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Tesla Tech & SF Join the U.S. Navy!


Tesla tech on USS Normandy gives new E-2D Hawkeye revolutionary capabilities straight out of SF. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via US Navy, Seaman Anthony N. Hilkowski, photographer.

“Tesla tech's joined the Navy?” “And what's this about SF?” Correct on both counts. The great Nikola Tesla dreamed of supplying wireless electrical power, and the Navy has made his dream come true. Except his Tesla coils aren't beaming power to entire cities, but to a few innocuous looking prop driven aircraft. These are brand new E-2D Hawkeyes, whose nominal characteristics this article explains, complete with a bunch of photos. While it's true the new birds, for which you'll find a wealth of tech info here,  have vastly more powerful and feature rich radar and other capabilities than did their predecessors, that's not the full extent of what they can really do. Far from it. These planes incorporate a set of technologies so advanced even SF (Science Fiction) writers's minds might reel in trying to grasp them.

Tesla Tech + SF Weaponry = Naval Revolution

It goes like this. The E-2 Hawkeye, in its earliest form, first entered Navy service a very long 50 years ago. Long known as the “eyes of the fleet,” the Hawkeye has been the Navy's seaborne AWACS for half a century. In that time, there have been enormous improvements, but nothing like this. Sure, the reported capabilities of the E-2D are radically better than the E-2C it replaces, but they are as nothing to what the plane can really do when standing guard: vs aircraft, surface or missile threats! By “standing guard,” I don't mean acting as a lookout and warning system which can whistle up defensive fighters, run the air battle, keep the carrier strike group apprised of what's going on via various data and satellite links. I mean armed guard with an ability to apply lethal force against any and all comers. Think in terms of an armed sentry with the firepower of a division to call upon. It works like this:

The E-2D, doing its active radar, ESM, COMINT and sensor fusion thing, detects an inbound threat. Which won't be one long. The E-2D, you see, has access to enormous-staggering amounts (numbers so sensitive my “Deep Throat” military-intelligence sources refuse to even ballpark them) of AC electrical current, generated by the Tesla tech (huge Tesla coils and other devices) aboard the AEGIS class guided missile cruiser USS Normandy  (shown here as part of the immensely powerful CARSTRKGRU 12 (Carrier Strike Group Twelve), presently built around the Nimitz class carrier USS Roosevelt) and wirelessly beamed from her to the waiting E-2Ds which ring the carrier group. Now, you might think, I did, that it would be death to cross, even briefly, into that power beam. But it isn't a beam at all. My sources tell me the generated energy is sent from the ship, then hits the receivers aboard the E-2Ds. With nothing whatsoever in between! And that's not, as they say, the real magic. That lies in what that power can be used for. Bad guys, beware!

E2D Electronic Firepower = When Suddenly Nothing Works!

Quick! What two things does every modern weapon capable of endangering a Navy carrier group have in common? Electrical device and electronics. Now, try attacking without them!

Be it an outboard motor powered rubber boat packed with explosives and fanatics willing to die for their cause, bombers attacking with standoff weapons or bombs, or China's dreaded carrier killing DF-21 ASBM (Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile), (shown above) which is supposed to render the entire area around China uninhabitable by US carrier groups, clearing the way for China to attack and invade Taiwan, every last one of them is vulnerable to the electronic firepower the E-2D can bring to bear out to line of sight range, which, to a first approximation, is 450 nautical miles for a target at the same 37,400 foot altitude and ~250 nautical miles vs that rubber speedboat. Indeed, the mighty E-2D may well be capable of drastically exceeding 450 nautical miles and killing full-blown ICBMs.

How do you attack the carrier group when even the most primitive outboard motor's ignition circuitry gets fried; when the bomber's electronics and those on its weapons start emitting wisps of smoke, then pack it in, possibly with accompanying ordnance explosions in the process via HERO, fuel explosions via HERF and flight crew casualties via HERP; when the guidance systems for your missiles, of whatever sort, are irretrievably damaged, if not destroyed outright, in flight, likely, along with the missile warhead?

this is a link test.

Broadly speaking, if it's electrically or electronically operated, the E-2D can kill it!

Let's say a succession of miracles occur, that you somehow get a working weapon through that terrible gauntlet. What next? F/A-18E Super Hornet fighters and EA/18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft, then the massive firepower aboard the USS Normandy and the other escort ships. In Navy parlance, what get through the outer defense layers are known as “leakers” and must be dealt with at all costs to protect the carrier. The whole point of the nested defenses is to kill the threats as far away as possible or, at the very least, reduce the inbound threat to manageable numbers so that the ships themselves can kill the remnants. The E-2D now allows the Navy to start the attrition process far beyond what the Super Hornets could and to do so practically instantaneously. More and more Navy guided missile cruisers and destroyers are being fitted with this amazing Tesla technology, and the E-2Ds are being rapidly deployed to the Fleet.

And why do I get to talk about this stuff? The brave souls who gave me this astounding material, some of the retired four star sort still doing operational things, want this information out there to discourage efforts to attack us. This is known as sending a message, and the US military would rather not have to destroy property and injure or kill people if it can be avoided through deterrence. JKI, tiny as it is, has global reach via the internet. Later today, hostile leaders and their militaries are going to find the nature of warfare has forever changed, leaving them in the Stone Age. A very good thing.

In closing, I know some of you are aching to ask this question. “Is this some sort of Area 51-derived UFO technology, even in part?” No. It is not. We Earthlings/Terrans did it all ourselves!


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