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Supertanker Off TX Gone! Authorities “Concerned”

Originally posted on September 1, 2014 @ 10:39 PM

Supertanker Off Texas Vanished and Hasn't Been Found!


Supertanker compared to other ships. Where did this one go? Image Credit: Wikimedia via Soerfm.

Supertanker Vanished?! On Friday, August 29, 1914, a supertanker headed for the Mediterranean region vanished from radar “200 (nautical miles) off the coast of Texas,”pretty much due east of Brownsville, Texas and a mere two hours after leaving port nearby. Ships carry radar transponders just like aircraft do, and this one abruptly ceased broadcasting, taking the ship right off the radar screens. Per JKI's usual highly sensitive military-intelligence sources, who supplied the information above, the pertinent  authorities are “concerned” and are entertaining, among other possibilities, the notion that ISIS, or some other terrorist group, may have hijacked the ship and intend to use it as a gigantic bomb to attack a US port or as a means of creating an environmental disaster by dumping oil into the waters off the coast. Pirates are another possibility, as is drug running. As JKI's sources put it, “We don't know.” There is some thought the ship sailed to Venezuela, where she may be taking on oil to use as an environmental attack here (plenty of fuel aboard , though, to wreck our shores without such a trip) or to hide before doing whatever is planned. You may think it would be easy for US overhead reconnaissance means to find such a monster of a ship, but Venezuela has loads of supertankers present and our sensors cannot readily pick out a low contrast gray ship in a herd of supertankers, which also are radar  and infrared targets of about the same signature as the ship sought. The still unnamed ship might also, spooks believe, sally forth to the Black Sea, where she could embark Russian oil for sale on the black market, thus skirting the sanctions on Russia. If jihadists have her, and the Russians do not know it, she could well attack a Russian port there, as described above.

What they do know is that a battleship gray (color could be important) supertanker has vanished, and that neither an all out Coast Guard effort to find it, nor the commitment of the high mission endurance, long-legged Navy P-8 Poseidon aircraft, whose sensors are incredibly capable (circa 1000 nautical miles at high altitude), have found the seemingly impossible to lose supertanker, whose name JKI doesn't have. JKI's sources have said, though, the vessel was in a shipyard “north of Brownsville, Texas,” where it was repainted overall battleship gray. Supertankers typically (see Google Images) have a black upper hull, with rust red anti-fouling paint below that for when the ships are fully loaded and low in the water.

Battleship gray is a color commonly used on almost all US Navy warships (which are not battleships–none operational anywhere) to make them very difficult to spot. The photo gives some idea what sort of  visual search problem that special color presents. After emerging from the yard, the supertanker set sail and…?

DDG-79 USS Oscar Austin, illustrating battleship gray paint at sea. Note how well the ship already blends with the sky. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via United States Navy.


To give readers some sense of what sort of damage a tanker as bomb might produce, here is the the official Coast Guard report on the explosion of the SANSINENA in Los Angeles harbor on December 17, 1976. That explosion killed 6 people outright, injured 22 and left 3 missing, presumed dead. It  threw a 2500-ton deckhouse an appreciable distance and blasted a large, ~ 15-ton ship's anchor into the sky so powerfully that the anchor came smashing to earth a 1/4 mile away! At 70,630 DWT (Deadweight Tonnage, the sum total of everything the ship carries) SANSINENA was minuscule compared to a supertanker, which comes in at 220,000-550,00 DWT. That disaster had no malice involved whatsoever, so imagine what could be done were the supertanker deliberately set up as a gigantic fuel-air explosive/thermobaric weapon!


What a supertanker explosion might look like. Instead of a thin casing, how about pretty much the entire ship's structure as bomb fragments?!  What if  the  below were to happen in a crowded harbor? JKI's sources said there was real concern that such an attack might be mounted on a major Gulf Coast port, of which Houston, Texas would be a strong target possibility. Tampa, Florida would be a key military target, since it is the home to both CENTCOM (Central Command, responsible for no less than 20 countries), which is located on MacDill Air Force Base. MacDill not only hosts CENTCOM, a vital global command complex, but also SOCOM (Special Operations Command). SOCOM, which controls Special Operations for all the services, is critical to the WOT (War on Terror), as info at the link clearly demonstrates. These are far from the only important occupants at MacDill.


Gigantic explosion (blast radius 150 yards) from largest US  bomb GBU-43/B MOAB. Image Credit: Daily Tech via United States Air Force.


It now becomes a waiting game. For the US, the UK (currently at its second highest terrorism alert state) and international maritime authorities.  When will the supertanker be found, where will it be found, and who will be controlling it?

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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6 years ago

Correction noted Mr Kettler.

However, Let me say that if the events you describe happened and it was broadcast on tv as a isis terrorist attack. Then it would be a false flag.

Terror is used to push an agenda its not reported unless it works for the cabal. I can’t stress enough that isis is a production much like al queda.

If an unknown terror group pulled this off and it caught the cabal off guard It would be quickly reported as an accident or human error situation.

Terrorism doesn’t occur naturally its engineered. Fear propels the cabal agenda.

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