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#qanon Decoding Ultra Source Q’s 8Chan Posts Part 3

Originally posted on April 4, 2018 @ 7:35 AM


Trump validates #qanon. This is the tame example! Image Credit: #qanon


#qanon  Tells Of A Captured Sub & A Broken Alphabet   Why Are These Significant?

In Part 1, I introduced the readers to #qanon. That is the Twitter handle for matters  concerning the supremely well positioned source Q (entire currently 982 post canon  here) in the Trump administration  on what's been happening, is happening and will happen when it comes to dismantling the Deep State and dealing with those involved in it.

It was Q,  for  example,  who pointed out  Gitmo was going  to  be busy receiving  detained high  level  traitors,  in turn resulting  in the discovery by others of large numbers  of “no  listed aircraft owner”  flights there. Q  has also scored a stunning coup only possible for someone with intimate a priori knowledge of a  pending  Special  Operation by giving two minutes' warning before it went down and showing the location in a live overhead feed! Have exciting news, and most here likely missed it. Part 3 was going to continue the particular #qanon discussion  in Part 2, but have decided to postpone that because this is easier to understand and uplifting! The narrative in Part 2 will continue, just not in this post.

Q's 952. Pay attention!

Begin Q post.



@[19][1st] @[3][1st] The LINK. [John Perry Barlow][2][3][4] WE HAVE THE SUB. HOSTAGE RELEASE. 1000 pieces. Q

End Q post.


Can't decode all of it, but from a bunch of other #qanon posts, it appears [19] is the FBI, and at least part of that numeric string refers to other agencies also slated for traitor removal and other criminality housecleaning.


The big news is in the last two sentences of 952. The sub referenced can only be the CIA owned/controlled ballistic missile sub of unknown origin and type which attempted to trigger World War III via a January 13, 2018 nuclear-armed  false flag NWO ballistic  attack on Hawaii (I do not believe the sub was destroyed as story asserts, else why 952?). This was an attempt which ended happily for us and unhappily for the still being chased down NWO monsters. Given their unique skill set and thorough familiarity with submarines, I expect the SEALs would've seized the sub Q's talking about.  “WE HAVE THE SUB” is not only a direct message to those responsible for the sub and its  vain attempt to start a third world war, but says: “Your most powerful card has now been played, and you have lost! You will release the hostages. Now”


The second sentence is to me, and untold millions, a clear reference to President John F. Kennedy's  enraged and bitter orally expressed intent to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces…”  following the disastrous and hugely embarrassing CIA-planned, organized and executed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1962. Would observe that it's reasonable to say there is a “You've gone WAY too far, and here's the price to be paid” aspect to what's said. Best believe that message will register strongly at Langley and inspire great fear. In digging up the purported JFK quote, have discovered its origin may not be quite what we thought.


This is immaterial, though, for all that matters is that the evildoers in the CIA are familiar with the quote, take it as being real, and know damn well its generally held origin and what it means. My belief is  “1000 pieces” in 952  signals Trump is going to break the CIA into bits, keeping the useful parts (lots of good people in the Agency who do their intelligence gathering and analysis jobs and do them well), probably moving some under Military Intelligence control, restructuring others and demolishing the parts of the CIA's Directorate of Operations (the spook side of the Agency) and its SAD (Special Activities Division) involved in, ahem, rogue narcotrafficking, gun-running, murders around the world and worse. Much worse.

Never again will there be a CIA which defies POTUS, as occurred under Eisenhower AND Kennedy, to name but two.

Never again will the Agency be running a state (Arkansas, under Governor Bill Clinton) as its private fiefdom for covert warfare, cocaine receipt and transshipment, sterile gun manufacturing and shipment, as well as large scale money laundering operations using the apparatus of that state to do it.

Never again will it be involved in any capacity with solicitation of (by MJ-12 head and CIA Director Allen Dulles) the murder of POTUS,  attempts to kill POTUS (Reagan) or the assassination of POTUS (John F. Kennedy), not to mention his shoo-in for POTUS brother Robert F. Kennedy, whose murder and coverup also have CIA handwriting all over them.  No longer will the CIA be able to hand out the presidency as a party favor for power-grasping people who seek high office (Bush Senior and Bill Clinton, for two), in return for enabling drugs to enter the country and other nefarious activities.

Nor will the CIA be allowed to tell the media, here and abroad, what may and may not be covered, nor control book publishing, either.

This altogether partial array of CIA outrages may be a lot to take in, but there are hundreds of linear feet of books on these things, not to mention the internet. Wake up, Americans!

END Part 3





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3 years ago

So clarify for me: Is the submarine the one that shot down the missile aimed at Hawaii or is it the origin of the missile? Somewhere, it is all confused with other reports.

And is the DACA march through Mexico heading straight for Fort Bliss? Maybe the DACA March stopped.

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