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Testimony Analysis 1: Sirius Disclosure

Originally posted on January 2, 2019 @ 7:22 PM

Sirius Disclosure is a major project to definitively reveal both the reality of ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) but also to showcase the UFO technologies, too. Sirius Disclosure has not only vast piles of documents and various media, but that is humanized by over 35 hours of interviews. This is in interview, not with a direct participant, but with the son (Paul H. Utz) of a person (Paul A. Utz) whose life was little more than cover stories, sparse family time, frequent separations, and who knows how many lies to protect a multitude of secrets patently connected  with ET/ED tech, but never stated directly as such. Though seemingly a ballsy claim, it seems eminently reasonable when viewed against a series of knowns, many personal, others through research and some via spook contacts.

Let's start with how his Dad went to work. The Boeing 737s described are undoubtedly birds of the private airline known as JANET. Spook sources say it stands for Joint Air (Force) Navy Extra Terrestrial.” Anyone who knows about Roswell understands how the Air Force got involved, but what's this Navy business? Few know that the US Navy is the senior service when it comes to UFOs, with involvement going back to the early 1930s when one crash landed in the water near a Navy cruiser near San Diego, California. Those sources say the Navy owns Area 51, too.

Though the Sirius Disclosure interview wrongly refers to him as a technician, Paul A. Utz clearly was a high level (GS-16 at time of retirement, making him a member of the Senior Executive Service or “super grade”) civil servant whose precise skill set is unknown, but evidently included exotic power systems and Stealth, since he was suspected of leaking it under Carter. Even the ostensible title he bore in his cover job, optical engineer, shows he was anything but a mere technician. A tidbit that I found highly credible was what his father told him about how he was given the energy source he was supposed to copy, being told it was from a university. This is precisely the angle Philip Corso, writing in The Day After Roswell, said he was ordered to use in seeding the Army's share of tech (retrieved from the 1947 Roswell Crash) to carefully selected US firms and universities, to whom it was presented as advanced Army R&D.

Frequent no-notice unexplained trips reportedly taken by Paul A. Utz make lots of sense if, say, he got sent to crash sites for both UFOs and projects incorporating such super secret tech.  This is from the perspective of having not only read about such practices but also having spoken with direct participants in such crash recoveries and with another involved in doing “favors” for the CIA ranging from appearing at the Japan debrief of a defecting MiG-25 FOXBAT pilot as an ethnicity altered foreigner, to nipping across the border of Eastern Bloc nation in a helo to snatch some weapon tech after making sure it was legit. This wasn't well received by the locals, who put a bunch of bullet holes in the helo as it hastily left with its people and package aboard. Speaking of packages, that reminds me to mention an exotic power supply one of my contacts got to play with. It was a 4″ x 4″plastic cube with bubbles inside. The device would automatically detect and supply exactly the right amount of power to any electrical or electronic device plugged into it. Did I mention it didn't have ports or sockets, either? Suggest you also go read about or watch Bob Lazar's discourse on his work reverse engineering antimatter reactors. Informed sources have confirmed his story in detail and informed me we have incorporated  antimatter reactors into our own fielded weapons.

If we look at security, it's obvious there was lots of it, and when his dad was up for a “Q” clearance (DOE's own security system for nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon tech; held SECRET/RESTRICTED DATA myself, which isn't as high as Q), it became outright blatant and constant. This is known as overt surveillance, and the whole purpose is to make several points by being so obvious: 1) We are watching you all the time; 2) behave; 3) keep your mouth shut. Overt surveillance is also a way of wearing people down, intimidating them and causing exploitable mistakes. This, mind, is on top of your phone's plainly being bugged (strange electronic sounds, breathing, etc.) , your letters clearly read and other fun stuff. Plenty of people have described this sort of thing, including bad events that can be made to happen to deter, punish or both. Bob Lazar and John Hutchison are great examples of how things are done.

As a Soviet Threat Analyst for 11+ years during the Cold War at two top defense firms, I had to deal with bugged phones (all calls to DOD from us were monitored on the customer end) and counterintelligence agents operating near the plants so that it could be determined whether we were suffering from loose lips or were being buttonholed by the baddies. If the above sounds paranoid, understand that this same Los Angeles South Bay area saw two massive spy scandals (TRW's Falcon & the Snowman (spy satellites) and Hughes's Richard Bell (advanced radar tech). The damage caused by a young man walking into a Russian embassy in the former case and being “befriended” at his apartment (turning condo) by a Polish businessman (really, an officer of Poland's KGB equivalent, the Sluzhba), then turned him in the latter, ran into billions of dollars, compromised who knows how many technologies and certainly cost lives, too.

This site's been hacked, eyewitnesses and myself have been verbally attacked by a government disinformation agent (whom I exposed and drove off), and I've had CIA death threats twice over things I've written which sent then CIA Director Brennan into a towering rage. You people may not want to believe it, but murdering people to keep the lid on to keep secrets is a time-honored practice. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to UFOs and their tech. No one is exempt, as JFK learned the hard way when he ordered MJ-12 to reveal what it knew about UFOs, their occupants and the tech. See Burned Memo for MJ-12 head Allen Dulles's solicitation of murder and this for clear evidence JFK was making unignorable demands. But this is but the surface of a story Michael Salla traces back to JFK's time in Germany as the Allies were combing through it in 1945 for advanced tech and the people who built it or knew about it. That was apparently when JFK first crossed paths with flying saucers–German and maybe some not from here at all. Germany had her Roswell in 1937 in Bavaria, but the Italians' came in 1933 near Modena.

In my considered opinion, what Paul H. Utz describes checks all the boxes when it comes to evaluating what he was told, what he saw and what it was like living with so many secrets and lies, in terms of the environment it generated and the havoc it wrought. The man is wounded to his soul. Just look at his eyes. My dad worked in defense engineering for over forty years, and I saw relatively little of him growing up. He had lots of secrets, too, extending at least as far as TOP SECRET//CRYPTO and doing a special project for the CIA, something to do with night vision. Watch this video!


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1 year ago

Years ago you said the Navy was top dog and now after reading your connections with the 737s makes sense why. They had the power to over ride the uninterruptible alto pilot using Lockheed Martins Ransom software with that name Ransom and hijackng ability the Naval controllers could keep whistleblowers and opposition dead upon arrival. Well can’t we as a nation be better than be blackmailers really ? Now that Trump has downed the 737s with Ransom software I feel my fathers crew in the Air Force who were only protecting us when they created the PC board electronics to… Read more »

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