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Transdimensional Viewing Part 1

Don't know what the above was called originally, but I feel it nicely depicts various aspects of 
transdimensional viewing and related matters.

Theoretical Physics, Transdimensional Viewing, Preparing The Public & Covert Use

For purposes of this discussion, transdimensional viewing is the product of using technology, not wetware (the human brain) and specialized training (sometimes decades) to see across the veil separating our Standard Model 3D reality from others. Am writing this fully aware that some of you reading it may already have your hackles up, but suggest you press on.

There has been talk for years among physicists and others about the notion of interpenetrating realities, and such talk has now reached the point that special editions of a magazine now at grocery store checkout stands) cover what are presented as cutting edge physics. But how cutting is it really? Take a look at this 2014 list of ways you could have a multiverse (derived from the longer expression multiple universe). That same year, someone published a piece on a 10D reality. Could present many more examples, but my point is clear: There is a solid scientific foundation, at least in theory, for the existence of other realms, and the discussion on certain breakthroughs allowing us at least limited access to them will follow. There is also a stack of anecdotal information regarding people who have, in a variety of ways (often via trauma, even NDE (Near Death Experience)), to see other realms. But let's now turn to an area which isn't likely to endear me to a number of alphabet soup agencies.

PROJECT LOOKING GLASS–Limited Transdimensional Viewing, But Maybe More

The above is a highly classified device (almost certainly above TOP SECRET) which apparently is at the famous/notorious Area 51 near Nellis Air Force base outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The public first learned of it, I believe, through the Project Camelot show featuring Dr. Dan Burisch (AKA Dan Crain). The transcript of his brain-breaking interview is here. He came forward with the claim that he had directed authorization, for a limited time, to give the public some sense of what was really going on at Area 51, for certain matters only. There was an entire book written about him called AREA 51 SCIENTIST, by Garner. Own it, but can't find it to check for anything new pertinent to this discussion.

On the surface, this seems crazy, but there has long been something called the Alien Awareness program to seed tidbits, some true, others not, into public awareness on the subjects of UFOs, ETs, etc. An article I read in the 1990s in UNICUS magazine described it, via a source the UFO research group called Three Star, from his former rank. He said he was invited to join it upon retirement but turned it down. I have been told the exact same thing a high level spook of similar nature.

For those paying attention, that seeding has shown up in blockbuster movies (“Close Encounters of a Third Kind,” and “E.T.”), TV shows (“X-Files,” “V”, “Roswell,” but also “Alf, “Mork & Mindy,” and “Stargate SG-1,” to name but a few), computer games (EXCOM franchise, etc.)

This has been going on for decades. But don't take my word for it. In the mid-1960s, there was a remarkable show called “The Time Tunnel.” The Time Tunnel used enormous energy in order to open a time portal so that explorers could be sent forth and then report back. Though there was no psychic involved in that show, the rest of it is like reading about the Montauk Project, in which the psychic created a tiny wormhole, which was then amplified by the Chair. See for yourself. This could be creativity,  random chance, the writer tapping into the future, as has happened a number of times, or it could be seeding from here or elsewhere. Regardless, this is the sort of thing that gives program security personnel nightmares. It could also be putting the information out as fiction so it was easily dismissed in the event of a leak. Insider sources say the set of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind was crawling with spooks from known and unknown agencies, some helping, others hindering. Same story on “E.T.”–a charming movie based on a real ET and events concerning him!


One assessment of The Alien Awareness Program I've seen indicated it's been so effective most kids wouldn't be bothered at all if a real ET showed up. If it looked like E.T. or Alf, maybe, but I daresay a 14′ tall Reptilian might not go over as well. Or maybe it would, as long as it was nice. Bet you never thought of Barney as a seeding and acclimatization program before, did you? In the case under consideration here, though, the authority was delegated, we're told, from the apex of the whole black program empire: MJ-12 or MAJESTIC 12. Another aspect of this is that the insiders like to pulse the populace from time to time so as to gauge the reactions and use this to determine whether and when to make other disclosures. In light of these things, the scenario becomes credible.

With the above firmly in mind, we can now consider the core concept underlying the deeply black PROJECT LOOKING GLASS. This is not some outer edge of physics notion but operational hardware used by high level insiders to view possible futures on the one hand and look into the past to see what really happened and understand how things got to that point. Naturally, this creates all sorts of opportunities, some by no means benign. Have read that Dick Cheney used LOOKING GLASS to help set up 9/11, and readers should know that high level spooks many times proven over years have flatly informed me that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were the architects of 9/11. And what is Cheney doing today? He sits on the board of a super powerful energy group making a killing in Syria. Here is the partial who's who from four years ago. Two years later, we had a much better picture of the players and their nefarious activities. Went into all this detail to show what was possible if you have the ability to look forward at timelines, then manipulate events here in order to get there.

You also need to understand that there is deep truth underlying a life and death struggle for artifacts of power, as seen in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and addressed in numerous books and articles. PROJECT LOOKING GLASS is real, and so are stargates, but the former provides viewing only, while the latter allows travel to those places. Many years ago, I read a NEXUS (now out of business, a common fate for magazines which disclose too much truth) article which stated that the true purpose of the Iraq War was to seize alien artifacts in Iraq. Believe it specifically referneced stargates.  My spook sources were shocked I knew of this (had also connected other dots) and got extremely antsy, agitatedly indicating this was a topic so hot it could not only get me killed but them! That part of the discussion dried up in an instant, but the information was correct and PROJECT LOOKING GLASS's existence and capabilities were confirmed. There is a considerable amount of detail on this in the interview link with Dan Burisch. Whether or not you can follow it is another matter entirely!


To recap, there is a solid basis in theoretical physics for multiverses, thus the possibility of seeing into one or more. There is a wealth of anecdotal material from people who have been in other realms and returned. The Alien Awareness Program is real and has done a fabulous job in preparing children to accept aliens, ETs, etc. The same combination of truth, distortion and lies has also been targeted on teenagers and adults. PROJECT LOOKING GLASS is real and has reportedly been used by notorious war fomenter Dick Cheney for aggrandizement on a vast scale of the few at the cost of untold injuries, deaths, disease, havoc, destruction and expense to the rest of us, especially the poor people in the desired resource areas. Stargates are real, and war has apparently been waged to secure them and other potent alien artifacts. Regarding the true purpose of the Persian Gulf War, Bush Senior was eventually forced to publicly admit: “It's about the oil.” Can you imagine public reaction if the next such disclosure, this time by Bush Junior, was: “It's about the stargates and alien technology. Perhaps now you'll understand a) why it was deemed necessary to fight a second Gulf War and b) why the Iraqi museums were pillaged of ancient relics. It didn't happen in the first war because the war was over in lightning time.

END Part 1


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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There is a TV Show in the UK called ‘Doctor Who’ which was first broadcast in the 1960s. I used to watch it in the 70s when Tom Baker was Doctor Who. Budget cuts and stupid storylines meant it was cancelled in the 80s. It was revived and had some fantastic episodes. The Impossible Astronaut /Day of the Moon with Matt Smith had entities called ‘The Silence’ which bear a strinking resemblence to ‘Skinny Bob’. Unfortunately, it’s gone rubbish again the latest incarnation isn’t up to much. Another agenda is being pushed if you ask me. Doctor Who was very… Read more »

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