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POTUS, PC & Magical Thinking in DC 1

Originally posted on October 17, 2014 @ 10:33 AM

POTUS–Has He Gone Potty?

POTUS. President Barack Obama. Has he come unstuck?  Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via US Government.

POTUS. President of the United States.  Honor the office, consequently its occupant. But what if the occupant besmirches that august office–by inaction and action, rendering a superpower a tragic farce and consigning, at best, millions to terrible fates? What if the president makes the a US joke to its enemies and an embarrassment to its allies?  What if his, in this case, actions and inactions are on the verge of finishing off Iraq, further destabilizing the Middle East and allowing ISIS to expand worldwide, having beaten Obama's anti-ISIS coalition of what he deludedly believes to be 50 nations? What if the President is so decoupled from reality as to generate real concern over his own basic safety as the nation's head and his grasp of reality and fitness to serve as its military Commander-in-Chief? What if magical thinking (“It is this way, regardless of what you say, because I believe it/want it/need it to be so”) has driven reason and logic from his mind? Has POTUS gone potty? The term, as used here, operates on two levels: the American usage referring to childrens' toilet activities, and the British colloquialism for “addle-brained.” Regrettably, it would appear a strong case can be made for both!

POTUS–Prioritizing PC Over Security!

POTUS has stood White House security on its ear, in a debacle which helped cost then-Director of the United States Secret Service, Julia Pierson, her job. While readers are, of course, aware of the basic White House intruder story, JKI has the details and insights only top insider sources and specialized knowledge bases can supply. JKI has learned from its top flight, not-for-attribution sources in the military and spook communities, that POTUS, in the name of PC, political correctness, eviscerated the Secret Service procedures designed to protect him and his family. It emerged–after the penetration–at a White House press conference the next day .”…we don't shoot people for running across the lawn.” Presumably, this meant unarmed intruders clambering over the White House 7'6″ fence and such. At a stroke, this removed the snipers long atop the White House from the perimeter defense equation. That the policy officially emerged after the fact matters not, for it clearly informed the snipers' behavior at the time. Regardless, both JKI and its sources view this as an open invitation to attack the White House. Why? Details later.

Along comes Omar Gonzalez, who climbs over the White House fence with, unknown to observers, a Buck™ 3 1/2′ blade lockback knife in his pocket. He is not shot, he is not intercepted by armed guards on the lawn, and he is not set upon by the guard dogs whose release was standard procedure in all prior administrations for such situations. No! Instead, he waltzes in the White House front door, knocks over a tiny, but huge, female African-American uniformed Secret Service armed guard just inside the front door, continues through the East Room and is finally stopped by an off duty male Secret Service agent of the well-known sort who tackles him at the foot of the stairs leading to the First Family's living quarters!  How could such a thing ever happen?

This is the direct result of letting PC considerations override longstanding, highly successful, White House security procedures and personnel practices. JKI's sources have informed it that Obama personally ordered the ignoring of Secret Service height, weight and strength requirements so he could have a triumph of PC door guard. Female? Check? African-American? Check? Height challenged? Check? Weight challenged? Check. PC to the max; a security disaster waiting to happen. And did!  But it might not have to come that had the most elementary precaution of locking the front door been taken in the first place!

In comes Mr. Gonzalez, who, as JKI's sources put it, “bowled her over and rolled her out of the way like a beach ball.” It gets worse from there. JKI was told that, because her weapon was enmeshed in the folds of her own fat, “she was unable to draw her weapon.” Outer perimeter breached, lawn crossed, transom crossed, the one guard down and unable to do anything. The oh so PC guard was a simply astonishing 4'5″ and 242 pounds, from which we may safely conclude she was also mobility challenged, a characterization with which JKI's insiders concur.

Mr. Gonzalez then reportedly sped through the East Room unhindered and was barely stopped from racing upstairs to the Executive Quarters. If there is any good news at all, it is that this, to use the vernacular, epic fail occurred while the First Family was not home. Fortunately, he had neither a gun nor a bomb, but what if he had? A search of his car found a machete, two hatchets and 892 rounds of still not specified ammunition.

