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The Esoteric Transplant Hazard!



First heart transplant–missing towel found! Image Credit: Tiiu Sild

Esoteric Transplant Hazard–What Is It? Why Should I Care?


Esoteric transplant hazard? What's that? While discussions generally these days revolve around better ways to do the operations and employ immunosuppressive measures without leaving the organ recipient completely defenseless against the sea of germs out there, another threat has emerged, and it comes from the transplanted organ, body part, etc. It comes, not from the transplanted body part/s per se, but from the vibratory frequency of the donor. This is why I've chosen to call it an esoteric transplant hazard.

Before continuing, let me give you a basis for what follows. There is a phenomenon known as microchimerism, explained here in this informative article, which I first learned of when I found out that women have DNA from all their unprotected partners' semen in their spinal fluid. Frankly, this shocked me. Had wondered, too, about the potential baggage of having part of someone else's body in yours from the standpoints of vibratory frequency and alignment toward Service to Others vs Service to Self, though I didn't know that breakdown back when I first began intermittently musing on the matter. Something I saw last year not only shook me to my core, but caused me to think about related matters from TV shows, childhood stories, fantasy books, games and more.

Be it AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™) Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, “Warehouse 13” or even the original “Dark Shadows” TV series, there is an entire narrative thread based on the havoc cursed or enchanted objects can cause, especially in the hands of the innocent, yet weak-minded. In “Dark Shadows,” there was the infamous Hand of Count Petofi, and “Warehouse 13,” now sadly canceled, was built around the premise that artifacts became imbued with the characteristics and passionate interests of the owner, leading to extremely dangerous and even fatal outcomes, consequently forcing the government, going clear back to President Grant, to build a network of super secure storage facilities with contents beyond imagining and with Secret Service teams assigned to investigate, contain users and artifacts alike and retrieve both. AD&D and myriad other fantasy roleplaying games are notorious for having cursed objects, especially swords, and you'll find plenty of this sort of thing, for example, in The Lord of the Rings canon. But what if the item causing all the devilment or even slaughter is not some artifact made by the gods, left by aliens or forged by malevolent humans and enchanted by practitioners of black magic? What if that vibe, that energy, that alignment now is physically and in every other way, in us? This is what I mean by “esoteric transplant hazard.”

So Many Transplant Issues to Consider!

To give you an idea how common transplants have become, here in the US, 2017 saw nearly 35,000 of all types. We live in a world in which China is executing people for relatively minor offenses, harvesting and selling the parts; where Planned Parenthood has been found for years selling parts from aborted fetuses; where people are being grabbed and having, say, a kidney removed, or killed outright and parted out to meet astronomic demand. This article has a very good summary of some of these issues, but not one of them raises the issue which is the subject of this post. These days, there are people wearing faces once belonging to others. though still rare, complex and super expensive, face transplants are now established medical practice. Before continuing, let me make a handful of predictions. First, though it'll likely take years, the public will gradually learn of the esoteric transplant hazard. Second, once aware, the public will start insisting on knowing the provenance and demanding Certificates of Authenticity for transplants. Third, many suppliers will blatantly lie and provide false documentation, knowing they are in a true seller's market; that prospective recipients, whether going through legal channels or illegal ones, really can't be picky. Fourth, in turn, this will lead to regulation, though corruption is pretty much guaranteed, given the stakes on both ends.

Why make such a big deal about something that would almost certainly seem nuts to most people right now and for years to come? What it be a matter of concern to you if an organ transplant turned a kind and loving man into someone who verged on homicidal and may have in fact killed several times, though the police couldn't find anyone hospitalized or dead who fit the DNA profile of blood spatter found on this poor man, who had zero memory of having gone anywhere?! All it took was a hand transplant to make him into a possible serial killer, certainly, a lethal threat. Though the scenario would seem to be drawn from a horror novel, it really happened and was presented in an episode of “Paranormal Survivor,” a remarkable show to say the least.

After losing a hand in an industrial accident, the husband was thrilled to have a successful transplant, but began to notice he was having dark thoughts, thoughts of the type he'd never entertained before, still less countenanced. Next thing you know, his wife wakes suddenly late one night to find him standing in the doorway, hammer in hand, seemingly about to murder her. He had no idea how he got there or why he would wish to beat his wonderful wife to death. Several incidents of waking up in the woods and stumbling home wearing filthy clothes with blood on them ultimately led him to adopt the extreme countermeasures he felt necessary to protect not only his family (wife and two children, I believe) but also people in the area. His solution? Move to the wilds of North Dakota and live in seclusion the rest of his life. With no apparent targets nearby, the nocturnal sanguinary outings ceased.

Not trying to scare you, but to make you think. Changes ranging from subtle to profound have been recorded in a study of personality, interest and even talent changes following a heart transplant. Mercifully, no one became criminal, but after reading this, you may wish to consider what might happen were you to receive, say, the heart of a murderer, and China executes same frequently. Remember what I said about sellers lying? Is China ever going to say: “We have lots of parts here taken from a notorious serial killer?” or are we going to be informed it was a kindly farmer in the provinces whose death yielded these superb organs? Sadly, the vast majority of China's exported transplanted organs are not from executed criminals as we would know them, nor from donors, but from the documented systematic execution and harvesting of prisoners of conscience. What kind of angst, outrage and terror transference might result from receiving a heart from one of these?

This excellent and balanced article looks at the esoteric transplant hazard or, if you prefer, the occult, subtle energy, mystical even memory aspects of transplants. Suspect also that after reading it, you'll never take that saying “The heart wants what the heart wants” the same way again, for the heart has a de facto brain of its own! The good news here seems to be that only certain parts and organs apparently generate the changes noted, which is just as well for people receiving blood transfusions, skin grafts and such, but what of stem cells, of which there was no mention? Exotic though it may be to you, this whole topic is also of direct personal interest to me, for I have relatives running around with bone marrow from someone else, stem cells, a person waiting for a kidney and am, in fact, a recent recipient of a small piece of bone to repair part of my lower jaw. Am super sensitive to subtle energies, and haven't noticed any change at all. Consequently, I am not moving to North Dakota!


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