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Sensitive in Hell! What I’m going Through Now!

Originally posted on October 9, 2014 @ 3:14 PM

Sensitive to Too Much–Worse, Also an Empath!

Sensitive in Hell!  Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NASA

Sensitive in Hell! Major Arena of Torment–Earth! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NASA

Sensitives are having a terrible time, judging from what I've been experiencing lately–right through my meds. M-class solar flare with geomagnetic upheaval; M-class flare without geomagnetic upheaval. No fun for sensitives and screws up electronics and communication. You can monitor solar flares and geomagnetic upheaval at the most useful N3KL site. Full Moon. Beautiful to look at, but makes sensitives emotionally raw. I know this all too well, for it tears me up and magnifies emotional stress. Volcanism occurring or about to occur so bad that ~50,000 people (listed here as 12,000 families) were evacuated in the Philippines alone to keep them from being asphyxiated or immolated by Mayon Volcano; 54 people in Japan were choked to death or immolated by Mount Ontake when it blew without warning September 27. 2014. Hundreds were trapped and traumatized,

To give some sense of how bad it is for Earth sensitives before and during a major volcanic event (or a seismic one), please read pioneering (heavily scientifically tested) Earth sensitive Charlotte King's story. See also high tech computer engineer cum scientific quake predictor Larry Park's “Aches to Quakes.”  Early this morning (Thursday, October 9, 2014), after seemingly roasting me alive on the other side of the world, Mount Sinabung Volcano in Indonesia blew, throwing debris three miles high.

Recent news report on Mayon Volcano, of which part is in English. Note the apex of the cone is 41 stories high!

Mount Ontake (Volcano), early coverage on BBC News. Very good because it provides a variety of perspectives on the eruption.

There's also Bardabunga Volcano in Iceland. Incredible eruption footage was shot from a quadcopter drone. This volcano is a source of great concern to aviation authorities because if it full on blows, it could wreck international air travel.

Speaking of air travel, the man who set ablaze the basement computer room for a vital major air traffic control center in Aurora, Illinois (serves Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the nation's busiest, as well as Midway Airport and covers five states), caused, in aggregate, thousands of flights to be canceled, with ripple effects extending overseas. All while attempting to kill himself.

Nor has the same period been any sort of seismic picnic, as seen here in the USGS (United States Geological Survey) Recent Earthquakes significant quake summary. To provide a useful frame of reference, here is a direct comparison between the Richter Scale and the KKI (Kelly Kiloton Index). Under the KKI, a 6.0 earthquake releases energy equivalent to a 1000 KT = 1 MT (1-megaton) nuclear weapon. The A-Bomb that wiped out Hiroshima, Japan in the final days of World War II was 15 KT! A 7.0 = 32,000 KT = 32 MT.

Southern East Pacific Rise
2014-10-09 02:14:32 UTC15.5 km deep      7.1

22km WSW of Weiyuan, China
2014-10-07 13:49:40 UTC10.9 km deep     6.0

To the above you may add a 6.2 off Mexico.  And today, October 9, 2014, these hit and were taken from the excellent CSEM EMSC seismic site.

2014-10-09 02:32:11.0
4hr 35min ago
32.24 S 110.93 W 33        6.5 SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE
2014-10-09 02:14:32.4
4hr 52min ago
32.14 S 110.82 W 10        7.0 SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE

The fifth (5th) super typhoon of the year, and largest storm of 2014 globally,  Super Typhoon Vongfong, is now a Category 5 and could affect millions! Vongfong is the Chinese word for wasp,” and does this one ever pack a sting!  And 1000 miles wide, too. The first video analyzes the possibilities, and since then, as seen in the second, has already begun to hit Okinawa and is headed for Japan, right at some nothing of a place called Fukushima!

The US is but one of many countries ravaged by torrential rains and floods. The damage here alone has been extensive, turning whole states into federal disaster areas. A single California wildfire. King Fire, at one time threatened 50,000 homes, forced major evacuations and required weeks to so much as partially contain. So bad was it that the US government flew in fire trucks from 13 different states. A look at the US fire map for 2014 is instructive.

Add to these things like the aerial bombing and ground combat going on in Syria and Iraq, 160, 000 or so Syrians who fled to Turkey rather than be collateral damage, the outright destruction of a Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane (article was right) by ISIS after systematic tank bombardment, Turkish partial mobilization of armor and artillery (now shelling ISIS) for war in the face of possible ISIS invasion with ISIS now on a long stretch of the Syrian-Turkey border.

Then, there is huge dissension in the US military over Obama's handling/mishandling/outright ignoring of ISIS, now a declared by several nations to be a threat to civilization, not to mention the outrage and feelings of extreme violation and betrayal triggered via lying through his teeth on “60 Minutes” by  saying he hadn't done anything about ISIS because the Pentagon had provided him with no options. Only eighteen months worth!

Nor, following the debacles which occurred in both Iraq and Afghanistan after vast suffering and expense in achieving the objectives, to themselves and the nation, is there widespread support among the troops for going back to the scene of so much misery, never mind entering a new one! Shall have much to say on the items in these last three paragraphs in a post soon.

