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#qanon Decoding Ultra Source Q’s 8Chan Posts Part 1

Originally posted on March 11, 2018 @ 3:59 PM

Trump validates #qanon. This is the tame example! Image Credit: #qanon

#qanon is the Twitter handle for matters  concerning the supremely well positioned source Q in the Trump administration who has been, as the lingo goes these days, spilling the real tea on what's been happening, is happening and will happen when it comes to dismantling the Deep State and dealing with those involved in it. What I'm going to seek to do in this rapidly unfolding series is to encourage my readers (whose numbers far exceed anything Karl can track and extend into places alphabet soup, five-sided, nonexistent, high albedo, foreign and more) to start looking at things with my additional perspectives on the bewildering sea of cryptic, nuanced, encoded, symbol rich, allusion-filled, prescient, but in the literal sense, monitory, informative, prompting, emphatic collection of hundreds of posts put up by Q on, first, 4Chan, then, following site compromise, 8Chan.

Since I was told years ago by my own super spook “Deep Throats” everything I posted was monitored, am going to take it as a given what I have to say here will receive a lot of scrutiny, the more so since I've not been very active for some time in activities ranging from ruffling feathers to defeathering! Nor is this surveillance new, for it was  made clear to me after I found, to my dumbfoundment, that my very first classified memo I published at Hughes Missile Systems Group in 1978 was read, noted then, and was remembered vividly nearly 40 years later. Consequently, I fully expect Q will learn of what I say here. After that, it's anyone's guess. Only way to find out is to keep watching Q's posts, since Q has been explicit that it is the one and only way to communicate with Q.

The entire canon of Q's work is here. Ought to know, for many hours last night (effectively welded to my wooden chair) and way into this morning I read all the posts, the linked articles and watched the videos, too. The only thing I didn't do was wade through testimony on the CIA mind control programs (MKULTRA, MKARTICHOKE, MOCKINGBIRD) and some articles on the vile work undergirding them the CIA-funded monster Dr. Cameron did in Canada in tests on hapless subjects that involved icepick lobotomies, ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy aka Electroshock Therapy) at tens of times the recommended strength and more. Didn't need to, having already read extensively on such matters decades ago and still retained quite a bit of it. By some miracle, my head didn't explode after the above marathon Q fest.


Decoding #qanon & the Q posts

Let's start with some key questions and my informed conclusions based on the referenced exhaustive read.

Q (ha!)

Who is Q?


Q is an exceedingly high level source (possibly group of sources operating under one online identity) within the highest realms of the Trump administration. The consistency of the “voice”                    in the #qanon posts indicates to me that Q is one person. Additionally, from the way Q says things, if Q doesn't have a military background or is on active duty, then this would shock me. There is nothing extraneous said. Ever. Q consistently employs that super terse manner of expression that is the hallmark of the military person and is thoroughly conversant with all things spook. Q almost certainly has a Military Intelligence background at that.  Q appears to have a considerable knowledge of Spec Ops and is a huge fan of the Navy SEALs, waxing lyrical about them in a number of ways, including symbolically, presuming my read is correct. The tone used indicates Q isn't or wasn't a SEAL, but is instead someone who benefits from their work, appreciates the risks they run and is deeply grateful. While many are aware Q's been at great pains to point out the enormous importance of the US Marines, the US Navy SEALs fully rate such attention, too. As it happens, they occupy an extremely little-known, yet critical place in the war against the Deep State. They've done so for decades! Shall be delving into this later. It's important!

Another prime indicator of the credibility of Q is access to real-time feeds from overhead assets, access to NSA's traffic cameras (also alluding, in the process, to a specific incident almost no one knows of) and  showing readers where an op is about to occur in the larger sense, from thence moving to a specific window of the target's  building, calling two minutes, then showing the aftermath, including helpful details revealing the site was prepped in advance! That means we had actionable intelligence of superlative quality. Q was posting with full knowledge of what was going down, where, who was being grabbed (didn't share, unfortunately) and the timing of the operation–before it happened. Ponder that, if you will. Q did this on the fly, and the time codes prove this was so. No making up events and chronology after the fact!

