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Synchronicity 1

Originally posted on April 27, 2017 @ 6:44 PM

Synchronicity meme! Image Credit: Author unknown but found on here. Be sure to read about the remarkable synchronicity regarding the actor who played the Wizard of Oz!



Synchronicity is part of the fabric of my admittedly highly strange life. This post marks the beginning of an ongoing occasional series covering my own experiences in this peculiar arena. Before continuing, let me first tell you what a synchronicity is, as defined by the man who coined the term to begin with, the great pioneering psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung. Essentially, a sychronicity occurs when two events which seem coincidental really are not, but instead are acausally connected. That last is very important to understanding what I am about to say here.

Synchronicity–Going with the Flow or No?

Over the decades, I have been both told in metaphysics and personal growth seminars and read that experiencing a sychronicity is a sign you are in the flow. What I have gone through suggests that statement, while generally true, certainly is not always true. Indeed, time and again I have gotten excited over a string of synchronicities, daring to believe it might presage the return of real flow to a life more akin to almost continuous siege–only to have my figurative teeth kicked in! In her excellent “What Is Synchronicity?” Meg Lundstrom provides a solid page (in smaller type than this) covering over a dozen examples of it, covering everything from profound to playful, while looking at the phenomenon from a variety of perspectives. When Carl Jung coined the term, he was talking about a connection to the psyche, but I would argue that need not necessarily be the case.


Because of my neurological wiring and some nasty downstream cognitive effects of my still healing TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) nearly five years ago, I do not fare well in kinetic visual situations: strobes, FPS (First Person Shooter) video games, smash cuts and things going on in my peripheral vision while viewing something primary. Imagine, then, the fun I had when a new member of my wargaming forum adopted an animated avatar in the form of what I believe to be an ant. In any event, it was so realistic I thought I had a bug on my screen and tried to get rid of it! It was bad enough trying to read a post with one of these pixel ants scurrying about in its roughly 1″ x 1″ white background box smack in the left corner of my eye. That was distracting-annoying by itself, but my ability to do much of anything when the guy had several short, closely spaced posts was practically zero, for my eye was now again and again dragged away by several independently moving pixel insects while I was trying to read, not to mention it was killing my head, making me feel queasy and such. An absolute nightmare! Now that you understand the front end of my personal synchronicity, let me describe what happened next.

Practically reeling from the multiple avatar encounter, I more or less staggered to the bathroom where I was both stunned and dismayed to see–the live version of the above. Not one, not two, but three large ants were scurrying about the bottom of my tub in exactly the same way as their electronic counterparts had on my iMac moments before!  Later, I reached out privately to the gentleman, explained that not only was his scurrying bug avatar distracting and  doing medically bad things to my head, but that I felt it was dangerous to people with epilepsy and other vulnerable neurological conditions. He now has a static avatar, for whose adoption I just now thanked him.

MOAB, Moab, a Dinosaur, MOAB and Giants

Yes, I know it practically reads like the name of a law firm, but this, I think, makes even the most impressive one a nothing by comparison. As much of the world knows, on Thursday, April 13, 2017, the US delivered what is reputed to be the largest and most powerful conventional munition in its arsenal, the GBU-43/B MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst), against a fortified ISIS target complex of deep tunnels in the Tora Bora area, the part of Afghanistan in which the Army's famed Delta Force had years before almost captured Usama bin Laden (if it was him), only to be betrayed by a couple of Afghani warlords who let him slip past and into Pakistan. For those of you of a biblical bent, the apparent choice of the weapon's acronym lay in an Old Testament  passage detailing a recon mission by the Israelites into the land of Moab–which was inhabited by giants! Get it? Initial reports said 36 people, including some civilians, were killed by the titanic blast, but a later CNN report, citing an Afghani official, raised the number to 96, with no civilian casualties aka collateral damage, to use the Pentagon's euphemistic term. Better yet, among the dead were not only ISIS leaders but those of an ISIS affiliate. That was MOAB; now to Moab.

Moab, Utah is the site of the extraordinary Moab Giants complex. Why? The region is incredibly rich in dinosaur fossils, so much so Moab Giants is but one of ten dinosaur museums in Utah. Should also point out that the Mormons founded Moab and doubtless were influenced by seeing the gigantic fossilized bones clearly visible in the rock strata of the area. Pay attention, for this will be on the test! That was Moab.

With MOAB the bomb all over the news, and my wargaming colleagues, who number military history buffs and former and current military types from around the world studying the strike and discussing the weapon and its effects, I suddenly found myself confronted with Moab the Dinosaur!

Out of the blue, I encountered a news report informing the world a new dinosaur, a sauropod aka herbivore had been discovered and named. Would you believe Moabosaurus?! Its formal name is Moabosaurus utahensis, and that is no accident. The discovery was formally reported in Contributions to Paleontology on April 10, 2017 and was in the news the same day as the MOAB strike.

MOABOSAURUS UTAHENSIS, N. Gen., N. SP., A New Sauropod From The Early Cretaceous (Aptian) of North America
Britt, Brooks B.; Scheets, Rodney D.; Whiting, Michael F.; Wilhite, D. Ray

This is the point in my post where I had planned to include a fairly tame example of an embedded synchronicity (of which, more later), but last night, for reasons I do not quite recall, I got the urge to go see what Dr. Michael Salla, of fame had said about me back in 2012. As it happened, Karl was doing something online a month or so ago and came across it, then passed it on to me.  Dr. Salla, who seems oblivious to massive use of sources without naming them as routine journalistic practice in print, online and broadcast media, was bent out of shape that I refused to name even a single source. What he does and is able to do make my operation an insect by comparison, but that insect is a wasp! My readers know full well how profoundly unhealthy, absent special circumstances such as direct authorization, revealing source names can be/is/has been for current and former high level insiders and their loved ones, but this is what he wrote of my refusal to reveal my sources in my coverage of the UFO War in the Antarctic Sea and Pacific Ocean. Italics mine.

