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POTUS, PC & Magical Thinking in DC 2

Originally posted on November 2, 2014 @ 1:34 AM

POTUS Update


POTUS–Won't Fight ISIS & Won't Fight Ebola at Home! Image Credit: United States Government Official Portrait.

There has been progress, but there has also been regress. First, the good news.  The FBI has not dropped by for a visit! There was real talk of doing this, for the FBI is reportedly concerned about the strong things JKI has said about POTUS, leading some there to think JKI might pose a threat to the president. Really?!  Fascinating, since this classically would fall under the purview of the US Secret Service.  Maybe the FBI would do such a thing for a very busy and besieged sister agency?  In any event, JKI has always been laser focused on what it says and how it says it when it comes to POTUS. JKI is rigorously careful, no matter how outraged and wound up, never to cross the invisible, but very much there, tripwire that could well bring the full power and force of the government crashing down upon it.  It neither poses a physical threat (what a pathetic joke), nor a cyber threat (able to create content for this site, surf the net, order online, use E-mail, and little else) and is most certainly not about to solicit, urge or encourage any attack on POTUS. JKI therefore respectfully suggests the FBI and other interested parties keep the monster black Cadillac Escalades and their sharply suited, high capacity. .40 caliber Glock pistol armed occupants doing something useful elsewhere and not waste gas, time, energy or effort coming here. There are plenty of real security problems to contend with, including the ISIS domestic threat Obama has told us does not exist and the Ebola outbreaks (note plural) he is doing little to combat, but which the Pentagon is.

Every time there is a reported outbreak in the US and territories, the Pentagon sends in a 25-person strike team composed of 5 doctors, 15 nurses and 5 trainers not only to deal with the outbreak and contain it, but to train the local medical personnel on what to do. Obama refuses to issue federal quarantine regs for people coming in from the Ebola-infected regions of West Africa, but SecDef Hagel has made a 21-day quarantine mandatory for soldiers returning from such places, soldiers waging war against Ebola on its home turf. This quarantine is Epidemiology 101, and was requested by the services and families of military personnel.

SecDef Hagel, quizzed by a reporter about the marked difference between what he was saying and doing about Ebola compared to the Big Boss,  pointedly responded: “I'm Secretary of Defense. My first duty is to the people of this country.” Would that POTUS a) clearly understood this fundamental point and b) acted accordingly! And while Obama lives contentedly in Cloud Cuckoo Land regarding a number of things, Canada has already quarantined someone over Ebola and has implemented other measures. JKI understands more are coming, for Canada is deadly serious about addressing Ebola. And to take matters well past surreal, North Korea now has a mandatory 21-day quarantine for all foreign visitors!

UPDATE 11/02/2014

Having become aware there was a lot more to the Ebola story than what it initially presented, JKI decided to update the post to provide a range of perspectives on the Ebola situation, aspects it simply could not address earlier in the uphill fight to complete the huge post. JKI believes it is important for readers to avoid being stampeded by the current brouhaha. Important decisions, made in haste when haste is not immediately required, tend to be bad ones and may have dire consequences. It is now quite clear there is much more at stake than a spreading lethal disease, and people need to have a much more rounded and nuanced picture of what is going on, what may be going on, hidden agendas, who benefits, who loses and why. Is this a legitimate epidemiological problem, a misunderstanding of something else, self-serving hype by government, the media and Big Pharma, or is this, as some argue (see below), a monstrous conspiracy–with the adjective being used in term of both size and magnitude of evil?! Health Impact News raises profound questions regarding the nature of what we are really dealing with, not merely questioning the official story but showing one undiscussed major area after another regarding every aspect of this crisis. Disease prevalence, right diagnoses, experimental nature of Ebola cure, utility of natural remedies and the alarming parallels between the 1976 Swine Flu Hoax, whose cure killed more people than the disease did here, and our current situation. And from a man in Ghana comes a “gone viral”  view explicitly linking the Ebola situation to oil, gold and diamond and oil seizures, but especially to genocide of blacks in Africa and the US via the Ebola vaccine. And if that sounds crazy, the above article at shows that there is a patented Ebola virus strain–created by the CDC!  Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport goes straight at what he believes underlies the Ebola scare–the hidden, yet very real in his view, agenda.

