrogant Grays never bothered to switch on the shields, believing their craft invulnerable. Bad mistake! He said he had no information on where the craft was downed or what happened to it and the survivors of the crew.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

John, I like this article. I found it helped confirm my thoughts about how being older doesn’t necessarily mean being wiser. I feel that sometimes some of these technologically and spiritually more advanced races develop the false impression that other less advanced races and their technology are inferior to them. Although this might be true to a certain extent, no one should ever let their ego get the best of them. Hence, all the problems, battles and wars amongst the galactics, us, and maybe even universes! Who knows?! Moreover, I also think that sometimes we too feel inferior to other… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
8 years ago

Gosh John,

You’re absolutely right! Our innovative capacity of thinking is what makes us unique (and dangerous for some). I wonder how many wonderful things we’re going to create in the future? Ohhh….just trying to imagine this makes me so happy John. I wonder at what speed will we evolve when left alone to express our creativities without being held back by a bunch of mind-control freaks! Not that we’re in a competition to reach other more advanced races levels! Just wondering, it’s all…….

8 years ago

Flightwing / Jan,


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Hope that helps.

P.S. It’s overwhelmingly complicated to embed a youtube URL. Numbers have had/are having difficulties trying to accomplish this.

Suffice to say all you need to do is paste the small link ( you get when oressing the ‘share’ button. Paste into the text of your post.


8 years ago

John, I greatly appreciated the effort from the liberation force in providing you with this moist-full tidbits of history and above all you skillfully detailing to that eventful year.. It was determined that a single bullet had entered through the right side of Richthofen’s back and exited about two inches higher from his left chest. The bullet killed him instantly. He was 25 years old. This took place on April 1918. I could wrong on the date. There is still a controversy over who was responsible for bringing down the great Red Baron. Was it Canadian Captain Arthur R. Brown… Read more »

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