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Stealth Readers! Attention!

Originally posted on August 31, 2014 @ 3:52 PM

Stealth Readers, JKI Urgently Needs Your Help!

stealth readers

Stealth readers! You've been flying under the JKI site support radar long enough Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via the United States Air force.

Stealth readers! Yes, I mean you! I need to talk to you directly, so forget hearing from me in my more reportorial JKI form. Why? Because the fount of information exceeding the clearances of most of you is in real danger of running dry. No, I'm not kidding! Doing everything with nothing can be done, but only for a limited period of time. Let's just say Karl and I are now so deep into overtime–simultaneously on multiple fronts–that statisticians' minds would reel. We need your financial help–now!!! We hate asking for money, and are certain that's the case for you, but this is the inverse of what, say, PBS does. We haven't been sitting on juicy content, only to bombard you with pledge requests while airing it. To the contrary, we have consistently, as Karl bluntly puts it, been giving away the milk–while bearing practically all the expenses of the operation which produces said milk! Ultimately, that's unsupportable, which is why I've taken a considerable amount of time (many hours) to write you this post, which is nearly 2000 words long.

Who are stealth readers? Stealth readers are those of you who–in a professional capacity at the Pentagon and various alphabet soup (and alphanumeric) agencies, as well as certain foreign organs–happily, in shock, disbelief or even rage, or simply because your boss makes you do it, devour the JKI posts of interest to you. And some you might think were too weird but still matter. Regardless, you are readers who gain real benefit from an enormous amount of hard work, despite your intriguing ability to visit JKI and leave no footprints. Not helping the JKI PageRank, which translates to site visibility to Google, receiving more traffic and reaching a larger audience = site revenue! Equally, I know the Agency illegally copied and distributed 260,000 of my posts (10 posts x 26,000 copies)  and that it's not uncommon, at the Pentagon and elsewhere, to print one copy from my site and circulate it to 100 people. When I say “hard work,” I'm not kidding. I pretty much broke my body getting out that last ISIS post. Could hardly sit for days and still find it uncomfortable after spending in excess of 12 hours atop a hard wooden chair (office chair's broken). Karl has been known to be tied up, for “rip your hair out” days at a time, because of, for example, hosting issues.

What kind of real benefit? How about the “at least $50,000” my sources quoted me as being the value of the ISIS analyses I've done to date, of which this is the most recent. A mere tenth of that would be a huge help right now, not least because my cyber fossil late 2009 iMac is about to implode under the merciless , ever-increasing strain occasioned by unending WordPress changes. This should be of direct concern to all of you because I write the content here. Karl's quite a polymath, but even he–presuming he had the time, which he absolutely doesn't–can't do what I do.  Just as I can't do what he does.

Neither of us can do much for any longer if JKI doesn't receive a substantial infusion of funds and soon. Karl and I have already talked of a grim scenario in which he might need to outright decamp and I would haltingly carry on using a vastly cruder free WordPress setup. But we, and presumably you, would be far better off with JKI being positioned so that terrific themes, vital and fungible plug-ins; software and  software improvements could be had without trying to ignite the ashes of our prior immolations we've undergone to help this site survive and grow, right?  And if we had any sort of economic horsepower at all, JKI could have photos and graphics not dependent on Wiki or luck! Who knows? Maybe we could even get some sort of YouTube presence going and sustain it! These and more are all possible–if you bestir yourselves monetarily. We realize there are hundreds of matters and causes competing for your financial resources, but what's it worth to you to understand what's really happened, is happening and is about to occur?

Let's talk for a moment about hidden history, conspiracies, whole categories of extremely valuable knowledge suppressed, sometimes lethally. There are, have been and will be conspiracies related to them which affect your life and of those you hold dear. If there are no conspiracies why, then, do people who research and publicize their investigations into such diverse topics as 9/11 (killed researcher, his two kids and the dog!) and DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) wind up dead? Why have over 100 John F. Kennedy assassination witnesses been killed? What was the real reason John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were murdered? JKI answered that very question. Why was this man, arguably a brain at least in Einstein's class, been visited by government agents and flatly prohibited from further discussing scalar weapons and applied antigravity? Why has there been a veritable epidemic, spanning decades, of UFO researchers killed? Who are the Illuminati; what is the NWO, and why should you care? This woman knows the answers–from 30 years on the inside–but you've probably never heard of her, unless you're a JKI reader. Considering your near certain fate lies here, graven in stone in several languages, you may wish to pay attention. Starting with the planned, publicly stated population goal in Item 1. Please compare that with the current world population and then consider your life expectancy in light of said item!

