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Originally posted on December 30, 2017 @ 4:52 PM


This post's title was chosen because it makes a telling point about the recent New York Times revelations about the Pentagon and UFOs. This event, which I am calling, for excellent and well-informed reasons, #PentagonUFOnanoDisclosure, is yet another one of those “give with one hand (release some new increment of true info) and take away with the other (make it self negating or seemingly that way so as not to upset those who can't or won't accept nonstandard reality)” UFO related information releases which have been going on for decades. The difference? This one ups the ante by appearing in a, ahem, flagship newspaper. Regardless, the seeming bombshell article is nevertheless part and parcel of a highly classified Pentagon psyop called the Alien Awareness Program. What some excitedly see as Disclosure writ large is, at some most extraordinary best, akin to revealing a piece of ice the size of an ice cube and taken from the highest point on a gigantic iceberg. That's why I call it a nanoDisclosure aka farce and insult to our intelligence.

UFO Psyop, Anyone?

This first came to my attention in the early 1990s, I believe, in a sidebar in either UFO magazine or UNICUS. There, a brutally candid article revealed that a UFO research group called AITRAD had a retired senior military source dubbed Three Star and who told its members he had been invited to join the Alien Awareness Program after leaving the military and flatly refused to be involved in any such hiding of the truth from the American people. Why hiding? The program was going to dribble out the truth in tiny amounts, shrouded in disinformation and presented in such a way the government never really had to disclose anything officially! My own proven spook sources were surprised I knew of this psyop and confirmed to me the existence of the Alien Awareness Program several decades later. Readers need ever remember this when it comes to anything publicly said or released about UFOs, however obliquely, by the Pentagon or the US Government in any form. If you think I'm making up this stuff, please consider the following blockbuster films which profoundly affected many, including me. Shall also mention a TV show evidently deemed so significant it was made, in several different forms, four times.

UFO Conditioning for Your Thoughts!

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” had the premises that: UFOs were real; that ETs were real: that they had abducted humans; that the Pentagon in particular and the US government at the highest levels was aware of this. Further, there had been communications between the ETs and our government to arrange a landing, music and color were the close range means of communication and that subsequent to this historic event, humans went to the stars with these benevolent ETs. Guess what? All of those things have happened, some many times, and there were certain particulars which were presented with scrupulous attention to detail on a film whose set was alive with various minders, observers and influencers, with some undoubtedly from the fearsome and lethal UFO control group MJ-12, whose core elements have been CIA and the US military since it was first founded in 1947. Insider sources have said the color and music back and forth shown in the film occurred, as did the departure of humans to the ETs' home world (of the not stated constellation Zeta Reticuli), together with their later return, which wasn't shown. This was a reference to the Pentagon's Top Secret (and then some) PROJECT SERPO, which also is based on the same sort of gradual release approach previously outlined. Unsurprisingly, there have been allegations this is a hoax, but my “Deep Throats” have flatly stated otherwise and on several occasions.

Turning now to “E.T. The Extraterrestrial,” another blockbuster and one which specifically targeted the minds and hearts of children, the story is of an ET which somehow got left behind is now trying to “phone home” in a desperate and heart-wrenching effort to rejoin his own kind.  The government is after him and so forth. While the ignorant sighed, the movie was telling, albeit in a veiled way, some very important truths. There had been an ET left on Earth, and there had been an effort made to reach its fellows. But this  ET was a UFO crash survivor; was a sentient plant with chlorophyll instead of blood, and his caregiver wasn't a sweet doughty little boy but a crack botanist by the name of Dr. Guillermo Mendoza who tried in vain to keep his sick ET patient alive, while meanwhile the US government bent every covert effort to help the ET, whom we called EBE, for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, summon help. Alas, the patient died, and there is no indication contact was made. This all turned up in my own researches, and my knowing this story surprised my contacts, who confirmed the truth of it.

Both of theses movie were directed by Steven Spielberg, and he also wrote the first one. Haven't had the desire to go through his entire body of work for themes and memes which would endear him to the  kingmaking/global policy creating Bilderberg Group, but it is a matter of record he got one to attend the 1999 meeting. This insightful article shows that he was invited, has been involved in many UFO related projects and that in 2005, executed an unexpected pivot in his position on UFOs. Since a thank you for past services could've been conveyed by any number of means, it seems reasonable to wonder what new marching orders he got.

The above are but two examples of what were de facto global psyops revealing (and subconsciously imprinting and normalizing) the reality of UFOs and their occupants, who were at the very least benign. Others, though, were outright malign. Belay that. Monstrously evil, with the emphasis on monster!

The television series “V” showed us bad guy aliens (Reptilians or Reptoids at that), who could pass as us and came bearing wondrous gifts for humanity, but these were highly effective means of quelling natural concerns over true foreigners with huge craft over every major city on the planet!  Their agenda was, ultimately, total control of humanity as an ongoing food supply!