End Update 

Less PC, More Security–Not Enough Substance!

POTUS has made real headway recovering from the horribly embarrassing intruder episode,  a story reported in detail by JKI previously. Since then, and no correlation is implied, such novel measures as locking the front door and actually using the  Belgian Malinois guard dogs on the next  intruder (reportedly got one bite before being extricated, but he repeatedly slugged the dogs, since cleared for duty by a vet), stopped the intruder on the White House Lawn.  JKI was gratified to see that somebody had finally gotten things back on an even keel. Or so it appeared. Behold the mighty new security measure–one certain to render would-be assassins and enemy assault teams incontinent!  A second layer of security fencing so intimidating as to give anyone contemplating going over it real pause.  Especially because of the attached POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS signs. Here it is!  Might cause someone to trip, right?  If the administration really wants to stop people from going over the fence, not only is a crowd control barrier not going to cut it, but it might be used as a climbing aid to get over the 7′ 6″ main fence!

POTUS & The Art of Pissing Off An Ally Against ISIS

It would appear that the magical thinking of POTUS has now seeped out of the Oval Office and begun to infect the minds elsewhere in the building. If not, why would the White House Communications Office blast Israeli PM Netanyahu as a “coward, for killing all those civilians during its invasion of the Gaza Strip,” if you can remotely fathom that? Back came a crushing and scatological public riposte the likes of which JKI has never seen before: “I'd rather be a coward who protects his people than a president who's chicken shit and won't do what's necessary to protect his nation.”  Yes, he really said that. FOX News has a rather different story, but JKI trusts its many times proven insider sources.

JKI is absolutely no fan of Netanyahu, whom it has repeatedly excoriated, but is it even remotely rational to talk this way to someone who on CBS's Sunday show “Face the Nation”  on October 5, 2014 reportedly said of combating ISIS “We will do anything and everything in our power to help…” That was followed with a rapier strike right at Obama's horrible penchant for  telegraphing his punches, demoralizing allies and would-be allies, delighting foes and soothing their concerns by removing uncertainty from their planning process. “Unlike your president, I will not be saying ahead of time what I will and will not do and what our plans are.” The published transcript reads considerably differently, though the tenor regarding telegraphing punches remains the same.

Were we in an actual declared war, it is fair to assert that Obama's repeated a priori declarations of what the US would not do or planned could well constitute the legal basis for a treason charge/s against him. To anyone with half a brain, it is patently obvious that Obama's public utterances do indeed give aid and comfort to the enemy. And ISIS is not merely the enemy of the United States, but of most of the planet. Except he refuses to wage anything remotely resembling actual war against ISIS, handing everything but outright victory to the mortal enemy of the civilized world.

Treason defined:

US Constitution, Article 3, Section 3

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Is it not a great aid to know ahead of time what the next US targets will be, what forces the US will or will not commit and where? Is it not providing comfort to let the foe know where not to be and to thus be able to preserve manpower and resources against a potentially terrible smiting from above? Of course! Whether comfortable with the characterization or not, Obama's actions and inactions have effectively cast him as a de facto ally of ISIS. As such, he is also adhering to it, another criterion in the definition of treason!

And, yes, Virginia, ISIS is most definitely a domestic threat, both here and abroad. An FBI U/FOUO (UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY) memo , intended for government use and not releasable to the public or the media without DHS permission, notes ISIS is calling for attacks on law enforcement and government personnel. Article here and memo full text here. JKI has been on the ISIS domestic terrorism angle since the beginning, and has presented one case never reported at the time. Now we have pro-ISIS tagging on a utility box in Washington, DC, reported, not celebrated, by a recent tattoo rocking blonde Texas female Muslim convert who's a degreed International Security specialist, is fluent in Arabic and despises ISIS.  ISIS has issued repeated death threats against Twitter personnel  from CEO Costolo down following the banning of ISIS accounts.

