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Originally posted on July 14, 2017 @ 2:14 PM



While these are men of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam in '68 waiting to be picked up by helicopters, they could just as easily be paratroopers regrouping near the objective before seizing it. Image Credit: Department of Defense

This won't be the usual post (if there is such a thing), but regrouping has become a necessity, both here on JKI and our subscriber only JKI/SA. The kind of regrouping I'm most familiar with occurs when a military unit has been in fierce combat, taken a serious morale hit, heavy casualties or both, and is in disarray. This mess can be compounded by other factors such as screwed up supplies, conflicting orders, weak leadership at various levels and more. In a typical regrouping, casualties are sorted out, soldiers moved around to fill out smaller units, in extreme cases abolishing one or more outright to restore some degree of combat effectiveness to the now fattened other units.  Weapons are cleaned. Ammunition and food (preferably hot) are either provided or shared.  Sometimes, there are showers, delousing, cleaned or fresh uniforms and mail. Where possible, soldiers are given time to recover physically and psychologically, starting with all-important sleep. But the single most important thing which happens when regrouping is the restoration of the damaged unit functionality at all levels by strenuous efforts of the officers and noncoms.  The sad reality is that Karl and I have had to time and again regroup, and here we are regrouping once more.

Why We're Regrouping

Regrouping is hard enough under ideal circumstances, but regrouping under fire is something else altogether. That is the default situation for Karl and myself and has been for quite some time. He's been working 17-hour days for, well, pretty much ever, and is now facing some stressors in the category of being dropped headlong into boiling oil, while I am barely able to do anything generally. When I do, because my concentration oft isn't up to snuff (or even road dust), things keep getting by me, sometimes tiny, sometimes enormous, resulting in typos, dropped or duplicated words, phrases, sentences, even whole paragraphs, plus occasionally shocking mistakes which have had the effect of completely inverting what I was trying to say!

We're Clearly Being Targeted

But there is and has been so much more going on than that, for we have repeatedly been and are the direct and particular targets of malevolent actions terrestrial and not. On the terrestrial side, the knowns alone include: repeated site hacks, attacks on UFO witnesses and me by government disinformation agents, vicious personal attack on me over at Facebook, real time NSA hacking of a Facebook post I did reporting a Edward Snowden grade NSA spying software program used for domestic surveillance. There have been veiled threats, not so veiled threats and two death threats against me personally. As if those weren't bad enough, we now know the CIA has a veritable catalog of dirty tricks for dealing with internet “problems.” Among them are the ability to divert or even stop traffic to a site, combined or not with pumping traffic to a favored site. It can also manipulate site traffic numbers, which affects ranking. Ranking in turn directly impacts how much organic traffic we get. The CIA's prior director, John Brennan, was so incensed with me and this site he reportedly demanded to know who I was and what I was a front for!

And while various technical woes do attend doing things online, I believe Karl would subscribe to the notion we have pretty much been beset at every turn, yet it keeps getting worse. You name it, and it's happened: server crashes, technical problems at the hosting level so unprecedented and complex it's taken weeks in some cases to fix them, WordPress issues never seen before, maddening plug-in problems, and on and on. Indeed, we have had to change hosts because we simply couldn't function on the predecessor.  Were it not for extraordinary deeply nested cybersecurity Karl put in and keeps changing to keep up with the threats, we would've drowned in spam and bots long ago. Not kidding! Our cyber protection is far better than most companies have. Both of us have suffered expensive equipment failures, though fortunately none has been a dead computer!

Karl built a site which looked pretty innocuous, but under the hood had a fusion of a racing engine and a super computer. These days, because of merciless hammering on every front, especially financial, the outside looks great but inside it's more like a cranky Model T engine interfaced with a smart toaster!  Nor is the devastation confined to Karl as Webmaster, for not one project he's worked on which would let him simply breathe, never mind actually prosper, has worked, at either the barely has a pulse level or at all, in some instances. After months of grueling meticulous work.

This keeps Karl in a gigantic and demoralizing combination of pressure cooker and slog which beggars description. No genius is required to connect the dots here. Ruining Karl's life is a tremendous way to keep JKI (and JKI/SA) from ever really reacquiring the momentum and shattering force it once had. We're incredibly lucky he's been able to keep the site up, and it's been excruciatingly difficult to get book projects done because he's so consumed (understandably so) with simply surviving  You have no idea how many (figurative, not literal) virgins we had to sacrifice to get the BEK book done!

But writing the book isn't the same as effectively marketing the book, and other than writing ad copy which grips the eye, sings and dances (or so I hope), Karl has to figure out the seemingly zillion things necessary to do marketing right–not just for the text version but the audio book, too!  Meanwhile, we watch people effortlessly sell endless streams of utter crap. You absolutely would not believe some of the dreck we've seen sell. Talking zero production values, unreadable text, hordes of typos, indecipherable photos and more. Yet people buy their ebooks. Why them and not us? Simple. They are not a threat and never will be to the PTB/NWO/Cabal/Illuminati or what have you. They make no waves, threaten no power blocs, impede no pocket lining/enslaving/planet and people raping destructive agendas. Therefore, they are left alone.

