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UFO Blown To Bits During Gulf War!

Originally posted on September 18, 2012 @ 8:25 PM

UFO Wiped Out Following Buzzing Incident & Psionic Attack On U.S.S. Wisconsin Battle Group


UFO Killer U.S.S. Wisconsin

UFO Killer U.S.S. Wisconsin (BB-64) Image Credit: U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons

UFO. The UFO has been seen over one battlefield after another (WW II, Korea and Vietnam, among others), and the Persian Gulf War was no exception. What is exceptional is what happened and how it happened. This UFO bit off more than it could chew–and was annihilated in consequence.

The highly classified story is out there on the Internet, but I got it from my own deep contacts, complete with levels of detail simply not available in the link. It all began innocently enough–if you consider a war over oil, disguised as something else, innocent. The air war for Desert Storm began January  15, 1991. The UFO attacked the U.S.S. Wisconsin battle group on January 24, 1991, shortly after the battle group savaged Iraq with highly publicized Tomahawk strikes. This attack consisted of buzzing (overflight at dangerously low altitude) combined with a psionic attack perceived by everyone as an irritating “high piercing sound,” which worsened when the UFO hovered at 2000 feet over the battle group.

UFO Destroyed–The Why & The How

The UFO, which before it popped up out of the water was a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object), clocked by escorts' active sonars at a whopping “152 knots,” was observed to be apparently boiling the water off its hull once it emerged. The considered opinion of my contacts is that the USO/UFO came up because the battle group's active sonar, used to locate and attack Iranian submarines, was continuously pinging and annoyed the occupants of the underwater base. The solution chosen was ill advised and, ultimately, fatal.

As one source wryly observed, “It's a bad idea to irritate people with access to triggers.” It is even worse when lots of triggers are involved!  The force irritated consisted of the Iowa class battleship U.S.S. Wisconsin (BB-64), escorted by the Leahy class cruiser U.S.S. England (DLG/CLG-22), the Spruance class destroyer U.S.S. O'Brien (DD-975), Type 22 frigate H.M.S. Battleaxe (F89) and Leander class (Batch 3) frigate H.M.S. Jupiter (F60). The battle occurred “in broad daylight, early afternoon,” according to my sources. The UFO was directly above the battle group, when the skipper of the U.S.S. Wisconsin, aware that his entire command was being practically driven mad by the shrill “sounds,” decided to remove the dangerously behaving, incredibly irritating UFO.

In an action reminiscent of World War II, but fought with higher tech, an old school gun action was fought to a successful conclusion. Asked why no missiles were employed, my sources opined it was a “deliberate choice” to provide both a morale boost and meaningful release for the tormented crews. According to information I received and the previously linked account, the ships basically exhausted their ammunition magazines for 40mm and 5″ shells in 20 minutes of action. Sweating crews on the battleship heaved multitudes of 5″/38 caliber proximity fuzed shells into the smoking same gun breeches their forefathers once served, 40mm Bofors went through clip after clip aboard H.M.S. Battleaxe, and unmanned, automatically loaded 5″/54 caliber guns aboard the U.S.S. O'Brien went through through their robotic firing cycles, never slackening or tiring. All told, 22 5″ guns and 2 40mm cannon blackened the sky, in the prelude to a stunning and thunderous climax.

UFO Destruction–U.S. Navy Style

Twenty minutes of gun action later, the UFO was still overhead, having apparently shrugged off, with no ill effects, the best the battle group could muster in gun power. The decision to drop to 500 feet, based on perceived immunity to naval antiaircraft gunfire, was disastrous. Why? The UFO, now confirmed by off planet sources as Reptoid, met the ultimate naval gun of the period–and lost!

The nine 16″ Mark 50s of the U.S.S. Wisconsin were never designed for antiaircraft work, but if the target elects to hover a nautical mile (6076 feet) out, at 500 feet, then it is worth a shot. Okay, six!  Two turrets thundered, spitting forth six devastating 2500 fps, 2700 lb. Mark 8 Armor Piercing shells, of which two hit, penetrated deeply into the UFO, then detonated, blowing it to smithereens, pieces so small no debris recovery effort has been mounted to this day. My highly sensitive terrestrial sources believe the UFO was catastrophically destroyed as a result of three factors: a) cumulative shield damage/depletion as a result of the antiaircraft barrage, allowing the shells to penetrate, when they would not have otherwise; b) the shattering effects of two powerful shells detonating inside a craft never designed for such punishment and c) the strong likelihood the propulsion system was destroyed via a hit, triggering the spectacular, Hollywood grade end to this bizarre fight. Informed readers may be able to come up with a popular movie whose core scenario strikingly reflects key aspects of this all too real engagement!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Sound similar. To the movie ” battleship”

Could it be from the same events?

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