The attacks ISIS is soliciting here have already happened in Canada, in which at least one apparent jihadist entered Parliament where PM Harper was speaking. Per JKI's insider sources, an AK-47 and pistol were found there after the assailant, who, naturally, operated alone (the customary story), had a long history of mental illness and drug problems, so could not own any firearm, was killed. Canada's elite SASR (Special Air Services Regiment) sent in a counterterrorist team after delivery from a kind of Trojan horse tractor trailer rig. Additionally, JKI was told of another incident at a nearby shopping center in that same time period. Needless to say, the official version does not much resemble what JKI's super sensitive sources know via a range of means. 20 rounds fired in seconds in no way accords with a nonexistent old .30/.30 shotgun. No such weapon. Sheer utter crap. ISIS, apparently upset after Australian authorities moved to stop Australian citizens from going to Syria to join ISIS and revoking their passports if they did, thus stopping them from getting back into Australia, has called for attacks against law enforcement and government officials there, too. JKI got this Australia story from its not-for-attribution highly cleared military-intelligence sources, but the gist of it is here as well.

POTUS–The Man (Deliberately) Without A Plan & His Nonwar vs ISIS

The way it was explained to JKI by its highly placed military-intelligence sources, “The president is not interested in the military. He doesn't wish to be bothered with it and wishes it would just go away.” Which, no doubt, is why Obama, despite 18 months of expert coaching and guidance from the Pentagon, still has no military strategy other than “not fucking it up.” His words. Great Britain has made it clear that until the US has a proper strategy, Britain will not be involved against ISIS in any meaningful way. Thus, Obama's breathtaking intransigence when it comes to planning and waging war is keeping a powerful ally out of the fight against ISIS. Follow the president's magical thinking here. ISIS is a terrible threat to civilization. Therefore, it is necessary to fight it, and that can only be done if the US has allies. But properly waging war first requires the creation of a sound strategy, from which all else springs.  He resolutely and adamantly will not do that. Unsurprisingly, such “forceful” and “inspiring”leadership has caused US allies in the fight to do…”very little, mostly just talk.” Things could and would change in very short order were he to “grow a pair” (or even one full sized one), “put on his man pants” and be an actual dedicated, determined implacable war leader of an unprecedented coalition (many nations involved which were not in Operation Desert Storm) which could wipe ISIS from the planet. It does not look good, though, since Leon Panetta, formerly both Director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense under Obama, has characterized him as “lost for the last six years when it comes to national security.”

The picture of the children mock fighting below with soft bataka aggression encounter bats represents the distilled essence of POTUS approach to armed conflict. Except the opponent has and uses real weapons! Knives, pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, grenades,rockets, technicals, tanks, mortars, artillery, IEDs and now, WMDs, to include vesicant/blister agent  mustard gas, and the nerve agents/ bug spray for people (came from German work on pesticides before WW II)  GB (sarin) and the British-developed super lethal VX, 100 x more potent than sarin and able to kill with a pinhead size droplet on the skin.

POTUS Approach to Waging War. Batakas! Image Credit:

Obama will not release the 1000+ Special Forces soldiers (“mostly Navy SEALS, with some Delta Force, not many”) in Iraq to “do what they do best” in either Iraq or Syria. He will not allow the 3 x AC-130U Spooky gunships based in Bahrain to fight, nor the entire wing of A-10 Warthogs also there to enter the fight. He has totally prohibited the introduction of such elements of the 1st Infantry Division as are needed to prosecute ground operations against ISIS, though there is a Headquarters Company in-theater already, but missing the troops which it would command. Obama–the coalition war leader who will not lead, will not fight and whose priorities have been shown time and again by his golfing after an American's beheaded by ISIS, an event posted to the world, or going to speak at political fund-raisers when real crises should have firmly commanded his attention. Where his audience has several times walked out on him. It is a national embarrassment and disgrace that the so-called “leader of the free world” is on liberty, most definitely not on the bridge, when the ship of State is in real danger of running aground, yet the United Kingdom's Prime Minister has repeatedly dropped everything to personally run COBRA meetings, such as the recent announcement on September 14, 2014 that he would be chairing a Sunday meeting of the joint entity which convenes whenever there is a security situation in Britain or the world which affects the United Kingdom.

