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#qanon Decoding Ultra Source Q’s 8Chan Posts Part 2

Originally posted on March 24, 2018 @ 7:58 PM


Trump validates #qanon. This is the tame example! Image Credit: #qanon

#qanon  Part 2   The  Special Role  of US Navy  SEALs &  A  New Development!

In Part 1, I introduced the readers to #qanon. That is the Twitter handle for matters  concerning the supremely well positioned source Q (entire currently  961 post canon  here) in the Trump administration  on what's been happening, is happening and will happen when it comes to dismantling the Deep State and dealing with those involved in it. It was Q,  for  example,  who pointed out  Gitmo was going  to  be busy receiving  detained high  level  traitors,  in turn resulting  in the discovery by others of large numbers  of “no  listed aircraft owner”  flights there. Q  has also scored a stunning coup only possible for someone with intimate a priori knowledge of a  pending  Special  Operation. How else could Q give  two minutes' warning before execution of an apparent snatch–while  evidently having a real-time overhead surveillance feed ?   The purpose of Part  2  is to explain why, like the US Marines Q has made such point of  highlighting in a series of short cryptic  8Chan posts now numbering 960, US. Navy SEALs also have a special role in  what's unfolding–and have had for decades.   To be clear, this is not something Q has addressed in  the#qanon posts. Rather, this is me providing  a  small contribution  to the discussion, to  which we'll return shortly.  But since the first post, there has been  a development!

Someone/Something Has  Responded to Part 1

In Part 1, you may recall, the  below appeared,  which is Italicized so as to avoid confusion with the new  text.

Since I was told years ago by my own super spook “Deep Throats” everything I posted was monitored, am going to take it as a given what I have to say here will receive a lot of scrutiny, the more so since I've not been very active for some time in activities ranging from ruffling feathers to defeathering! Nor is this surveillance new, for it was  made clear to me after I found, to my dumbfoundment, that my very first classified memo I published at Hughes Missile Systems Group in 1978 was read, noted then, and was remembered vividly nearly 40 years later. Consequently, I fully expect Q will learn of what I say here. After that, it's anyone's guess. Only way to find out is to keep watching Q's posts, since Q has been explicit that it is the one and only way to communicate with Q.



IMPORTANT: NO comms w/ anyone privately. NO comms outside of this platform. Q”


IMPORTANT: NO private comms past/present/future. NO comms made outside of this platform. Any claims that contradict the above should be considered FAKE NEWS and disregarded immediately. WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. PATRIOTS. Q”

Since. Part 1. appeared,  Q  has said  absolutely nothing about it, but someone or something (could be AI these days)  has reached out privately!   For  the sake  of  security, shall leave it  at that. If   we take Q's word above on  where all of Q's will  exclusively  appear–8Chan on that one   little segment–it can't be Q. It could be  someone  aligned with Q, could  be  a  government disinformation  agent (been the target of same before) or bot, or merely a troll.  Looking into it!

Update  March25,  2018 7:25 AM Eastern Time

Investigation indicates that, at worst, the contact was  benign, but seems to be even better than that. This conclusion is based upon certain physical  information (not talking hot girl) in combination with a strong positive vibe I got while checking into this.   Also, should clarify the meaning of the  expression  “aligned with Q,”  which was inadvertently ambiguous. What  should've  been said by me was “in alignment with Q's  goals of  destroying the Deep  State and dealing apropriately  with those running and serving it .

End Update

The  Special Role of  Navy  SEALs

As  noted above, Q has not  addressed the SEALs from the perspective you're  about to learn. Q has, though, extolled the SEALs.


Q !UW.yye1fxo325453

Seals are wonderful creatures. Heard they work fast at capturing their prey. PRAY. Silence is golden. CORONA_OFFLINE_Deac[0000]. Games R FUN! Q”

There's also this, the  first graphic  of which shows Obama, but it's the  one  below which I believe may representsthe means  of dealing with him. Or may not!

It so happens that only  week  ago  or so this below book from Simon & Schuster got served up to me on  Amazon because of other Spec Ops books I'd ordered or looked at there.  Pay attention to the above graphic, the title and the subtitle  of the book!

(Fair Use)

Here's my own a la Q cryptic post, which  am sure Q and certain other interested parties will grok, but no one else.

SEALs  vacation  in  interesting  places.
They do fun  things.
When doing so,  they've been known to forget  Time.

Now  that you know how Q feels  about the Navy  SEALs, let me tell you what hasn't been said and  only a few on  the planet know.   The  SEALs,  you  see,  have been at  the center  of  a pro-Constitution resistance group called COM-12,  which is an  obvious dig  at the murderous UFO secret-keeping group MJ-12,   since  at  least  1991!  COM-12,  which  stands, my spook  sources say,  for COMMAND-12,  was first publicly  revealed in the December 1991  issue of an obscure software journal called TECHNICAL   CONSULTANT,   but it was known privately  before then by one lone dogged researcher  into  the impossible which  nevertheless was.   Renowned black project  researcher Norio   Hayakawa told that vital story  in his self-published 1993 (expanded and revised   edition, initial date unknown) explosive book UFOS, THE GRAND DECEPTION AND THE COMING  NEW WORLD ORDER.

That JDAM blast of  a book revealed a chilling NWO/Illuminati/Cabal/Deep  State plan to fake an alien invasion  using black program  flying saucers  and  spectacular gigantic holograms (then BLUE  BEAM–operationally tested in 1964 or so –and now, FIRESIGN) in  the sky to terrify the populace  into submission  to the  NWO/Illuminati/Cabal/Deep  State in exchange for  being ” saved” from nonexistent alien invaders.   Mind,  this isn't to  say  there aren't aliens in  flying saucers and   various other configurations coming here, just that  there's  no  invasion fleet!

