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PROJECT STARGATE & Expanded Remote Viewing Technique

Brain hemisphere synchronization is

a must for effective Remote Viewing.

Thought I Understood Remote Viewing, But…

PROJECT STARGATE was the last of the known RV (Remote Viewing) programs conducted by the US Government. Such programs all revolve around the projection of the consciousness of the remote viewer across space, time, even dimensions.

High-level spook sources have said such things continue but are not acknowledged. PROJECT STARGATE was a highly classified US Army Military Intelligence, later DIA and CIA program (before the CIA killed it using the exact same methods the Air Force did to get out of official dealings with UFOs–an ostensibly objective study run by those who would never accept anything not Standard Model) located on the well-guarded grounds of Ft. Meade, home of the NSA.

Here is an excellent article on the history of RV by a firm, RVIS (Remote Viewing Information Services), which teaches RV. Yes, it's teachable, but you've got to have an open mind. The excerpt came from a tweet sent to me, and what an attention getter it was. Let me explain.

Old RV and New RV Compared

Classical RV began with one RVer and a guide, if you will. That person's job was to keep the RVer focused and not interpreting what was being viewed. The interpretations were called overlays, and the RV protocols were developed specifically to combat them, in order to maximize the signal (RV derived info) by excluding as much noise (RVer's own interpretation, which might distort the actual RV take) As the programs expanded, one guide might have a bunch of RVers working the same target, the idea being to get more “eyes” on it and thus, learn more via multiple perspectives.

But PROJECT STARGATE went way beyond that, as seen in “H” on the report image. It's not necessary to understand everything there in order to grasp what's being said. The critical information here is that three RVers, in the same environment, go out of body (enter astral) simultaneously, but each has a different task relative to the target.

The first looks at it from our Space-Time perspective. The second views the target as it slips into the past. The third watches it in the near future. From my viewpoint, this is a revolutionary development, but you could just as easily argue it is an evolutionary development. Either way, this method, presuming it worked, offered levels of information when viewing the target no organized effort previously ever could. The target might be a person, a missile, a facility, a ship, documents, technology, a hidden structure, a black box, an ancient monument, a fae away planet, aliens, UFOs, a moment in time (e.g., Battle of Gettysburg) or any of a host of other things

Why does it seem like I'm waffling? It's because some of the phenomenology had already been observed, in unorganized form during  the early CIA experiments conducted by physicist Russell Targ at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) . In some of these, evaluators tracking accuracy of  viewings and rating them as hits and misses based on defined criteria were shocked to discover a rethink was needed. Why?

RVers were seeing either where the target (in this instance, a person sent to a known and visually distinctive location, which was unknown to the guide, the viewer and the person told where to go until the directions were opened) had been before or would be later! Knowing this, ponder the richness of RV sessions in which a given target is RVed in its immediate past, now, and in the immediate future. Would love to see some of those reports!

In future posts, I intend to delve into the myriad other treasures in the report proper. Skimming it was a Grade One mind warping experience, so a proper read should be quite the brain ride!


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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