What if the family had been home? What if that had been, say, a crack FSB Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) VIP elimination team (p. 57 bottom at link) or one from North Korea, as in the nightmare of executive security types known as the Blue House Raid? The Blue House is the White House of South Korea, and the target of North Korea's elite (the absolute best that nation had) Unit 124's  assassination platoon, if you will, was President Park Chung-hee. Had the ultra indoctrinated unit commander of the 31-man assault team not committed a mission destroying gaffe of “converting” four unexpected prisoners to communism (the Russians would have killed them on the spot and hidden the bodies), then releasing them (went straight to the authorities, who then immediately initiated full South Korean and US alert), might well have succeeded in assassinating President Park. Instead, the would-be  commando assassins were massacred, with but one survivor. Interestingly, there was a not great film put out last year called “Olympus Has Fallen,” whose premise is that the North Koreans have stormed the White House and now hold POTUS and family hostage.

In the name of PC, POTUS has put himself, his family, the nation and possibly the world in mortal peril. More on the last shortly.  In doing so, he has raised profound doubts, in JKI's view and that of its sources, regarding the fundamental sanity of the man who controls not merely the so-called Button (nuclear weapon release authority), but super classified orbital weaponry of staggering power. Among other toys.

POTUS–About to Tank Iraq; Will Not Fight, Yet Looks Forward to…?

Okay. POTUS is clearly off in La La Land when it comes to protecting himself and his family at home. Alas, that is but the beginning! Obama dared, after no less than 18 months of being presented options by the Pentagon for dealing with ISIS, in an interview with Mike Kroft on “60 Minutes” and in subsequent remarks, to claim he had not done anything about ISIS because “I was never given any options by the Pentagon.” Do tell. JKI was informed  by its super spook sources ISIS had been on the US intelligence radar for ten/10 years! The Daily Beast presents direct testimony he was notified eight months before his now notorious denunciation. And while some might be inclined to dismiss such a revelation as sour grapes, it is altogether more difficult to dismiss equally damning claims originating from a White House national security staffer and reported in the Daily Mail.

JKI was told that the reaction to this truly outrageous and grossly insulting public lie was that the President received many high ranking thoroughly pissed off military officers and had his phone lit up as well. JKI was warned to expect “a bloodbath at the Pentagon” in consequence. Recently, JKI was told to expect General Jack Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, would be sacked for stating, contrary to Obama's insane statements, that boots would be needed on the ground. Air power alone can hurt, but never destroy, ISIS, particularly as Obama wrongly and grotesquely inadequately employs it. Also, were Obama serious about beating ISIS, he would long ago have turned loose his in-theater elite Special Forces (mostly Navy SEALs, some Delta force; “Night Stalkers” helicopter support for both), numbering north of 1000, to “do what they do best, as JKI's sources put it. That best is to, in one carefully planned covert action and raid after another, in conjunction with “some air support,” take ISIS apart. Permanently.

Outgunned. Outfought. Outmaneuvered. Outsmarted. Dead. Dead. Dead.  This would not be PC war, but War writ large of the most intimate and brutal kind. The kind that turns bloodthirsty madmen into garment-soiling cowards who surrender on the spot (if they live long enough) or bolt in terror. And in case anyone thinks Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader and spiritual head of ISIS, emir of the self-proclaimed IS (Islamic State), the Caliphate, is safe, it might be time to review that notion, for it is utterly wrong. The US has a $50 million reward out for him, dead or alive and payable in gold at that. Naturally, our people, being responsible citizens, wish to spare the American taxpayers that expense and deal with him themselves!

Be they the “double tap” (Navy SEALs), short bursts (Army's Delta Force), one shot sniper kills from 1000 yards plus (both) into ISIS combat leaders' heads, bloodily garroted guards, key personnel kidnapped and systematically interrogated, HQs swiftly raided and their contents carried off; or ammo dumps, supply dumps and technicals blown up by the US operators themselves, ISIS has no idea what it faces. Nor does it begin to appreciate the rain of pain such teams bring by finding ISIS units, materiel and facilities, deep in what ISIS devoutly believes to be its territory, passing their full target data up the chain and bringing down fire from the skies (via the Army's peerless “Night Stalkers” helicopters, Air Force drones or several services' rotary or fixed wing aircraft), often using laser designators to make sure the steel and explosives reach the right addressee.

