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Status Report

Originally posted on July 8, 2017 @ 1:00 PM

Karl here, webmaster for JKI and JKI/SA.

I just wanted to give you all a quick head's up on our precarious financial status.

As you know, we've been asking for donations to keep JKI afloat. In the past six weeks or so, we've raised a whopping $116, $110 of which comes from a generous and long time supporter. Frankly, we're stupefied that with Wikipedia raising millions and so many other alternative news sites raising thousands, if not tens of thousands of  dollars, we're barely able to top $100. But here we are.

When we lost our primary supporter some months back, it really hurt. For quite some time she had been generously providing us $500 a month, which made a YUGE difference in our ability to keep things moving forward, pay the nut every month, stay up to date on software and, to a very limited extent, on hardware (John desperately needs a new Mac, for instance). Since that time, the well has been pretty dry. We've managed to scrape by, and over this last month, it's taken everything we had to keep this thing going.

John has beaten the drum several times now, as have I, but I'm going to beat it again. Maybe for the last time.

The things is, where we're at is unsustainable! That's the long and short of it.

Unless things change dramatically, and very soon, our options are very soon going to be to shut JKI down for good, or shunt John's writing operation over to a free blog platform – which means all old content will be gone for good. Lost. No more. Sayonara.

I don't want people to take this as a threat or in any way an attempt to manipulate or guilt you into contributing. That being said, as I've indicated before, if just a small fraction of JKI's monthly traffic became regular contributors (just about everyone can afford $1/mo.), our daily and monthly site-related money stresses would be over. It would give us a chance to breathe, and to work on providing you more amazing and unique content. But at this point, it doesn't look like it is to be, so consider this a warning…

The end can come any day now! And that's no joke. 

Once again, we greatly appreciate all contributions, large or small. Those who have helped out (particularly repeat benefactors) should know that whatever happens, we are eternally grateful for your support.


Any productive thoughts or insights are welcome. As always, you can leave comments below.

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3 years ago

I can help, please email me what type and how much you need. You need better advertising.

John Kettler
Reply to  Ronald
3 years ago

Ronald, Could’ve sworn I’d replied either on JKI or privately, but either I imagined it or it happened on another timeline! Karl and I agree we need better advertising, but better advertising comes after site survival, and we’re barely managing to do that, “thanks” to hordes of content gobbling people who don’t donate. Rather than have us tell you what we need, why not go the other direction, since you seem to have a strong opinion already? What do you believe we need to do, why, where, when and how long? Please tell us exactly what it is you’re offering… Read more »

3 years ago

I suggest you read the protoi site, you can team up with them and form an alliance. I can help promote your site.

John Kettler
Reply to  Ronald
3 years ago


I need to look into it more, but have separately responded to your ad-related offer.

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