Not-for-attribution insider sources have told me all sorts of sensitive things over the years, sometimes even touching on unfolding and even pending operational matters, but nothing came close to what Q did, from which it's clear Q was read in on the op to a level of detail which makes me gasp. People get killed for spilling these kinds of beans! And at the rate things are going, Q may give WW II's Kilroy a run for his money, for Q's popping up all over the place in one symbolic form or another, sending readers to watch videos (“Q sent me,” they remark), pore over photos, make sense of strange connections, ask probing questions, look at things in novel ways, understand layers of meaning, notice subtle clues, unscramble Deep State ways of communicating and on.

Speaking of the Deep State, one point Q continues to hammer away on is “These people are DUMB.” Note, Q didn't spell it “dumb,” but instead used all caps. Q is most particular regarding the significance of spelling, dropped letters, bolded letters and numbers, not to mention the many times mentioned map and alignment of the posts, and so it is here. As Spock used to observe, “Fascinating.” DUMB = Deep Underground Military Base.  Q is flat out saying at least some of the Deep State players have gone to their nuke proof unbelievably deep complexes and that Q knows. Q is talking to them! Q is also letting Edward Snowden know he's surveilled around the clock, posting pictures and remarks to prove it. In fact, Q's taunting Snowden, who evidently isn't at all what he's commonly thought to be.

Shall address these items and many more in subsequent posts, but because so much is happening and oh so fast, it's been unfortunately necessary to make you drink from the fire hydrant. The alternative is one most would find unpalatable and head-breaking: do what I did and read the entire #qanon canon!


What are Q's gender and age?


No indication one way or the other that I can find. Statistically speaking, though, gender is almost certainly male, and age, based on how Q expresses, is almost certainly is 50+, if not a great deal more. Clearly, Q is an old hand at the intelligence game, playing it with consummate skill, verve, passion, style, subtlety, a keen awareness of the risks, rigorous security measures and a sometimes puckish dry wit. Q is dazzlingly smart, too, is not ego-driven, and constantly emphasizes the need for unity and that no one is more important than any others. As far as I'm concerned, this is self-checking, in that such people are familiar to me from my own intelligence work, seminar attendance, conversations with insider sources and the like. This is a much longer answer to a seemingly straightforward question, but the aspects of how Q expresses tell a vital tale–to those paying attention. Restated, there is no way to fake the sum total of what Q presents as. Therefore, Q can't be either a youngster or some junior Deep Throat wannabe.


What are Q's politics?

Q is an old-school Conservative Republican, one absolutely horrifed by today's so-called Conservative Republicans, who are anathema to Q.


What's with all the patriotic rah-rah, American flag graphics, God invocations and such?


This isn't for show, this is real. It's a fundamental to Q as breathing is to most of us. This reality shouts from post after post. Q, at the core, is the sort of person you saw Jimmy Stewart portraying in “It's a Wonderful Life” and “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” and is evidently from the America seen in “Ozzie and Harriet,” “Father Knows Best,” “Leave It to Beaver,” “The Waltons” and similar. Q represents the best of America, from everything I can tell. Q's two chief concerns are: the safety of those dismantling the Deep State and the safety of the American people during an exceedingly perilous time when the wounded dragon (used that term deliberately!) lashes out repeatedly and is more dangerous than ever. Talking Las Vegas, school shootings, plus minor things like trying to start World War III by multiple means and in different parts of the world!


What are Q's race and ethnicity?


Unknown, other than it's safe to assert, based on how Q handles the topic throughout the posts, Q isn't black. The consistent tone is one of concern, historical awareness and outrage over what has been done and is being done to black people.


Summing Up

You've now had one hell of an introduction to the who, what, when, why and where of #qanon. Q. The tags will serve to give some idea of what's to come, but it goes far past those. Think of them as but guideposts to myriad topics yet to be discussed.

END Part 1




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