ISIS has no concept of how incredibly lethal one US operator can be, never mind a four-man team, nor the high tech (and beyond) war toys it has. To give some idea, though, of current unclassified US special operations weaponry, every 4-man Navy SEAL team that takes the field brings with it the powerful semiautomatic Barrett M107 .50 caliber sniper rifle. It has a known one-shot kill at a mile, can fire clear through a typical Middle Eastern wall and wipe out those right behind it or destroy a car, truck, helicopter or plane on the ground with one well-placed shot. It can also defeat light armor protection such as that found on the ISIS stock of Russian built BTR-60 armored personnel carriers, BMP-1 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and BRDM-2 armored cars.

The above, sadly, is almost exclusively theoretical. Some teams working as advisers or conducting ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) have found ways to drive local ISIS mad with frustration and rage, despite draconian restrictions. Obama has not, to be Shakespearean, cried “Havoc!” or let slip his dogs of war. Instead, one major kennel (Baghdad) is about to be taken, yet the snarling, totally frustrated pack within remains both firmly muzzled and chained up.

After getting off to a good start in the war against ISIS, as detailed by JKI, and concurrently managing to send a resounding superpower “Back off!” message to Putin while deploying a giant military hammer for use in Iraq and Syria, Obama has dug in his heels, completely refused to accept military and political reality, bound the eager-to-attack-ISIS US military hand and foot–and almost completely negated the anti-ISIS coalition of ~30 countries, not the 50 Obama grandiosely imagines. For those of you with psychology or psychiatry backgrounds, understand that word was used deliberately in the clinical sense, not just in the more usual way.

“Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way” may be the time-tested maxim, but our “fearless leader” will do none of these things! The facts clearly show this to be the case, and great are the attendant outcries; vast the suffering and misery.

POTUS the Pusillanimous and His Air War(t)

After dealing ISIS a mighty initial blow, Obama then proceeded to tell ISIS what would be hit next by US and coalition airstrikes. Unsurprisingly, ISIS decided being bombed was bad, so split.  The result was expensive ordnance which wound up being wasted on empty targets from which personnel had hastily decamped and everything useful had been stripped. The US brought into Bahrain what ultimately amounted to an entire wing of A-10 Thunderbolt IIs, which Obama summarily forbade from operating. A-10 Warthogs are the best planes out there for finding and fighting ISIS in the desert. They consistently get the job done–no matter how often the Air Force foolishly tries to get rid of them. Regardless of air defenses! Also brought into Bahrain were 3 x AC-130U “Spooky” gunships from 1st SOW (Special Operations Wing), which were not allowed to fight, either. Hmm. Somewhere in the Persian Gulf region also roost no less than 50+ B-1B Lancer strategic bombers. Deployed from Dyess Air Force Base in the US, they flew the Great Circle route to the Middle East and are now deployed there in a classified location. So far, their most important security contribution has been to scare the crap out of Putin by their dropping in on his neck of the woods: Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland–all nations his air force came calling upon–and there received a hot reception.  The US had F-16s up over the Black Sea, in case Putin tried any actions against its big jet bombers as they delivered the message he could not ignore.  Is it any wonder, then, that last Sunday he announced he was meeting with the Ukrainian president and members of the EU? That was when POTUS still had at least a stone, however small. JKI's sources and JKI firmly hope, though, the B-1Bs will not be used in operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Why? It sends precisely the wrong message. Besides, there is presently not a target worth the effort and expense.

When the main US force is composed of F-18s, F-16s, F-22s and AV-8  single and twin engine fighters and coalition partners are flying similar F-16s, F-15s, Tornadoes, Rafales and such, there is, rightly or wrongly, a perception of rough equality, but that goes out the window when a full-on US strategic bomber enters the fight, let alone in such enormous quantities. And did you know ISIS now has some real SAMs, not just the shoulder-fired stuff? The S-125 Neva/SA-3 GOA is the same basic system as the one which killed a US F-117 Stealth Fighter in the night skies of Serbia.