My communications have been so beset that some calls to contacts, and coming straight off a zero problem call, one of many,  moments before, have had as many as six drops when talking to a contact, who also made many calls prior with no technical problems whatsoever. Some days, it's been so bad we gave up altogether! Karl and I have had many Skype calls which turned to garbage, dropped repeatedly or both–on days in which things had been fine for both of us earlier. Same thing with my E-mail. In one instance I sent out over 50 E-mail (many were repeats because the earlier ones didn't show up)–which never got to the recipient–until a week or so later, when they all hit at the same time. Wham! Explain that one, please.

And these are tame compared to my non-JKI paranormal book project so explosive it's in the super nova range. There, I had a contact almost killed, mid-call, by the abrupt full discharge of that person's cell phone. No known mechanism for that! Critical documentation has been stolen, too, requiring extreme efforts to retrieve it.  A computer problem came out of nowhere and was discovered after it totally corrupted the painstakingly corrected book file (found out the next time I opened it), forcing me to spend a great deal of hard to come by productive time not only reinventing the wheel, but growing the tree to get the wood! That file and only that file was affected, and the procedures I followed in creating and saving it were the same as for every other document using that software. Those are but the problems I'm willing to admit. The full picture is far, far worse.

Like Karl, my economy has been torpedoed so many times I'm thinking officially signing it up as a target!  Am not supposed to be stressed, per doctor's orders, but have had pretty much nothing but stress from both state and federal agencies, both of which handle things via unilateral actions which can destroy a person already reeling, via collection actions, downward adjustment of benefits, challenging of legitimate claims, wrongly defining royalty income and more. Fixing every single one of those has taken time, energy, effort, even whole days away from productive work. Moreover, my meager outside income has also been throttled at times, once for a year, and has many times been on the verge of being removed outright because the entity providing it was itself savaged financially! And when I got a royalty check out of the blue from books which had stopped selling, that was immediately followed by a series of crash outlays which left me close to a zero balance.

Tell me, if you would, what are the odds that all of the things I've listed above are bad luck? Are incompetence? Should also mention that computer wargaming on tactical simulations (not that twitch fest gaming) is my great stress reliever. Care to guess what I haven't been able to do for months now? Nor, because that same brother has now returned to flying real planes, in addition to radio-controlled ones, have I been able to wargame more than once with lovingly painted miniatures another brother provided, on the premise this was something the pilot brother and I could do together.

Here's another example: We live in an age where the DMCA hangs over content creators like the proverbial Sword of Damocles, so obtaining clearances and permissions to use copyrighted, trademarked, service marked and the like IP (Intellectual Property) is only slightly less important than breathing, yet every single attempt by me to date to secure such items as images of a micro missile for use in the seemingly perpetually hindered and delayed Spec Ops book, permission from lawyers representing a deceased celebrity tied to a famous UFO story (can't find the firm, but was supposed to get help from one running another), so that maybe, just maybe, I could get a cool drawing done for the upcoming revised edition of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery (yes, that's a bone). Hell, I can't get a firm which makes folding grappling hooks for Spec Ops units to respond to my request for a photo! You'd think that would be a no-brainer (and of obvious advantage to that firm), but I still got nothing.  Not so much as a twitch of response to a request twice made in which I offered to provide sample chapters to show the request was legit.

Because of everything I've described and oh so much more, Karl and I, each overwhelmed in a host of ways, continually have to expend energy on that which essentially accomplishes nothing. Shifting metaphors here, those of you familiar with Star Trek™, will understand me when I say that when your resources are down to little but life support, it's awfully hard to go exploring. Most of our time isn't spent on repairing warp drive, either, for we're far too busy dealing with leaks and component failures in the air supply!

The general trend line (there have been intermittent and altogether too brief positive events) has been consistently and inexorably against us, with the ongoing net effects being ever worsening abilities to do anything, reduced capabilities and a python-like relentless strangulation at every level. Consequently, we are now down to our last gasp–or fraction thereof. Look how swell our most urgent and heartfelt pleas for donations to keep us going turned out!  Somehow, despite religiously following proven online marketing techniques, even getting direct coaching from marketers who've developed techniques which make millions, we, who have site traffic most marketers would sell their mothers to have, now hover (with a boot to kick us over the edge rapidly approaching) on the precipice to extinction. The two ebooks I wrote, which were trailblazing, astounding and professionally produced by Karl, got great reviews (4.5 of 5), yet despite being the very definition of the businessman's Holy Grail better mousetrap, in a hot market, barely sold.

