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UFO Abduction & More–Mine! Part 1

Originally posted on June 12, 2017 @ 8:53 AM


Artist Crobard's depiction of the famous Travis Walton UFO abduction case. Mine, as best I can tell, wasn't done this way, but the image is still apt. Image Credit: Crobard (own work, Public Domain) via Wikimedia Commons.


As you, my readers, are aware, I have an extensive background in paranormal experiences and have ongoing contacts with the positively oriented ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) here to free Earth and her children. My peculiar abilities have also made me a continuing target for the Dark, with which I have had far too many run-ins. Consequently, I suppose you could argue that, sooner or later, a UFO abduction by some known or unknown entity or group was a not unreasonable possibility. That is exactly what happened to me in the wee hours of Sunday, May 28, 2017. Call my absence prolonged!

My UFO Abduction Only Part of the Story, But

Now, before you get too worked up over what is to come, I should tell you that the real meat, of which there is quite a bit, of this unfolding story will not be here on JKI, but instead, exclusively on JKI/SA. This is both a reward to our current subscribers and an incentive to subscribe for those who have yet to do so! This is a deliberate decision and may become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) here on JKI. Such action additionally seems particularly reasonable in light of the baffling to us acute lack (save for one kind person) of donations since Karl put up that Red Alert crash ‘n' burn post the end of May.

What will it take to make most of you reading this realize that what you so blithely come here in your thousands a month to devour costs money and irreplaceable time: to provide the hosting and deal with related problems, to secure the site, to provide the rich features, through obtaining and maintaining the ever changing software, which  most sites lack, but above all to provide content you simply cannot find anywhere else?

In my current cognitive and energy shape, it is hard for me to get out what I do, though I am ever hopeful for real improvement. Karl is doing his own very dicey tightrope walk, and keeping JKI and JKI/SA operating is real, complex work, work which detracts from his ability to work on other, more remunerative, things.  Are we to believe you are so strapped you cannot afford, say, the cost of one of those typical Starbucks coffee concoctions? You assuredly will not die for want of one of those, whereas if we do not see some money coming in and soon, JKI and JKI/SA, at least, as you have known them, will cease, for an indeterminate time or perhaps permanently. We started JKI to create web traffic to sell books, but it has now become JKI and JKI/SA first and books as practically an afterthought. Be sure to thank Karl, who gets how important this is to me on a number of fronts, that we are still here, for under standard business logic, we would have pulled the plug on the site/s years ago. Integrity, in not supporting the very popular Drake, Tolec, Fulford, etc., nonsense/delusion/BS/disinformation (you pick) fest, was devastatingly expensive, in terms of donation loss, to us, but we have struggled on, for years now, on a relative pittance and with only a tiny percentage of the traffic we once had. From a medical standpoint, we have been hemorrhaging, are now pretty much bled out and desperately in need of a transfusion!

My UFO Abduction Occurred in a Broader Context

Returning now to the subject of this post, what happened to me is but a detail of a considerably larger ET/ED and paranormal canvas. It involves, for example, apports of a most particular and maddening kind, which are in turn tied to other matters of which I have written. In Part 2 on JKI/SA, I shall present what I know about various aspects of what happened to me before, during and after my UFO abduction. Fully expect additional memories will be recovered and insights gained in the days ahead.

END Part 1


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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