What are you willing to give to keep this broad and sometimes deep information conduit going and maybe ultimately thriving, an information conduit like nothing else on the Net?! Where can you get such priceless information, let alone the accompanying analysis? And well do I know that you current and retired officers 0-6 and higher; you GS Super Grades, have the monetary horsepower to make a whopping difference, yet scarcely feel it.

I freely grant that some of you Stealth readers hold tickets associated with things like toothpaste; clearances which when spoken aloud sound like Vegas style prestidigitation; who view the number “12” with a certain trepidation and dread making the “Call” because it'll effectively upend your life for an entire month and possibly give you carpal tunnel syndrome! But the balance of you, outside of highly limited program or project specific access, have, at best, tiny portions of a much larger, richer, astounding and even shocking knowledge of the world. And not this world. What you pooh-pooh and dismiss as “nonsense,” “crap” and “BS” is a very real concern to your seniors. And ought, therefore, to be of interest to you–particularly if you aspire to stars on your uniform or high level civilian positions at places within DOD and the Intelligence Community. The old saw may express a contrary view, but I can assure you from direct experience, ignorance is not bliss.

Sure, it's much easier on you  Stealth readers to learn about the first-reported-here  Putin/FSB Spetsnaz/Mafiya connection; to read the analysis I did of what artillery the Russians were using to bombard Ukraine (found an internationally broadcast error by an unknown US intelligence analyst) and catalog the breakdown of a Russian invasion column. I doubt, too, that the partial saga (have more to tell) of the Buk M1/SA-11 GADFLY and Buk M2/SA-17 GRIZZLY shootdowns, including the miasma that is the Flight 17 story, causes you to lose sleep.

And didn't I say something about the imminent invasion of Ukraine? Putin did exactly what I warned was a real possibility.  He seemingly defuzed the crisis, arm-twisted as many as he could into talks, mounted a huge all-fronts propaganda campaign, then struck, using forces still in place on the border. So now, Putin overtly has at least fresh 250 T-90s, 5000 troops, self-propelled and towed artillery, plus long range MRLs ( and an SA-11 GADFLY SAM battalion)–on sovereign Ukraine's side of the border. The latest news, from the usual sources who are the bane of security officers, is that his tanks have effectively leveled a town on Putin's MSR (Main Supply Route) into Ukraine. Russian troops now control an MSR running from Ukraine's border clear down to the now-invested city of Mariupol. Putin wants yet another strategic access to the Black Sea and to consolidate Crimea into his larger plan of expanding Russia's territorial dominion.

If you happened to read the series of posts I wrote on Israel's grand theft of ~200 Davy Crockett tactical nuclear weapons and around 15 Jupiter IRBMs, then you'd know that Israel  made four  covert nuclear strikes against Syria, two of which used  custom made nuclear bunker busters. Hope the details didn't give those of you with RD, CNWDI, or “Q” clearances major health issues, but the American public, and the world, need to know these things–whether Israel and the US government think so or not. That nuclear release tally doesn't include several test shots Israel conducted in the Negev desert before making the four nuclear strikes.

Suppose I told you there had been nuclear release beyond even the shocking revelations above? Really! Most of you, for example, were never told of, and certainly never cleared for, the white hot buried saga of the UFO War fought in the Pacific and Antarctic Oceans. That some of you see me as being “crazier than a bedbug” matters not a whit, when the only place from which you can really understand the big picture is this tiny site which relies primarily on highly sensitive, not-for-attribution terrestrial military-intelligence sources, but, at times, ET/ED (Extraterrestrial/ Extradimensional) ones, too. Those of you whose jury is out on their existence might wish to not merely watch but feel into video of a real one from inside a super secure area of the already black Area 51. This footage, if you will, was brought out of Area 51 at mortal peril then and now to the individual who released it.