Obama still has the US military on a ten sorties/day leash. This applies to fixed wing and rotary wing strikes combined, causing the US military in Iraq to let the Iraqis “borrow” US Apaches to attack ISIS there. One of these was lost to enemy fire. Details below. The principal US air effort, if you can term Obama's martial insanity as an effort at all (no disrespect to those flying the missions), has come from the F/A-18s of  the Nimitz-class USS George H.W. Bush carrier strike group in the Red Sea, and Harriers from the USS Makin Island amphibious assault group in the Persian Gulf.

Amazingly, there is some good news to report. Per JKI's sources, the Navy has brought back into active service two entire squadrons of the formerly retired A-6 Intruder all-weather strike aircraft. One 12-plane squadron is flying bombers, while another of the same size is flying EA-6B Prowlers, which are specialized defense suppression and radar jamming aircraft which protect the bomb haulers. A fully loaded Intruder can take to the sky armed with an attention getting load of 38 x 500-pound JDAM, can fly further than an F/A-18 Hornet and stay in the target area much longer, too. The planes arrived aboard the carrier on October 17 and are fully operational. Remarkable enough, but JKI has been informed the USS George H.W. Bush, which nominally carries a total complement of 90 aircraft, is now home to 150! Asked by JKI about the near doubling of the published aircraft capacity figures, sources replied regarding the lower figure, “Oh, that's just a number for the public.”

Here are some others for the public, which Obama clearly presumes to be math illiterate at the elementary school level. This is why. Officially, the total combined daily air effort (US + partners) is 100 sorties/day, with a sortie being one aircraft, not a formation. If we run the math, though, the numbers are so grotesquely off they cannot possibly be anything but a Big Lie. JKI got these numbers straight from its own proven sources. Consider.

From September 22-October 15, 2014, there were 294 sorties flown by the US and allies in Iraq. 294 divided by 24 days = 12.25 sorties/day in Iraq. Maybe it was made up for by attacks into Syria? Hardly.

From September 23-October 17, 2014, 229 sorties were flown into Syria, 229 divided by 25 days = 9.16 sorties/day in Syria.

12.25 + 9.16 = 21.41 sorties/day is the average total for the entire air effort against ISIS by the US and its coalition partners. Not the 100 sorties/day Obama says are being flown. The man, no insult intended to real men, is lying through his teeth! Make no mistake. He is telling a Big Lie, a term which originated with Hitler.  So much for the freedom and democracy POTUS is supposedly about!

JKI has now received word that Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Kirby, previously blasted by Senator McCain as an “idiot,”  is under orders from Obama to say we are winning the war against ISIS. Meanwhile, ISIS, which really cannot afford to depend on Obama's unbelievable unwillingness to fight and smarting after he it hard, once, has wised up and adapted to the altogether real air threat, sometimes, in ways none of the military and intelligence experts saw coming.

ISIS Countermeasures vs Air Attack

After being given a rather large sample of what hell on Earth was like, ISIS made major changes, some radical. It stopped running large convoys about by day or night. It moved into the cities. It repainted its technicals. It figured out how to effectively employ all those 23 mm gun armed technicals for air defense. It deployed no less than three different types of Russian shoulder-fired SAMs–in addition to all the late model US Stingers abandoned by the Iraqi Army–and already has shot down three helicopters. And it broke out the snowblowers!

Why repaint the technicals? Simple. Anything white can be seen for miles in the desert, and many more from the air. The ISIS solution was clever and highly effective. Spray the trucks sand color and then throw sand on them while the paint is wet. JKI has been told the heavily camouflaged nonreflective vehicles are now practically invisible. And everywhere they go, they are protected by other trucks with SAM teams in them. Speaking of technicals, ISIS now has a new type, featuring a small multiple rocket launcher on the truck cab roof and a rocket blast shielded DShK 12.7 mm/.51 caliber heavy machine gun in the truck bed.