This overall situation is most certainly no accident. As a student of intimidation and suppression down through the ages, it's entirely obvious we most emphatically are not the victims of bad luck or incompetence. We are being targeted. And hit.

There is an old rule in the intelligence business about coincidences: One incident might be random, two are suspicious, but three constitute a pattern. In our case, this has been going on for years! We rapidly went from huge readership, tons of comments (100+/day) and great patron support to, relatively speaking, hardly any readership, nary a comment and losing all but one patron, who, despite being gracious and generous, simply doesn't have the economic horsepower of the last donor, Helen, who kept us going for years, ever kind and supportive, before simply vanishing.

Time now for the tricky part. Where and how does the above mesh with the sorts of havoc rained on me and my equipment by the Dark? That may be a forbidden question to raise, for just now, and the first time ever, my question mark stopped working, despite a string of tries, before returning to normal! Periodic cyber housecleaning is simply good computer practice, but here, I have to also do it astrally and sometimes frequently, to unstick computer and/or internet by killing witches, warlocks, demons, etc. in higher dimensions. There, you'll find the most dreadful admixture of black magick (not that stage stuff) and Dark occult technology. Light blasts I send forth result in the most awful screams and cries. More than a few times my fearsome astral self has had to go forth, sword or battleaxe in hand, and lop off heads. Most of those harrowing accounts are over on JKI/SA (subscribe here) and make intriguing and disturbing reading. While writing this it also dawned on me (d'oh) I ought to have looked at JKI long since with my Third Eye to see which horrid entities were doing what to us–so I could kill all those things Other so enthusiastically involved in ruining us at every opportunity, many of which were manufactured.

But it goes far beyond that. For example, my brother lives some distance from me, and I don't see much of him. It's always a great occasion, morale boosting and restorative when I see him, but I'm never allowed to simply bask in the good feelings, integrate and heal. Instead, I've been pulverized so many times after our outings that finding an intact quark of me would be an event. Can't believe it took me so long to figure this out, but I thought of it as being more like getting to put something in my tank before something hit. Now, I finally comprehend it's not anticipatory but causative. Any doubts on the matter were comprehensively resolved last week, when, after the first time in decades, I got to go have not merely acupuncture, but acupuncture fused with kinesiology and some sort of energetic immunization against harmful environmental influences. This was made possible by a referral from the chiropractor who rebuilt me and a two for one Groupon.

Looking back, there was clear resistance from the Dark on the front end, for the cab was ridiculously late, smoky and the driver was a piece of work and behaved unlawfully by using one of those square readers that attaches to a phone instead of the required in-cab payment device. The acupuncturist was amazing, explained things thoroughly and was a delightful person throughout. Was so chill I hardly moved a muscle for the half hour I was festooned with needles and so relaxed I could barely stand after probably ten minutes of rest after the needles were removed. Stress levels were down dramatically, and I felt so much lighter and more like myself than I had in a long time. This was not allowed to stand! An hour after coming back, while sitting at the computer I was eviscerated in all but name!  Am no stranger to pain, but this was ghastly and prolonged, after which it abated and things calmed down, but the damage was done, for I was in bed, all but dead save lacking the toe tag, for two days and much of a third. Now, there's a recipe for super achievement if ever I heard one!

Summing Up

Karl and I are regrouping, but the form the regrouping takes depends heavily on whether we can actually get funding to keep the doors open here. You've already seen our list of fallback options, but what you can count on is that there will continue to be bombshell books. JKI was originally created to drive traffic so we could sell books, but it quickly swallowed that purpose and, while highly valuable and gratifying, almost wholly consumed my productive energies. To deal with the deluge of visitors and provide the best possible load times and user experience, Karl had to drastically expand the site's capabilities and underlying infrastructure–not to mention the enormous amount of build work, troubleshooting, software acquisition, integration and testing, plus maintenance. That all cost an ever-growing chunk of change, which is now insupportable. Karl has cut back many times as things got worse, but we've now reached the point where, from a technical view, the whole thing may collapse because there's so much strain, in so many places, that one failure anywhere might bring down the whole shebang. We want the site to stay up, but if we don't get real help and soon, we will be right back at the start line–carrying out the original plan for me to write books and to have Karl lay them out, put them together and perform his marketing magic–with almost four irreplaceable years gone!

This lengthy discourse may well cause our opponents to laugh with glee and dance for joy, but the truth is that I've revealed no secrets here. Our downward spiral has been in plain sight for quite some time, and they've doubtless been watching all sorts of metrics as long, if not longer, which told them exactly what was happening. Those metrics are by no means confined to standard internet metrics. You'd be amazed what can be learned through content analysis, psychological strain assessments, how I write, what I write about now, and how frequently, when compared to any number of baselines. For starters.

Now you know most of what Karl and I do about what happened, is happening, and why we are regrouping. Stay tuned!




John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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