And let's not forget the growing epidemic of the hemorrhagic fever Ebola, which has already claimed its first victim in the United States. Official worldwide fatalities are in the 3500 range as of September 30, 2014, but when the stakes are high or even not that high, remarkable amounts of underreporting, finessing and lying can and do occur.

BBC News overview of Ebola

Alternative media on Ebola, including some scary possibilities using Ebola as the leverage for moves against the people affected  or seemingly at risk, therefore stampedable. One such is to use Ebola in a NWO (New World Order) scenario to get the public to give up remaining civil liberties and surrender firearms under guise of providing security and protection. See what happened during Hurricane Katrina for some sense of how that scenario would work. Ben Franklin had some pithy thoughts on such matters which would be well to heed in these most troubled times.

All of the above is but a fraction of what's been going on lately; has overwhelmed me time and again; has forced me to spend a great deal of time in bed; has caused me pain beyond the worst I ever imagined, never mind was subjected to. It has wrecked my productivity, left me practically devoid of energy, put me into bed for a week when I never used to get bugs. It has dramatically magnified existing motor issues, hit every weak spot in my body (stress points–guts, neck and shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, sciatics, old injury sites; new ones like the tooth, which sustained terrible internal pressure which may have caused it to fail), made brain work an uphill fight and more. My nervous system is so lit up that the merest touch on nervy places right now may suffice to cause instant agony. Am frankly amazed my legs will carry me today, seeing as how yesterday they felt as though I'd walked ten miles. That's how sore they were.

At times, it has affected balance (fortunately, we now have a partially finished and already helpful banister), and has subjected me to perceived temperature extremes (burning up, freezing or both at once in a 77 degree F room). I was melting earlier from what classically for me are volcanic indicators and last night/early morning was climbing the walls and burning up until I had the burst of searing heat, coughing and crying which are my well established eruption indicators. The enormous grinding of tectonic plates before their release as powerful quakes has several times forced me to sleep dressed for winter (shirt, hoodie, flannel PJ bottoms, socks), sometimes covering me in goosebumps head to toe.  Appetite's been generally poor and not improved by GI issues. Emotional reactivity has increased greatly. Nor do I have a monopoly on such experiences, as you can see from this Earth Boppin site where people like me come together online.

Given the above, you can now understand why I've practically disappeared from my own site, leading Karl to ping me for proof of life. This is why I have not replied to comments until yesterday; why you have not had a new post to read (you have no idea what a miracle this one is and how painful was its production) in quite some time. Consequently, I am now conducting interviews to find someone else to take my so-called gifts from me! I was not designed to accommodate them in the first place.  So say the positive ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces aka Topside and their human family members on Earth known as the Ground Contingents. The past overwhelming loads on me (and those like me) are akin to trying to put  high tension (75 KV, 75,000 volts) through doorbell wire. To say I am fried would be the understatement of the epoch. And if you think planetary upheaval is bad now, understand Earth would have long since been rendered lifeless in terms of the biome  or outright disintegrated via, inter alia, crustal expansion or asteroid strike were it not for ongoing interventions by the Liberation Forces and their allies to prevent such a planetary catastrophe.

Over and over again my sensitivities have wrecked my life, alienated me from friends and family, caused me to be attacked here and elsewhere, ruined such progress as I made. They have  undone months, if not years, of healing, incapacitated me and made me cry out for death if no other release from such a polymorphic, worsening hell was possible. There are few things worse than having an affliction or set thereof which are not only unknown to most but so threatening people lash out. At the sufferer! People would not countenance doing such things to someone with cancer, AIDs and any number of other maladies and conditions, but sadly, that is emphatically not the case here. Here, people frequently throw socially acceptable behavior to the winds and belittle, vilify, excoriate and shun the sufferer of the unimaginable or terrifying to them. Why? People fear the unknown. Also, as time goes on, more and more people are finding someone they know, or worse themselves, in the same boat.

This savaging of those least able to it handle multiplies the impact of their woes and further increases isolation. It is remarkable and appalling how insensitive, uncaring, cruel and vicious normally good people can be to sensitives and empaths. The very people least able to handle such abuse and rejection–precisely because they are so sensitive–causing nastiness to cut clear to the marrow, wound the heart and rack the soul.

Staying sane with all this going, together with much not touched upon, on is a constant, long odds fight. One oft conducted while in one or more awful states.

I have told you these things so that you understand the context in which everything I attempt to do or do occurs. It pretty much matters not what it might be, for everything is difficult, at best, frequently impossible, has to be postponed or is but marginally realized, and much is painful and past that.  How I wish I had a way to dump the myriad sensitivities which have made my life hell on Earth–awake and asleep. Sleep has taken a particular drubbing, and it was not terribly restorative to begin with, a situation true for years now. Nor is it uncommon to wake up feeling as though I was beaten on, hard, while I sort of slept.

Being multiply sensitive and an empath on this planet, by itself, lately and now, is practically annihilating, but I am affected by other matters. Matters not terrestrial or of this dimension and timeline.  I really need this hell of hells to end!!!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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