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UFO Crash? Black Project? Something Else Altogether?

ufo crash

UFO crash flashback? Is this the West London UFO emerging from hyperspace before meeting an ugly end? Image Credit: Devinator129


UFO crash? Right in West London? Surely not! But that's what many thought when the object below was encountered at night, in the street and on fire.. This incident proves yet again that the human mind, when faced with something unfamiliar, tends to categorize it in terms of the known. Paradoxically, in this case, the known–is the unknown! The still hotly debated, assiduously confirmed and debunked, officially ignored, denied or bloodily suppressed UFO. And if photos and video of a UFO sighting are enough to bring out swarms of government types, imagine what ensues in the event of a UFO crash! But a black program mishap, given the extreme security procedures employed to secure the site and every last little piece of what went splat, is indistinguishable, to the uninformed, from a UFO crash recovery. Why, then, was there no mass turnout by the overt and covert authorities in response to what plainly sat, practically atop the divider, smack dab in West London? We shall see.

The story below has gotten a lot of traction on social media, and it must absolutely delight the “13 old men,” as my highly placed spook sources put it, of the practically all-powerful UFO control group known as MJ-12. Why? It does their job for them, as you'll see below. Hiding the truth about the UFO, the technology and ETs/EDs or aliens who operate them is but one side of a systematic, phenomenally well financed conspiracy in operation now for nearly 70 years after the 1947 Roswell Crash which supposedly began it all. This ruthless conspiracy has wrecked reputations, ruined families, triggered suicides and occasioned many a murder to protect at all costs the UFO secrets. Indeed, my highly sensitive sources flatly state the murders are why the US government will never admit the truth of UFOs; why there will never be Disclosure.

It's late. You've had a few pints, and you encounter this alien looking, glowing from within, thing, and it's burning. It has obviously been shattered, yet somehow hasn't left even a crater, just a small localized debris field. Its structure is a bizarre admixture of high tech and veritable garage construction. But you believe you see a UFO, and as you pass it, it's obvious whoever was in there is gone. It must be a UFO crash, right? Are ETs/EDs loose? Some certainly thought it was a UFO crash, as seen in this news report from The Telegraph.

Get Your UFO Crash Here, Mate


The London police force almost witnessed a modern-day miracle Friday night when they apprehended an Unidentified Fallen Object in the middle of a Kingston intersection.

Officers who warily approached the gaping mouth of the crash-landed thingin the middle of the street described it as looking like a mini-saucer straight from science fiction (or your nightmares).


Guesses about the identity of this misfit traffic stop on the Kingston police Facebook page ranged from a satellite to “space garbage” to Humpty Dumpty. If you're wondering who or what crawled out of this spaceship, you're not alone.

But luckily, whatever it was, it probably came with pepperoni.

Yep. That's a pizza oven.

Unfortunately, the police force's disclosure that Surrey wasn't actually beset upon by aliens over the weekend raises more questions than it answers:

Where was this pizza oven headed before it crashed? How did the pizza oven's owners not notice they'd dropped their cargo in the middle of the street? If it was stolen, then who in their right mind would try to steal a pizza oven? And did they choose this one because of its extra pretty blue-and-orange mosaic pattern?

When do we get pizza? When do we get pizza?

Photo via Kingston Police/Facebook

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