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UFO & Black Project Craft Part 1

Originally posted on June 29, 2018 @ 1:58 PM


This one isn't manmade; it is not a replica UFO. Instead, it is a Pleiadian beamship from the famous Billy Meier cases. Image Credit: Billy Meier

Replica UFO & Black Project Craft Analysis Begins, Thanks to #QAnon Related Research

Before we get into a US manmade UFO and other black project wonders, I thought I'd establish my bona fides. I've studied the UFO and ET topic off and on since I was a little boy, to include ordering the sanitized PROJECT BLUE BOOK reports in which a bunch of high profile UFO cases were presented and then supposedly explained away. Several decades later, I entered the realms of classified defense work, on the strength of over a decade of study of the Russian military and a considerable amount of tactical wargaming. Was a Soviet Threat Analyst, whose beat was not only the Russian military, but the Warsaw Pact and sometimes countries not in NATO.

During my 11+ years, I was exposed to an account by an individual with known ties to the CIA as a backdoor source for getting the real scoop out to defense contractors (frequently at the mercy of de-rated threats in their contractual work). Should explain the contractual threat was the must meet requirement, but we were allowed to do what were termed “excursions about the baseline,” using near term and far projection threats. Sadly, these were the real threats against which our weapon systems had to perform and perform well. People like my colleague were how the defense contractors were kept up to speed without incorporating the latest and the greatest intel into typically far lower classified documents.

This person informed me we had recovered space artifacts, but would go no further. Indeed, it seemed that was the extent of what he knew. I also got a copy of a document on MAJESTIC TWELVE (MJ-12 to most) a SSP (Special Studies Project) initiated by President Truman in 1947 following the Roswell crash, which was really crashes, with one “sacrificed” to hide a far more valuable one nearby. A story for another time. There has been a ton of study of the document (and others later found) since it first appeared in 1989 as undeveloped film in the mailbox of TV producer Jamie Shandera. Some say it's a hoax, but a great deal of evidence exists to show that, at worst, it is partially real.

My Career Overview, Understanding Defense Program Classification Lingo, As Well As The Fascinating People I Worked With

But consider these things. I first worked for Hughes Aircraft Company Missile Systems Group (now part of Raytheon). We built practically every significant tactical missile there was: TOW, Maverick, AIM-54 Phoenix, AIM-120 AMRAAM and many more. When I changed jobs and went to Rockwell International/North American Aerospace Operations (now part of Boeing), I was supposed to be doing strategic weapon analysis but found myself doing aircraft supportability and NBC protection (nuclear, biological and chemical) for our entry into the fighter competition which produced the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor as the winner. Was a co-founder of the DEWWG (Directed Energy Weapons Working Group). Did work on the firm's B1-B Lancer strategic bomber in both nuclear and conventional roles, worked on a MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft), did threat characterization for the AC-130U Spooky gunship and worked on two SAPs (Special Access Programs, like what Hillary's been reportedly selling to anyone with big money). The first was called ACAS (Advanced Close Air Support, an exotic A-10 replacement) and another, far more well known, was called NASP (National Aerospace Plane, a single stage to orbit, hydrogen-fueled craft which could take off and land on runways). Other than saying it had military applications, everything else, whether endoatmospheric or exoatmospheric, and based on NASP technology, was under SAP special security controls. In defense parlance, these two programs were termed gray.

White is completely in the open (publicly acknowledged, subject to Congressional oversight, etc.; gray is in the shadows but admitted to exist as a program, and black is inky dark, so super secret most of Congress not only doesn't know a thing, but isn't allowed to. Those who work on such programs are required to lie if asked. These programs are properly termed USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Programs). In case any SJWs are reading this, the colors (or for black, absence of color altogether) have absolutely nothing to do with race, but are descriptions of the degree of light (public exposure and awareness) the various programs have.

As it happens, shortly before leaving Hughes after rejecting several attempts to turn math challenged me into an engineer, I interviewed with Northrop Grumman, where I had an interview like nothing ever before or since, including when I applied to the CIA for a training position as a field spook! Came out of that interview having been quizzed to mental and emotional exhaustion, yet emerged knowing essentially nothing myself about what I'd been interviewed to do. Turns out that was for a little something called the B-2 Spirit AKA Stealth Bomber. Later, I had a NASP colleague who had worked on the B-2 say no photos of the late 1940s and early 1950s Northrop Flying Wing aircraft were permitted. By one of those strange coincidences, long before anyone had heard of the B-2, I learned that a colleague in my department at Hughes was deeply involved in restoring–wait for it–the N-1 M, one of the early types of the Northrop Flying Wing, the ancestor of the vastly bigger ones to come! Shortly before he died, Jack Northrop was granted special security clearances and allowed to see the B-2, the realization of his dreams which weren't fulfillable with the technology of the day when it came to flight stability.

Was there any evidence either Hughes or Rockwell was working on anything UFO related? Not a whiff, but I know Hughes was involved with analyzing some Russian stuff, nature never stated, but ultimately pieced together by me some two decades later and confirmed by my astonished spook sources, who wondered how the hell I knew that. The mission of the people in that building across from the one where I worked was  analyzing covertly retrieved Russian missile components and using the knowledge gleaned to determine and evaluate missile performance. Nor was that the only one. Another program was in a tiny building, but it was surrounded by high fences and barbed wire. Knew people working in both areas, because they were part of the Operations Analysis Department. The second program, from what I could later tell, was a Stealth radar for the Stealth Bomber. Yes, there is such a thing as Stealth radar, officially termed LPIR (Low Probability of Intercept Radar). The B-2's mission was to find and destroy what were termed SRTs (Strategic Relocatable Targets, Pentagon jargon for mobile ICBMs and SCPs (Strategic Command Posts)).