These are but three examples of what's really been going on. Shall now show you how the Pentagon can make a UFO which lands in broad daylight at a super busy airport disappear. It's all here in a post I wrote as the story unfolded. Not only does it cover the landing, but the coverup, deception plan executed and what was found when the UFO was examined at the very same S4 at Area 51 where former physicist there Bob Lazar said he'd worked reverse engineering alien spacecraft propulsion systems. Would note for the record that Element 115, whose revelation caused Bob Lazar to be lambasted by the scientific types, has been confirmed to exist and is called Ununpentium.

The NYT article makes a big to do about video the Pentagon released of F-18s chasing a swarm of UFOs, but that doesn't necessarily prove they're alien, just that they're not conventional aircraft. The US (and other countries) has its own antigravity craft, a bunch of them, in fact. Moreover, the Germans were flying antigravity craft during World War II! There is a wealth of material in support of this, including copies of blueprint drawings, contemporary covert photography and information passed on to their progeny by those who worked on them and the German atomic bomb!  Again, this has been ringingly validated and elaborated upon by highly sensitive contacts.

And while there's massive evidence of the UFO and ET truths tied to the Roswell crash, including deathbed testimony by a dying CIA officer who was directly involved and saw the bodies, it's not necessary to go that far back, as seen in this JKI exclusive revealing the US invaded Mexico in 1972 to retrieve a downed saucer, an operation involving things so grisly and appalling they still haunted the eyewitness I interviewed in depth!  The Pentagon which still has many of us chasing our tails over whether UFOs are real, has several times had live ones at times in special secure facilities. Here is an EBE, J-ROD, whose maltreatment really pissed off someone intimately involved in making public this stupendous proof of the carefully suppressed and murderously protected UFO secret. In the mid 1980s, the Pentagon called UFOs “FAST WALKERS” because of their blazing speed. Read several examples myself in a SECRET (and change) INTSUM (Intelligence Summary) at SD/IN, an Air Force intelligence facility near LAX specifically built to support defense contractors and which I from time to time visited to acquire various intelligence materials on the Russians and their allies during the Cold War in support of my job as a Soviet Threat Analyst at Hughes Missile Systems Group. British UFO researcher Timothy Good had something almost exactly like it in his superb ABOVE TOP SECRET.

30-year veteran investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (of NoMoreFakeNews) has every reason to be concerned about what he rightly terms “gift-wrapped UFO revelations,” for that is exactly what they are. If you doubt this, you may wish to consider that one of the authorities cited, NASA consultant, aviation and space writer James Oberg, is a charter member of CSICOP, a group of pseudo skeptics whose own charter (in REAL MAGIC by Isaac Bonewits) irrevocably shows it will never, under any circumstances, admit the reality of any phenomenon outside of the standard canon of reality. According to a dear friend (now dead) who joined just to see what CSICOP was up to, their manual for its talking heads (talking head top dog is Bill Nye) specifically says deflect, make up stuff, denigrate the questioner and lie when cornered! People like him are the “taking back” side of the pattern. They help keep the unable and/or unwilling to deal with the reality of UFOs and their occupants in their cozy world where they (foolishly) imagine themselves safe.

Guss Who's Having Humans for Dinner?

Why foolishly? Seems we're quite tasty! Read this. A woman named Judy Doraty got to see gray ETs feed (through their pores in a blood soup of human body parts) after she was abducted and taken to an underground base. That nightmarish experience is but part of Emmy Award-winning science reporter, investigative journalist and paranormal researcher  Linda Moulton Howe's An Alien Harvest. They might also want to stay out of national parks, since several different sources, including mine, say some 37,000 people disappear from them every year. Returning to some ETs eating humans, Michael Salla's identified sources from the SSP (Secret Space Program) report a soulless mega corp like the one in the frighteningly accurate “Total Recall” trafficks humans to an alien group which uses them as slaves and food! This group has massive fangs and is called the Draco. This is in his astounding and appalling Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances.

What I've presented is but a tiny portion of what I could present to unmask what really lies behind the NYT story. At best, it is an eyedropper taken from an ocean. Beware.





John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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3 years ago

Not “Aliens” are the real enemies of the American people or mankind. No, its the NWO-Zionists who rule the USA!

3 years ago

This article by Michael Salla was very interesting to read and I believe he references many quotes of yours regarding the UFO’s off of the coast of California. I wonder if those were ever verified as being on or off world craft ?

3 years ago

This site has a list of nano particles in our food that enable these ETs to use us track us for their purposes.

These guys are super disclosing the nano connection with our food and vaccines for nefarious reasons for the benefit of those who have no more empathy for humans.

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