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The Deep State Prison Ships That Can’t

Deep State Prison Ships and QAnon

This post came about because I read a tweet in which a woman asserted that what I'll call Deep State prison ships could carry an astonishing to me 80,000 prisoners each. Before launching into that investigation, I wish to present my considered  views on the milieu of this story.

As a longtime observer and a highly experienced (11+ years) intelligence analyst, I can confidently state, after reviewing tons of info, there is considerable evidence that shows the War Against the Deep State, being fought, mostly covertly, since at least late 2017 by the high level Military Intelligence group known as Q or QAnon and US SOF (Special Operations Forces), not just is real but operates with the full cognizance and support of President Trump (Q+) and certain other high level officials, such as SECSTATE Mike Pompeo.

QAnon has enormous numbers of Anons operating as what I call researchers with teeth. These are people who take the clues provided by Q (cryptic intelligence information AKA breadcrumbs) and relentlessly delve into them, which is then assembled into bread (finished intelligence) and memes encapsulating key points from the bread. Make no mistake, for there is real and damaging IW (Information Warfare) being waged by memes (both sides) and censorship (them). Who is known to be totally singleminded on a topic? People with autism, also known as autists! Rather than being left on the sidelines, their unbelievable concentration and relentless research have time and again unearthed the most damning and devastating revelations about the Deep State and those who serve it. This capability is unprecedented and is called weaponized autism. Now you know what General Flynn meant when he talked about having an army of digital soldiers. The other side of the coin consists of those of us who operate in the white (the open, are public in our posts, etc.).  QAnon, US SOF and the Anons operate in the black (covert, hidden, identities protected).

“What has this to do with Deep State prison ships?” In a word, everything! While the MSM loudly and constantly call the QAnon movement a cult or LARP (Live Action Role Play), it's hard to imagine a cult in which people are constantly reminded NOT to uncritically accept the information presented, but to do their own research. If it's a LARP, then how did they get President Trump to play along in tweets, in speeches, at election rallies and more. Insane notion on the face of it! The essence of the QAnon movement lies in free thought, critical thinking, credibility and transparency. Incorrect information, especially if easily refuted, can damage the movement, which is dedicated to nothing less than taking the country back (from those who've practically killed it) and returning it to the People. That's why getting this business of Deep State prison ships corrected is important, for it's not only a huge credibility issue, but it creates unfulfillable expectations and easily dashed hopes.

Before continuing, I should tell you that for an absolute fact there are prison barges owned by the US government, specifically, FEMA. Those of you who know your NWO (New World Order) history already understand that FEMA's original purpose was not disaster relief, always an also ran in terms of priorities. FEMA's true purpose was to take over and run the country under martial law, with detention facilities for those who resisted the NWO and were not to be executed. Yes, executed. Please do some research on this. Part of those detention facilities consisted of (and consist of) a number of specially equipped prison barges, capable of holding hundreds of people at a time. Two such were then (late December 2018!)  Gitmo bound, and it just so happens the piers there were recently massively upgraded to handle big ships!

FEMA prison barge. Note exercise cages on upper deck in the foreground. Image Credit: Unknown

The article at the link indicates that the largest vessels potentially available (in a list which specifically listed aircraft carriers) will be able to carry 6000 prisoners each. Remember that number, for you'll be seeing it again. An Anon then chimed in, noting that FLOTUS Melania Trump had recently visited the aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush. Checked, and that assertion was confirmed. QAnon keeps asking “Do you believe in coincidence? Q” Isn't it fascinating that FLOTUS should pick the aircraft carrier bearing the name of the man who did nothing less than proclaim the New World Order after engineering the first Gulf War? Care to bet that wasn't a direct signal to him and all the other US based Deep State types? And how sweet, and gloriously karmic, to press into service that particular carrier (total crew capacity 6000 and change) in the future for transporting NWO Enemy Combatants to Gitmo for trial, imprisonment or execution after conviction by military tribunals!

Why military tribunals? Those who become Enemy Combatants by Treason, Sedition and a number of other things become Enemy Combatants, lose some of their civil rights and come under military jurisdiction. From a legal standpoint, people, by virtue of the WoT (War on Terrorism) and the Authorization for the Use of Military Force by Congress, the US is at war.