That's the classified program side, but let's talk about the people in my department at Rockwell, for they figure into what follows. We had: ex-SAC (Strategic Air Command) pilots and bombardiers/navigators): we had a ex-AFIN (Air Force Intelligence) pilot who formerly flew ELINT missions (intercepted Russian radar and/or communications) near the Soviet Union. Dicey, because the Russians had repeatedly downed such aircraft while playing Chicken to wake up the air defenses so we could record their emissions. Before moving on, here's a Cold War crumb from one of our former SAC guys. Why did pilots executing the SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan, the US strategic nuclear warfare plan) wear a lead eyepatch? Nothing to do with pirates! We had a former Air Force logistics expert, a super closed lip former NSA analyst, and an ex-DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Soviet Air Defense specialist who'd apparently also done some field work, while in college, for the CIA. That CIA threat intel conduit I mentioned had changed jobs and come to Rockwell, too.

As it happened, I later went to Washington, DC with him and met his sponsor, the head of the CIA's OSWR (Office of Scientific and Weapons Research). Was ousted immediately after that, so that more nuggets of near priceless current intel could be passed to my colleague. I was incredibly fortunate he had a daylong briefing from his sponsor the next day, so I got paid to go visit all the wonders on the Washington Mall! The colleague getting a whopping intel dose had also been involved in a whole series of intel-producing spook ops for the Agency, missions in which his phenomenal technical expertise was put to maximum use, sometimes under fire and with bullets whistling through the helicopter racing for the border, purloined tech in hand! Used to liken dealing with the Agency as being akin to trying to getting unstuck from the “Tar Baby” in the B'rer Rabbit stories. In his case it was called “just one more favor.” How he hated that! Time and again, he was almost free, only to be sucked in yet again.

How to Traumatize a Former CIA Spook & A Dreadful Discovery

But the real surprise in the Operations Analysis Department where I worked were two gentlemen originally from the infamous CIA proprietary  Air America, known, among other things, as “Air Opium.” One had flown helicopters, but the other had been the threat briefer for the helicopter and fixed wing Air America pilots doing things we were never supposed to find out about. In other words, he was the guy who stood at the podium daily and gave the flight crews the latest intel on what the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese had in the way of antiaircraft guns and SAMs, where, in what strength and readiness, from which came the best routes to fly in relative safety. Needless to say, to do his job he had some high level security clearances for:overhead reconnaissance (aircraft and satellites (TALENT/KEYHOLE)), radio traffic intercepts (COMINT), agent reports (HUMINT) and more. He was thoroughly familiar with TOP SECRET CODEWORD markings and such. He was the person I took the possibly real MJ-12 document to, for by then I had long been assigned to Rockewell's Seal Beach facility as my job location, though I still had a desk in El Segundo, where my parent department was based.

To recap,  I gave you a summary of my UFO background and military aerospace career, taught you the essentials of classified defense program categories, and gave you a quick look at the sorts of remarkable, oft spooky, personnel we got from the military and intelligence agencies. Mind, that wasn't the whole roster, for we had lots of engineers, mathematicians, various specialists who were straight civilians and always had been, but for our purposes, they aren't needed here.

Having pored over the MJ-12 document, I decided to get a pro's view of the matter. Was working NASP then and held all four clearance levels for the program, and Mr. ex-threat briefer for Air America was dealing with orbital mechanics and other exotic, to me, stuff. My world was characterizing and analyzing everything from commando attack to various direct attack threats NASP and derivative craft while airborne or spaceborne. One memorable day, I took the MJ-12 document to work in a brown manila envelope, but I wasn't sure what would happen if the guard at the door saw them , so left it in my car and, by pre-arrangement, showed it to my colleague after work. He looked at the document and went white as a piece of copier paper. The blood drained from his face. It was then I knew a) there really was something to the document and b) that I'd made a wise decision not bringing the MJ-12 document into the building.

Should also tell you I had a friend on NASP who had a Master's in Aeronautical Engineering and who reawakened my interest in UFOs. And what a wakeup it was, for he presented me with one astounding book after another! We had many discussions, from which ultimately emerged an alarming and profoundly disheartening conclusion. NASP was supposed to be nothing less than the future of Rockwell/NAAO, builder of the famous Space Shuttle, and yet there we were in a two wide trailer whose roof leaked and whose floor near the entrance developed an enormous hole. We had to wait six (6) months for computers and had to beg for secretarial support, for we had none at all.  And what was our conclusion? We were nothing but a cover program! NASP was hiding something else of vastly greater import and sensitivity.

In part 2, I shall provide some insights as to what that was. There, I shall have some things to say about why the government was so fiercely opposed to any mention of any possible relationship between matters UFO and Stealth that it destroyed a magazine for publishing a super revelatory article, a cover story, no less, in which such a connection was explicitly made. Worse, someone who really knew spoke to the well-respected aviation writer and black program aircraft investigator, Jim Goodall, who wrote that shattering article. Fortunately for the government, the publication had small circulation, and this was before the internet, as we know it, existed to spread the gobsmacking information worldwide near instantly.

What's to Come

In Part 2, I shall explain a whole series of other connections I made which allow me to dissect an image (to be presented) which cost lives to bring to public view. Am talking people murdered. Many–military, intelligence and civilian alike, both US and foreign–have been murdered to protect the numerous UFO, ET and UFO tech secrets. This has gone on for decades. My spook sources say this is why there will never be formal Disclosure.  Certain things are so sensitive that the codewords alone can get spooks with nosebleed clearances killed, never mind that annoying gnat named John Kettler!

END Part 1

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