Characterizing ongoing US airstrikes (both fixed wing and rotary wing) as an air war(t) would seem blatantly insulting and grossly inaccurate, but it is, in fact, spot on, both from the US end and from the ISIS end, too. POTUS, Obama, the man who said “I don't want to be remembered as a wartime president” has all but stopped US airstrikes altogether. If you can believe it, until today (October 16, 2014) the US military has been ordered to fly no more than ten/10 combat sorties a day, and that is for Iraq and Syria combined!  A sortie consists of a single plane, not a group of planes. JKI was told Obama “wants credit for fighting the war, while doing nothing” and “plans to fight this way until after the elections.” JKI was further informed US military operations were being treated as still part of Operation Enduring Freedom, this being “Obama's way of dodging being connected to a new war.” Since he today (October 16, 2014) announced the birth of a military operation called Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), it would appear that the bad PR has taken such a toll on his ratings that he was forced to do something, anything, to stop the slide into poll oblivion and its negative effect on Democratic election hopes.  Operation Inherent Resolve, based on Obama's supremely inauspicious start, may soon be termed Operation Inherent Dissolve, after he (retch) blasted ISIS, assuredly not standing around waiting to be blown asunder by American bombs, with a whole eighteen/18 sorties. Faced with such (ahem) studly combat leadership, the coalition flew three/3! Bad as it appears, the reality makes this look good. ISIS you see, has wised up and taken some ingenious measures to protect itself against death from the skies.

And what is it that the president, this man who notoriously disses the US military, fillets it at every opportunity and works its people to/even past the point of collapse, together with their equipment, looks forward to in his very posh retirement? Brace yourself! Here is a hint. Huge, nuclear powered and is a floating air base and small town in one. Yes!  He expects to have a spanking new Gerald R. Ford-class CVN, nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the icon and go to of US military power, named after him once he has retired!  That is his reality, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to reality as generally understood and based on facts. The Navy is not about to name a carrier after him, but generously, in its view, offered instead a new ship class, the ABG, auxiliary barge, garbage, to be called the USS Barrack H. Obama.  This is not the kind of punditry exhibited here. It very much reflects exactly how Obama is perceived at the Pentagon and the consequent acute lack of esteem in which he is held. That was before his “60 Minutes” debacle. These days, the word is he would be lucky to rate a skiff! It has also been suggested that if the Navy crash builds one, POTUS can have it as his presidential yacht.

Part 2 will discuss cheap and clever ISIS countermeasures to the demonstrably lethal US and coalition airstrike threat. It will discuss the already frightening ISIS Russian-built man-portable SAMs and the murderous new member of that team, one with twice the range of the formidable Stinger. It will discuss the crucial importance of having a live Presidential Daily Brief and Obama's awful attendance record at same. Most importantly, it will discuss how Obama's intellectual narcissism, his ego, his nearly fatal and continuing willful detachment from reality, and intransigence which would make the proverbially stubborn mule seem the epitome of gracious cooperativeness have put the US, her coalition allies, the Middle East and likely the civilized world into a truly terrible and rapidly worsening set of predicaments. JKI's insider sources have flayed Obama repeatedly for not treating ISIS as a tumor when he still could, but instead letting it metastasize to the point where it has become enormously tough, expensive and painful to kill. The fast-acting cancer called ISIS now has WMDs, rockets and shells totaling as many as 5000, in the forms of the vesicant/blister agent mustard gas, the early WW II German nerve agent GB, known as sarin to us and  widely produced since, together with what US authorities fervently hope to be only small quantities of VX, a nerve agent so potent a droplet the size of a pinhead on your skin will kill you!

End Part 1

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6 years ago

This is the reason why he is acting like a Potus. He has been put in check by the same reptilians Sean Hross is dealing with. They now have human cops with black eyes accompanied with a disc shaped craft for back up during an arrest. This is a YT by a journalist whom is being harassed and soon imprisoned again for putting up the picture of the reptilian human and craft. They will kill him this time, he knows. His wife and child are pleading for our help, please spare him. Can’t even imagine how scared this man must… Read more »

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This is Sean Hross video of disc shaped plus black eyed cop in photo which they arrested him for.

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This is the name of the youtube.

Direct Democracy through crown of Bern of Pharaohs

If typed in youtube you can see this video. Sorry my typed one is not working.

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Direct Democracy through Crown of Bern of Pharaoh Aristocracy and Home of Financial Nobility in Alps

by Chatzefratz Stop the Criminal Swiss Nazi Templars of Octogon

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This is Sean Hross video of disc shaped in sky plus black-eyed cop which they arrested him and pregnant wife.

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