This is how military tribunals acquire jurisdiction against American civilians. Since right after the Civil War, when a military tribunal tried, convicted and executed by hanging Lincoln assassination conspirators, military tribunals can, under wartime conditions, execute American citizens operating against it, as was the case of American citizens of German extraction who went to Germany before World War II began, were trained, then landed by U-Boat during the war to conduct sabotage. Noose for the lot! And what did Hillary notoriously say would happen if Trump was elected? “If that fucking bastard wins, we'll all hang from nooses!” She knows her history. She knows the law. And she greatly fears her day of reckoning, which is oh so close.

Now, why would I say such a thing? Aside from event after event, many seemingly utterly impossible at the time having occurred as and when predicted, Q has intimated that the arrival of those giant hospital ships may not be quite what people think. It's already been officially stated these huge vessels will NOT be taking COVID-19 patients but will instead receive those who don't have it, releasing beds in shore hospitals for those who do. But it's clear, from analyzing a number of things Q has said in drops (posts), that the REAL purpose is to act as stealth high capacity prison ships when the indictments are unsealed and mass arrests of Deep State personnel begin. How many bad people could such a vessel carry? In round numbers, depending on how carried and size of guard force needed, 2000 prsoners, detainees or whatever term you may wish to use. It also has a helipad rated for all US military helicopters, making it possible to bring in dozens of prisoners in a single lift.

“But wait! What about cruise liners? You haven't mentioned them at all?” Presuming the fact that they're all foreign flagged, they certainly are a possibility. And with COVID-19 pretty much wiping out cruises for the foreseeable future, finding ships to lease or whatever shouldn't be a problem. How many can the largest liner out there carry? Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas can carry ~6700 passengers at max capacity, but remember, it's also got a crew of 2000., most having precisely zero to do with running the ship. Thus, conservatively the ship could readily carry 8500 prisoners and absolutely has everything necessary to provide washing, toilet, dining and other functions while carrying a substantial guard contingent, too.

This has been the long way to the main point, but in order to understand both the problem and the inevitable conclusions drawn after careful investigation, you had to first have the proper context and a substantial knowledge of the upper limits on what ships can do, even if a US aircraft carrier were to be used.

Here is a recent tweet thread on US prison ships. It shows no fewer than six purported prison ships and their positions in what seem to be good locations to support detaining those mass arrested.

Further details here on the prison ship issue, with a couple of juicy tidbits.The first is that President Trump used the expression “kiss it goodbye” in referring to seeing off the hospital ship USNS Comfort. What a singularly odd expression to use! The other is that when he was asked by a reporter whether cruise ships were going to be used as hospitals, Trump replied “Let's say a place to stay.” If you've been paying any attention at all during this post, you will understand he's talking in veiled form about their being used as detention facilities/prisons.

We come to the end of this particular journey, but despite a wealth of tweets about de facto Deep State prison ships, now, try as I might, I can't find the discussion of 80,000 prisoners per ship. The most charitable interpretation is that it should've read 8000, but my recollection is that the poster then said 160,000 total for two prison ships, so no typo. But as we've seen from an array of carefully researched data, the upper limit for any single ship prisoner load can't be much more than 8500. Do NOT buy into, and especially uncritically repeat, numbers north of that.


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7 months ago

Great read, came across your blog/articles last year, and since I live in CA, have been most intrigued by your DUMB reporting. There is a site that goes into the development of these bases.
keep up the great work!

On the treasonous front, at the very least, looking to see John Brennan, James Clapper, Barry Obama, Hillary Clinton to be executed for sedition/treason (I agree), via Military Tribunal. Those that sing will spare themselves the execution, rather to spend the rest of their lives in GITMO.

Mark David
Mark David
9 months ago

The executioners are going to be busy for quite some time. :0)

11 months ago

The Navy is using the Mercy to recover children from underwater bases using scuba divers with buddy masks to slowly bring them to the surface one by one.
1 year ago

Each prison barge might be bringing a TOTAL of 80,000 prisoners, in several trips to Gitmo or wherever. 2,000 seems a good estimate. Traitors and pedoes should get the rope.

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