Returning to the man-portable SAMs, the three Russian types are the 9K-32 Strela-2/SA-7 GRAIL, the 9K-38 Igla-1/SA-16 GIMLET and the previously- unknown-to-JKI 9K-47, a SAM so new there is nothing on it online, based on a quick search. It has the simply amazing range of six/6 statute miles and a ceiling of 20,000 feet, meaning it can zap aircraft from a long way off and reach them while they are still halfway to normal operating altitude for passenger jets. The terrorist implications of this go well past chilling. More like approach absolute zero! By contrast, the ex-Iraqi Army US-supplied Stingers have an effective range of half that. Thanks to now-Democratic Party presidential candidate aborning, then-SecState Hillary Clinton and her boss, POTUS Barrack Obama's disastrous covert arms supply op resulting in the Benghazi Disaster, the Taliban in Afghanistan now have late model US Stingers and have used them against us. Though the exact weapons used are not known, ISIS shot down three/3 x Iraqi-controlled helicopters in Iraq. An Alouette, a Wasp and an AH-64 Apache. The last was loaned to the Iraqis by US forces in order to get more sorties accomplished than Obama's crushing restrictions on US air attacks would otherwise permit. And what of the snowblowers?

Using no less than 12 x ex-Iraqi M1 Abrams tanks and some of their own T-72s, over a period of days ISIS systematically demolished the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane (in the news yet again as this is wrapped up) leaving “towering clouds of black smoke visible for miles.” The British attacked the M1s, but killed none, forcing the US to go in. That killed 2 x M1 tank, leaving the rest to blow the place apart and enabling ISIS to roll in, destroy sixteen/16 mosques and kill lots of Kurds. And it was Kobane where the ISIS deployed its new weapon of choice against high tech air power. The snowblower.

Desert warfare has seen all sorts of innovations, of which World War II German armored warfare genius Rommel's mounting propeller aircraft engines on trucks to stir up so much sand it looked as though huge forces were on the move when seen from the ground and observation planes is still considered brilliant. But ISIS stirs up sand on a very small scale and gets a big payoff. How? Between attacks, ISIS uses snowblowers to bury its tanks, digging them out, and exposing them to air attack, only when needed. Unless it is firing, moving or both, a sand colored tank, against a background of same, is practically undetectable. A problem worsened when aircraft speed is high and the plane has to fly at medium altitude to avoid a whole bunch of 23 mm cannon holes, one of which alone might down the plane in a flaming death spiral.

This is why the A-10s were brought in, for they are designed to go into the toughest air defense environments, at treetop height if need be, and kill tanks, using a combination of high maneuverability, effective terrain use, threat warning systems and countermeasures to avoid being hit  and sheer armored toughness and redundant systems to survive if hit. The A-10's front windshield is designed to survive a direct hit from 23 mm fire, and the titanium armored bathtub surrounding the pilot can take a hit from the enormously more powerful 57 mm S-60 antiaircraft gun. But Obama did not allow the A-10s to fight at all, and Kobane fell. That a subsequent Kurd attack came crashing down on ISIS and put it to flight from there was a happenstance, and, having regrouped, ISIS is back. And the “14 air attacks” mentioned in al-Jazeera as having been used to defend it on Wednesday and Thursday over a week ago are really fourteen/14 sorties. Hardly enough to disturb ISIS leader al-Baghdadi's naps, let alone his evening repose.

Beginning to see why JKI's sources pillorize Obama as “feckless, reckless, clueless and dickless,” then go on to describe him as having “balls the size of a garter snake?” And look at how well his military policies are working out!

