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Societal Implications Of ET/ED-Provided Med Beds Part 1

Not sure quite what this is, but am using it to represent advanced medicine.

The Healing Revolution Which Med Beds Make Possible–Via ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals)

There has been immense excitement in alternative health circles and others concerned with what is, rather than are allowed to see, about the healing revolution known as Med Beds. Medicine will never be the same, and Big Pharma and Big Medicine will soon be seen for what they truly are–and suffer accordingly for their myriad evil practices geared, not to curing people, but managing their conditions and milking them for all they can, forcing people to suffer untold agonies to fatten corporate bottom lines, and using any and every technique, including made up crimes, cutting off funds, trashing labs, threatening and even killing inventors and their family members to stop discoveries and breakthroughs that threaten to or would kill the platinum goose that is the status quo. Long hidden in the realm of deep black programs, these Med Beds came to us from a presently undisclosed group or groups of ETs/EDs.

Med Beds doom Big Pharma and Big Medicine alike, but they are emerging anyway from the realm of deep black programs, for their time has come, and the reckoning is imminent for Big Pharma and Big Medicine, who have unbelievable power over public health, as can clearly be seen in the current vaccine situation in which immense pressure and suasion is being applied in an effort to get the American people to rush to be injected with experimental vaccines authorized for emergency use only by the FDA. Bad enough, right?

But these are not the vaccines of yore, which have had disasters aplenty, but of  something altogether different: vaccines that permanently rewire our genetics. There is a superabundance of articles, from just about any source you can think of, saying the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, won't rewire your genetics and such, but I'll let you chew on the shocking conclusions of just one video and transcript distillation by Doctor Sherry Tenpenny, who's spent two decades and 40,000 hours of research investigating the ins and outs of vaccines, including the revolutionary new ones.  If what she says is even remotely true, there may need to be a drastic expansion of Med Beds simply to deal with permanent genetic damage in untold millions of people!

This post, though, isn't about how Med Beds work, but instead, what the impacts from them are likely to be on American society. These include such things as availability, access by those who need them, affordability, effect on disabilty status, implications for military service and other areas.

Available information indicates the US will have some 1000 Med Beds, but no type breakdown has ever been given that I know of. Nor have I seen anything at all regarding plans to expand from there, whether for the US only, or for the world at large, for this is a global event. It has been reported that the lists of who will be using them initially have already been drawn up. Nor, so far, has any organization or group been identified through which people can contribute, if it's possible to contribute, to bringing more Med Beds into service. Seems to me that would be a really good thing to have.

Knowing how things really work, in the nightmare scenario, the rich, powerful or connected will, regardless of need, be able to jump the queue. Let's hope that isn't the case, but what various testimonies indicate is that such people have had access to all sorts of advanced healing modalities for quite some time. For example, the bioengineered AIDS virus, unbeknownst to the millions it killed, also has a vaccination. Dr. Robert Gallo, the creator of AIDS, said he wouldn't be taking the shot, stating that if he believed in population reduction, he needed to take his chances along with the rest of unprotected humanity. The point here is that maybe line jumping won't be the issue it could be.

What are the diagnostic and healing priorities to be? As the first link explained, there are three different types of Med Beds: 1) comprehensive diagnosis and repair, 2) age regression, organ and limb regrowth (abbreviated list), and 3) healing of mind trauma, such as horrific combat memories. Apropos of this last, circa 1990, Dr. Fred Bell, at a talk he gave, told the audience every Veterans Administration hospital had special equipment which enabled accessing memory just like we access computer files. These files could be deleted at will or rewritten. Whatever this technology was, it wasn't being used to heal PTSD or other psychiatric injuries, but for nefarious purposes by the CIA and other entities.

Med Beds: Considering Their Implications And Ramifications

Given the above, a vital aspect of implementing large scale use of Med Beds lies in who needs what and how long that will take. Conceivably, given enough different types of medical and psychiatric issues, some sufferers might require the use of all three types, while others might need only one or two. Ere long, given large patient volumes, one hell of a complex scheduling problem arises, since no two people will be unique, even if you look at them from the perspectives of genetics and particular health issues alone, instead of the totalities.

But let's look beyond that relatively straightforward case.  Let's consider the military side of things. While many US warriors are injured in battle and some from inherent non-combat dangers of being in the military, but heal and return to duty, the proliferation of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) , VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) and RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenade launchers) has created vast numbers of permanent disabilities, creating havoc for the victims and families, hugely impacting combat capability, personnel and training requirements. What happens if Med Beds come into the picture?

Presumably, the Pentagon's first priority would be to, as much as possible, see to it that those still in the military service age window got completely restored and returned to active duty. If resource constrained (limited Med Beds), this would leave other veterans as before. But given that limbs can apparently be regenerated, astounding as it sounds, in mere minutes, is this necessarily an issue at all? How would the military handle disability pensions? Would there be an opt out provision allowing the world weary simply to pass on being healed? What would or wouldn't happen as a result?

The age of full retirement on Social Security used to be 65, but it's now currently 68. America's population is an aging one, and abortions alone have resulted in what some of the survivors call the lost generation–all the kids who never got to be. And that's without factoring in the various engineered measures to reduce fertility, such as releasing lots of synthetic estrogen into the environment to hammer testosterone levels in men. Read something the other day which said testosterone levels in 20 year-old men are now what they were for 65 year-olds in 2000, which should give you an understanding of just how dire the situation is on that front alone. Just think of how profitable that engineered crisis has been and remains to Big Pharma and Big Med!

The economy was deliberately reworked by the globalists/NWO (New World Order) to force both parents to work in order to survive, making it much harder to have larger families. Indeed, the globalists' objective was for replacement rate or lower. Nor should we fail to note the impact of the globalists' massive funding of both the feminist and LBQTQ movements, not because they like or value them either as causes or people, but because they are both divisive and act to hold down the birth rate by reducing the previously normal heterosexual practice of marrying early (typically 20s) and having many children, with Mom at home caring for the kids and Dad as sole breadwinner.

The added advantage is that these, and other attacks on the nuclear family, result in readily exploitable societal instability, children badly damaged emotionally, and oh so much crime. Anyone who doubts the globalists desire the worst genocide in the history of the world needs to read up on the Georgia Guidestones. There, the globalists command the reduction of the global population and permanently maintaining it thereafter below 500 million people. That' means over 90% of the entire present population of this entire planet has to die, one way or another, simply to get the global population down to the targeted level.

Am stopping here, for now, and Part 2 will continue this discussion, resuming with the civilian side impact of Med Beds on Social Security, medical insurance, pensions and more. What's certain, regardless, is that a whole series of realities are about to be cast aside, as new ones emerge from altogether too real and persistent deliberate darkness into our rapidly changing reality.

END Part 1


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2 months ago

I heard there are 190,000 med beds not sure exactly if you hat include flying units or ground ones. Dr. Tenpenny is legit a real docor with large staff not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

arnold black
3 months ago

I always had a gut feeling these tech existed. Whats your opinion on the nobody/anomaly meme? Is he telepathically influencing the world?? Is the nobody the antichrist?

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