In  Chapter Six: COM-12  Versus  Wackenhut World Technologies on page  36,  Norio reported  he was approached in  May  1991 by the same man who had previously  provided him with  “the     latest  vital  material”   that he  used  at  the very first UFO  EXPO WEST  held in   Los Angeles that  same  May.   He   called the  source   “Mr.  M.” and beyond  that was silent.  Following the second contact,   during  which  Mr.  M. revealed  he was part of  “a special group  connected to a SEAL  operations center”  there were  regular  discreet meetings  between. Norio. and  Mr.  M. held in restaurants. and occasionally,  Norio's house. In  one away meeting,  he was  given  a   “sealed  brown envelope” (probably a big manila one) and told  to open it only when home and alone. On the back in black  marker was written “COM-12,”  an expression which puzzled him.  In  late December he was  called by a  friend  who knew nothing  of  his  clandestine activities and told him about an  “interesting article”  he should read.  Interesting indeed!     This is a direct quote  from TECHNICAL. CONSULTANT, Volume 1,   Issue 5,  Page 7.  It said there was

(Fair Use)

“a war going on in the intelligence  community  between a  group in the CIA  called  Aquarius  (around a power group called MJ-12)   and a group known as COM-12 centered around Naval Intelligence. COM-12 is  reputedly trying  to sustain a  rearguard action  to sustain  and preserve constitutional    government  and is  deliberately leaking information. damaging to the  former      group.”

There's a great deal more which  is  relevant  to this discussion, but if you've got a spare head available. (you'll definitely need  it!), read this horrifying ex-Navy Intelligence whistleblower  account of  what  MJ-12/MJ12/MAJESTIC TWELVE/MAJESTYTWELVE planned for  us  in documents  seen   in 1973 (and evidently obtained in a Naval Intelligence black bag job–covert break-inand document copying/snatch–operation  from Henry Kissinger, a  member of  the group).  This beyond incendiary  collection of  harrowing information  and insights by the super controversial Bill Cooper, author of  the explosive BEHOLD  A PALE HORSE, should not be read by the  mentally  unstable or  those with chronic dangerous health conditions. Not kidding!

Should you be brave enough to read it, you're likely to flip  out,  repeatedly, as you're plunged into a  world most still have no idea exists, but this is precisely what  Q has hammered away at since the early posts. Monstrous evil of inconceivable size and scope! After you've read. it,   I invite you to start checking the numerous quotes  and run down the various documents referenced.   Note well the agenda  and how it matches the very things  Q has  so emphatically discussed,  railed against,  and  which we've seen the  heartless and likely soulless NWO/Illuminati/Cabal/Deep State blatantly  execute  (e.g.,  school shootings,  Las Vegas   shootings,  bombings,  assassinations)  before our very eyes.

If you think what Bill Cooper says  is the product of   a deranged mind,  then please refer to what's on the  Georgia Guidestones; in the  bestselling DARK MISSION: The Secret. History of NASA, by Hoagland and Bara; the occult revelations on the site The Vigilant Citizen and what's  said  by Albert Pike–ex-Confederate  brigadier general, attorney, the   Masonic “Pope” and  one of three founders of the notorious KKK–in the last part of the Masonic “Bible”  MORALS AND  DOGMA  in   which he reveals that  Freemasonry lies to its recruits from the get and that only the highest levels of Freemasonry are truly Illuminated. The Illuminated, those  who have the Light, includes  those “harmless” Shriners (32nd Degree Masons) in their “funny hats”–fezzes, which are red because the originals were once white and dipped in blood in  the then-celebration of the Muslim slaughter of  Christians in a  massacre–and tiny cars. By whom are  these high level Masons given the Light?  The  real Masonic deity–Lucifer  (whose name directly translates from Latin. as “light bearer.”)!  Read that myself in a 1903 edition  which was clearly marked “To be returned to the Lodge upon the  Brother's death.” Gee, I wonder why?

Before ending Part 2, you. should know some other things  which may affect your take on what you've just read. They are:

  1.   Norio  and I know each other and have since when  I  met him  in  1993(?) at UFO EXPO WEST, where I also met  Bill  Cooper and spoke with him  after having  heard him speak twice in 1989  and 1990. The circumstances of my encounter with Norio were extraordinary, for when  we met he  was attaching a  veritable Holy Grail to a piece  of foam core  board for  his imminent presentation.  Why veritable  Holy Grail?   He had an official government Tactical Pilotage Chart showing  the  exact location  and boundaries of Area 51, S4 and more!  This was when the  government  was  denying Area 51 existed at all. He  was super friendly, chatted with me while continuing to  work and  later  invited me to his  home, where    we. talked for hours   and he unexpectedly gave me a signed copy of his incredibly  exciting,  informative and terrifying  book,  without which this post would've been impossible.  Had the  opportunity to  look Norio squarely in the eyes while  he told of his Mr.  M. and COM-12 adventures. Not a tic, a glance away or a  twitch.  He was absolutely credible.
  2. Have  spoken with  the person who  walked into the TECHNICAL. CONSULTANT office and paid cash to place the quiet notice to the world of a covert war then raging as aresult of a desperate effort  being  made to  save constitutional government.
  3. Have also spoken with  the person who  created  the name  COM-12 and told me what it stood for. Items  2  and 3  came to me organically during conversations post 2013.  Not solicited.
  4. My  spook sources generally refer to the CIA  as “Christians In Action,” which is one of the forms Q uses as well.
  5. END Part 2




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3 years ago

I gave it a fair look overo ne more time, and I cannot hook onto anything where I could ask a question.

3 years ago

Way too convoluted for me to read. Thoughts in the article jump around, seem disconnected.

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