John Kettler’s claims of an undeclared UFO war, backed up entirely by anonymous sources represents a diminishing standard of research in the field of UFOs and exopolitics. While it is understandable that some sources choose to remain anonymous for reasons of personal security, it is dangerous to rely exclusively on such sources. This is especially the case when it comes to claims concerning hostile extraterrestrials given evidence that plans for a false flag alien event have been planned for several decades. Kettler’s refusal to reveal sources concerning hostile extraterrestrials battling US led naval forces may be entirely to protect these from exposure and harm. Alternatively, Kettler is being used as a willing dupe in spreading disinformation concerning hostile extraterrestrials by sources that have been tasked to manipulate him as part of a psychological warfare operation. Kettler's reflexive response to my raising such a possibility suggests that it is more likely that he falls into the latter category of a disinformation asset, rather than a truth teller.

© Copyright 2012. Michael E. Salla.

Permission is granted to include extracts of this article on websites and email lists with a link to the original. This article is copyright © and should not be added in its entirety on other websites or email lists without author's permission.

Shall have some things to say to Dr. Michael Salla about this and other matters soonish, but the above is merely a sidebar to what next burst to my attention. How about MOAB to kill Moabites–real giants just like the ones the Smithsonian has so assiduously suppressed the former existence of here in the United Stateds–to acquire their extraterrestrial super technology? But these are live ones, waking up from their stasis chambers and coming forth in various parts of the world!

In his article, Dr. Salla presents the case that killing ISIS may well have been operational cover for killing yet another category of things that officially do not exist. As Richard Hoagland once put it in describing NASA's lies about what has really been discovered by supposed civilian but really military auxiliary (detailed in Dark Mission, by Hoagland and Bara), “The lie is different at every level.” Is that the case here? In any event, for now, I am done with all things Moab, regardless of capitalization!

Embedded Synchronicity

“What is an embedded synchronicity?” you ask. It is a term I coined for something I had never before encountered: a synchronicity which occurs in another person's life as I watch it. From time to time, and when unable to really focus to do other things but cannot sleep, I like to binge watch reality shows, partially as a distraction from various torments and pain, but chiefly because I find them fascinating pressure cooker laboratories for viewing small group dynamics under extreme circumstances, be they environmental, social, food and/or sleep deprivation, ruthless competition and more, frequently in combination. Would further add that on many occasions, in all sorts of TV shows and movies, I find something I am having trouble with presented, from which I typically emerge with a new perspective, catharsis to one degree or another, sometimes both. Makes sense, for writers, of necessity, have to deal with depicting personal and interpersonal situations. These are the core of every drama, every tragedy, every comedy.

It was while watching an episode from a show which ran nearly twenty seasons, “Bad Girls Club,” that I had my first run-in with an embedded synchronicity. The Oxygen show, which I, having neither TV nor cable/FiOS/satellite,  watch via a content aggregator site online, places seven young women with “issues” (dominating, bullying, controlling, deceitful, arrogant, over privileged, instigating, manipulative, violent, etc.) in a house in which they must learn to either live together and grow or leave, whether by hitting someone, exiting after being unable/unwilling to cope or by being forced out by the others in a variety of ways ranging from straightforward (personal effects in or out of luggage on the curb and locked out) to the clever (tricked into thinking the person's now officially done and it is time to be picked up by the limo, go the airport and go home).

In an era of super connectivity, they have no individual phones and only one computer, creating problems from that alone, not to mention gleefully exploited opportunities arising from these two devices.  Alcohol is there in quantity, and a great deal of chaos ensues because of its effects at home and in the constant partying away from it, as well as the limo on the way back!

The ladies (and I use this term exceedingly loosely) find some relief and rejuvenation in trips to the nail salon, hair stylist, spa and the like. As it happens, one such trip by a few young women to get their nails done led to an early morning (after being up all night) shocker for me. How? Four months before, one of the housemates had broken off her engagement and was still smarting over it. She was there talking to her friends, with oldies playing softly, when, out of all the songs in the world, the very song which would have been the one for her wedding dance played! Despite being pretty much wrecked, that sat me bolt upright in my chair, for I could not believe what I had just seen and heard unfold. Unsurprisingly, having “their song” played out of nowhere really got to the one not long before engaged and sent me back to rewatch the scene. No, I had not hallucinated. What I thought I saw happen did indeed happen. That is an embedded sychronicity. Given the way my life works, something tells me I shall be seeing more.

On Disappointment

Following such an astounding run (the first two and this one) of synchronicities, I dared hope this might be a bellwether for restored flow in my life. Alas, that was not the case! In fact, in many ways, things got worse, including my ability to do much of anything online (super stressful), problems with biofunctioning and cognition, not to mention sleep deprivation. This is why I was so pointed in stating that synchronicity does not always mean you are in the flow. I can now report, though, that things have, for the moment at least, calmed down considerably, with several crises resolved and another close to being in that happy state for me. Obviously, my writing circuits are switched on, a great improvement from days upon days before.

END Part 1



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