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Transdimensional Viewing Series Coming Soon!

Transdimensional Viewing series shortly!

The “They Live” sunglasses are a means of transdimensional viewing,

Transdimensional Viewing: Why It's Important–and Dangerous

No, it won't be in any theater, other than your own theater of the mind, but it nevertheless is coming soon. “What's coming soon?” you ask. Expect a series of posts covering two separate and distinct transdimensional viewing techniques which use exotic technology, not Third Eye perception, in order to reveal realms and entities normally hidden by the long-thinning dimensional veil. Unsurprisingly, these transdimensional viewing technologies have been suppressed and the inventors either attacked or ignored by the media. Indeed, one scientist may be missing altogether, if one report is to be believed. As soon as I learned of one of those inventors, my immediate thought was “I hope he has excellent security,” because there are so many powerful people here, and negative entities in other dimensions, who are highly motivated (to the point of outright murder) to make sure this tech remains unknown and assuredly never gets mass produced and made available to the certain to be shocked and outraged public. Allowing that to happen would be their downfall, for the essence of their success lies in being able to operate largely unknown or even outright unseen.

For example, it's one thing to talk of demons and quite another to be able to technologically and rigorously show them to the world. How much more damning would it be to see the rich and the powerful in their true guises, perhaps with the ghastly demons and other negative entities controlling them also present in the same room? Though certainly far bulkier and more clumsy, we are talking about real technology able to essentially do, in some cases outdo, the special glasses from the SF chilling classic “They Live” and shown in the film clip, especially at 2:10. The deception game will truly be over when we can reliably see who's a real human and who is not. Higher order information provided to me indicates only a small fraction of those who appear to be human really are (the rest being demons, clones, robots/androids, ETs/EDs or aliens, etc.), and I've been several times public about my own encounters with demons in human guise, including the horrific BEK visit to my bedroom. As attested by the Reptilian woman, Lacerta, in her interview, her race can manipulate human perceptions, and there are plenty of cases where technological cloaking means failed in part or in whole, making for brief, shocking and hastily buried TV exposures of who some really are not human. YouTube has loads of such incidents. Expect more such revelations.

This new series will be quite the read, and it's going to take a lot of research to make sure I do the series properly. Guarantee it won't be dull! It also bizarrely seems to tie into an article I did decades ago on a wholly unrelated topic in Atlantis Rising magazine.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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1 year ago

For those clamouring for Disclosure. This will certainly be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’. There are multiple videos of shapeshifting on YouTube. One of the most chilling I found is under the tagline ‘Sky Sports Reptilian’, just after the one minute mark. An entity/being is having a difficult time keeping it together in the crowd of a football match. A few pop stars too, have been caught, albeit quickly dismissed as nonsense. I am not surprised if they no longer perform too many live concerts. No doubt this will come as quite a shock. As… Read more »

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