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Strange Realities–More Bizarre By The Minute!

When the British under Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, their bands played “The World Turned Upside Down“, for indeed, by British standards, it had. The American colonists, and their French allies, had beaten the colossus of the age, Great Britain on land and sea, to use the usual expression, but in truth it was on sea first, then on land. For it was the French Navy which drove off the Royal Navy fleet which could have supplied, if necessary, evacuated Cornwallis from the peninsula which eventually doomed his forces and with them, British plans to finally break and subdue the upstart colonies. These were strange realities the British were hard pressed to accept.

Wth that theme firmly in mind, let's look at some highly strange realities of late. No, I don't mean the supposedly imaginary riots that killed dozens, injured hundreds and caused millions of dollars of damage, not to mention near-overnight urban flight. No, I don't mean the election fraud so vehemently denied by media now forced to admit there was some, but now claim it was minor and didn't affect the outcome anyway. Far from them, I'm talking about far less publicized strange realities, such as the appearance of an apparent (semi-cloaked) Borg ship in our skies! UFO research files have plenty of accounts of strange craft near instantly shrouding themselves in clouds, and ancient Indian sacred texts say that this was one of the weapons of the vimanas, the, in this instance, super sophisticated aerospace craft of the ancients, so this makes perfect sense.

But if the Borg are here, then how is it we haven't all been turned into members of the Collective, been forced to join the hive mind via Borg cyber implants? A better question is this: Are they really here in the standard meaning of the word? Or is this another case of being able, to some degree, to see though the ever thinning dimensional from our Third Plane reality into the 4th Dimension? This happened years ago, and I analyzed that stunning event, which happened in Antarctica, in a way no one else could,

In turn, this leads me to wonder whether certain authorities knew about the Borg and seeded the idea via certain Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes and in a film? Are we seeing a warning to us from concerned insiders, or is this yet more of insidious predictive programming?

It's no accident that what's known as the Alien Awareness Program has been running for over a decade, busily seeding, through active duty and retired high-ranking military officers, whose job it is to seed real UFO information and disinformation to the public, in order to gradually accustom the public to the idea of the reality of UFOs and aliens. Whether it was the warm and fuzzy “My Favorite Martian”, the odd looking “Alf”, the humorous Mork in “Mork and Mindy”, or the smooth, generous, looked like us terrifying human eating Reptoids of “V” (who arrive and act as the greatest benefactor for the people of Earth for a time), TV viewers have had decades of deniable acculturation to strange realities. Nor is this remotely complete. Consider that before “V” came the deeply disturbing “The Twilight Zone™” episode To Serve Man. Nor should we forget the controversial “Teletubbies”.

And what of the giant purple reptile, Barney” whose syrupy song could possibly be lethal to teenagers and adults, yet is practically omnipresent and passes unnoticed? This admirable article lists no fewer than 15 separate areas of concern regarding how that T-Rex toy sprung to life appears in the eponymous show “Barney”. But the issue he doesn't raise is, hands down, by far the most important. The children are being acclimatized to, and desensitized regarding sentient and deceptive Reptoids which range from 12-14′ tall, are telepathic and have humans as both slaves and dinner! They are called the Draco and are well known in UFO research circles and via whistleblowers from the SSP (Secret Space Program). For the latter, please see Dr. Michael Salla's trailblazing site.

How popular will Barney and “Barney” be when parents finally wake up and understand what's been and is being done to their kids?


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