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Status Report – UPDATE

Originally posted on August 4, 2017 @ 2:47 PM

As many (perhaps most) of you know, we lost our “big” (actually small, by most standards), long-time financial supporter some months ago. It really hurt then, and the pain is far worse now.

This site has survived on donations, more or less, since it's inception. Despite numerous “on site” attempts to make it self-supporting, nothing has worked well — or even at all.

For whatever reason, generally speaking, the people who come to JKI are not interested in ads, products or anything other than John's posts. In a way, this makes sense. The kinds of folks who want to read John's material are probably not the same folks who spend thousands of dollars a month on frou-frou at Amazon. Nor do they have their credit cards at the ready when they reach this site. But this has put us in a very precarious position, as even the rather minimal overhead has stretched our very limited resources to the absolute limit.

Having a benefactor who covers the nut is a double-edged sword. It's great while it lasts, but when it's over… Yikes! So while we continued to ask for donations during this period, we didn't push it, and very little was received. In fact, there were many months where ZERO dollars came in, other than the occasional JKI-SA subscription. I hope you can see, it's not been pretty.

The only reason this site is currently online is because JK dug deep into his mostly empty pockets (he's on disability, which is not only a marginal existence at the best of times, but one which, by statute, requires you to live in absolute penury lest you lose your benefits) and found a few bucks to help supplement the approx. $125 we've received in the last few months.

The money we have received recently is greatly appreciated. No doubt, some who did contribute couldn't afford to send what they sent — but sent it anyway. Yours truly has also contributed repeatedly and often, but money is particularly tight at the moment, which limits my ability to do much of anything for JKI, other than try to keep the site up and running.

We're running on fumes right now, and there's no telling what will happen next month. Or the next. We've pared back everything we can. There's nothing left to cut.

The upshot of all this is, we have shot our bolt. Right now, we are in a scramble to get John's revised and new books ready for re-launch/launch, with every hope and expectation that, on Amazon, they will at least generate a little revenue. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll actually generate significant income. Wouldn't that be wonderful? But only time will tell.

The overarching point here is just to say… we're hangin' in by our fingernails. Our reserves are spent, and it's going to be a near run thing whether this site survives in the short term, and possibly in the long.

We're taking down the big “donations needed” banners because, like any other “advertising,” people go blind to them after a time. This is not to say we can't use further financial assistance. We can. That should be clear. But given that these absolute screams for help have largely gone unanswered, it's now pretty clear there is little point to them.

In closing, we weren't kidding and we aren't kidding: This site could be gone at any time. FYI. Out.

— Karl the Webmaster

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