And if they don't exist, why has this man, decorated former USAF Sergeant Dan Sherman, publicly stated he was an IC (Intuitive Communicator) with aliens/ETs and so testified before a closed-door meeting with members of the US Senate and House of Representatives as part of Dr. Steven Greer's Project Disclosure? If you don't already know about this man and his message which will shock many, you should.

The government apparently wired his genetics in utero and provided special training to give him the necessary telepathic (that's what “IC” is intended to hide) abilities so he could do his real work for the NSA as one of multiple ICs on PROJECT PRESERVE DESTINY. I have not only my own sources with such abilities but, through a combination of natural gifts and years of specialized coaching by Ground Contingents (people with familial connections to ETs/EDs) have some ability myself to obtain such access at times. Those of you not familiar with UFO research need to understand, and this is readily verifiable by reading any number of UFO abduction accounts, these beings communicate telepathically. But don't take it from me. Instead, pay careful attention to the clear specific statements and gestures made by a woman in Italy who has tremendous documentation of her UFO abduction experience, including photos, scientific research and, maybe, smoking gun biological evidence. Her account begins at 5:40 below, but there is much else to give pause to those of you stuck in the Standard Model.

And what of civilized sentient beings so Out There that encountering them caused one suicide  and institutionalizations of several sailors who saw  them and caused Area 51's exobiologists to leave their well-paid (huge salaries, much of it untaxed) jobs, never to return? JKI and only JKI had the answers; answers which partook of both conventional and ET/ED sources.

These, and oh so many more past, present and future are why it's to your profound and ongoing benefit for you to contribute–now, preferably handsomely–to JKI. Karl and I care not whether you contribute personally and directly; through your spouse or significant other; from professional discretionary funds ( if you can afford Jane's, Aviation Week, Proceedings, International Defense Review and such at the office, or find JKI of use operationally or from a PR standpoint, you can assuredly help JKI). If these don't work for you, and you haven't the skills to set up an anonymous financial transfer, then what about  donating via Aunt Minnie in Otumwa, cousin Chavonne in Detroit, your friend Roberto in Los Angeles, the pecksniffian Rupert the umpteenth in Boston or that person you unexpectedly connected with, Manu, while vacationing in American Samoa?   If this fund requesting theme seems repetitive in my time urgent post, it is precisely because of this time-proven adage” “Repetition is the soul of advertising.” Karl and I thank you for your attention and swift action to help JKI when it needs it most!

See that donation meter top left? You can donate right now via PayPal! All donations gladly accepted–large through huge ones even more so! We're hoping to top out the meter for the first time ever, in the many long months in which we've been using it. But should that blessed event occur, please don't think we're ‘done.' Topping out the meter would certainly help, and it will pay some (past due) bills in the meantime, but we could certainly use more.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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6 years ago

*****Put the United back in the United States of America***** Let us make this the Karl Foundation Week since he has provided humanity with the means to be more informed of the factual current events and real life revelations or revealings. He has handed us the tools we needed and still much needed to connect with one another. No one I know, could have done this. Thank you Karl for sharing your gifts with us when we most needed it. Let each of us, we are one, provide Karl with some bare essentials and a means to continue to bring… Read more »

6 years ago

I’ve asked you to put up a PO Box donation address 2 years ago,,, do you think I would use an online unsecured hackable company like paypal?
Nope. So you’ve lost that one years ago. Your not receiving donations because your content lately is anti russia and fear news on isis/isil.

Nobody’s going to pay for that narrative.

6 years ago

Hello John,
Unbeknownst to me until our last conversation, the donation made, was not received. I sent a Western Union Money order hoping it would ease your finical concerns.

Your blog made a big shift towards military hardware and the like. I can’t speak for others, but It just does not suit my pallet.
The menu has changed…
Good luck to you John.

Lance?, Nae, Absorb!
Lance?, Nae, Absorb!
6 years ago

Your Mainstream Anti-Russian propaganda (if you had proof you would be on Msm) and joining in the neoCon chorus choir singing “Obama is a pussy” (even though you said he was a clone) for not engaging Russia militarily thus instigating WW3 has effectively destroyed your credibility given your extensive past detailing of LF efforts to prevent said WW3.

6 years ago

Your time is up Mr Kettler.

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