The US Embassy in Erbil, Iraq, whose likely imminent destruction brought US airstrikes back to Iraq in the first place, is now again under threat of ISIS artillery attack. Baghdad is practically surrounded, with 900 Americans in such jeopardy that Obama, who will not fight but is the bug out king–Iraq against strenuous military advice and now Afghanistan, has the USS Makin Island‘s Amphibious Squadron 8 standing by in the Persian Gulf to pull out our people, whose plight is the direct, exclusive result of his inability or unwillingness to deal with harsh reality. Consequently, though he has had the means and the political support to prevent it, ISIS now stands poised to take Baghdad and ultimately the country. Late in World War II, Hitler, who was deluded in the extreme as to the true military situation, used to issue orders to formations which no longer existed and move them about his situation maps. Obama lives on the other end of that martial insanity spectrum. He has the military resources, bipartisan legislative support, growing support of the American people, military allies and considerable global support to fight ISIS, but he flatly refuses to do much of anything. His motto, rather than being esse quam videri, ” to be, rather than seem to be,” based on a continuing pattern demonstrating it so, clearly must be videri quam esse, the exact opposite!

POTUS, the PDB and Why It Really Matters!

In academic terms, Obama wants the sheepskin–without attending classes, doing homework or taking tests. Additionally, he wants to be remembered as an honor graduate! When it comes to international security, Obama has flunked American President 101 outright, to the delight of his critics, the despair of his supporters and the glee of our enemies. By constantly advertising what he is not going to do (Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria), the very smart, yet seemingly devoid of common sense, Obama is the world's greatest soother of the potential foe and foe's brows; the calmer of palpitating hearts and dryer of sweating palms. “Don't worry,” he urges (dialogue made up), “we won't do a thing to really harm you, though please understand I have to occasionally make it look good by swatting you.” Nor does Obama impress, at home or abroad, as any sort of war leader against ISIS when reports are flying about that in the first 1225 days of his administration, he did not attend even 43% of the PDBs (Presidential Daily Brief). That link is from 2012. It is still a hot issue, and rightly so, as of September 29, 2014.

Obama's people may claim his nonattendance is mere semantics; that he gets the same information in printed form on his secure iPad™, but that is hardly the same as the robust give and take that ensues when the CIA Director or a designated emissary treks from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, drives across the Potomac and heads into Washington DC, enters the White House and heads into the Oval Office to brief the Big Boss, and designated senior staff, about the state of the world, right now, and what is an emerging problem and where, as it applies to the US security and international affairs. Somehow, it is hard to imagine that an iPad™ could ever have the impact of the “show and tell from hell” that was President John F. Kennedy's epiphany on Cuba that marked the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis and could well have led to World War III. JFK had the CIA Director and the top photo interpreter in the country in the Oval Office to explain to him and his advisers face to face exactly what that veritable wall of U-2 and low level photos meant–for him, the nation and the world.

So poised on the razor's edge was the situation; so ready to nuke Russia in a heartbeat on the slightest pretense was Strategic Air Command founder and boss General Curtis Lemay, that low-flying US Navy RF-8 Crusader recon aircraft pilots were ordered to say “I was not fired upon,” and any combat damaged received was to be unfailingly reported as “seagull strikes.” One plane must have flown right through a dense flock, seeing as how it came back with nearly 30 such strikes, which were oddly circular and precise!

And while President Kennedy paid attention to what his intelligence experts were telling him, Obama missed five PDBs in succession–the ones immediately preceding Benghazi!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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6 years ago

Michael Relfe, here is his wonderful letter for heads of state. The man who wrote this letter was used for the Mars base problem. He feels it is paramount we let stop allowing GMO’s and vaccines to hurt people with special abilities. Instead, he suggests we let these people develop so they have the abilitiy to protect this world. He feels it is wrong to use these people to fight on Mars, but not allow them to defend their own planet.

Reply to  Grateful
6 years ago

For the letter to heads of state regarding what to do with alien problem on Earth, the search engine comes up on, type “open letter” in the search box.

We can print it and send it to our congress people and Senate, local, state, and federal.

Reply to  John Kettler
6 years ago

Thanks for giving!

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