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Pearl Harbor! End the Big Lie, Mr. President!

Originally posted on December 7, 2015 @ 3:36 AM

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor's perhaps most iconic photograph: the mortally wounded battleship U.S.S. Arizona sinks to the harbor bottom there. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NARA (Public Domain)

Period color film of the Pearl Harbor attack

Pearl Harbor Day has begun, President Obama, and what is coming today is certain to follow the pattern of many years past–unless you take a giant step to forever change the fundamental understanding, here and abroad, of the truth of what Pearl Harbor was really about, what happened why and who was responsible. Now is the time to end the Big Lie that is and has been the Pearl Harbor story. 

It is time and past time for the sitting US president, currently you, to boldly step forward and finally issue an Executive Order ordering the  full and immediate complete declassification, protection, release and broad dissemination of all remaining classified materials on Pearl Harbor, with special emphasis on still classified TOP SECRET US Navy holdings  of intercepted Japanese naval communications  (COMINT)in the period from the time the Imperial Japanese Navy Kido Butai (Strike Force) left Hittokapu Bay (now Kasatka Bay), Japan until the time of its devastating airstrike against the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Now is the time, Mr. President, to make your mark on American history, by taking the long needed bold decisive step to forever end the Big Lie that is Pearl Harbor as taught to generations of credulous schoolchildren and still widely perceived to be the truth by most people to this day. If you wish to leave a legacy, why not let part of it be a mighty blow for the truth–in a decision which will ring through the ages?!

Big Lie about Pearl Harbor? What Big Lie?

Big Lie Number 1

The US had no advance warning of any attack on Pearl Harbor; the Kido Butai was radio silent, meaning the attack could therefore not have been anticipated.


The Strike Force broadcast to IJN Headquarters and received messages from it before, during and after the attack!  This is precisely why it is essential that you declassify, secure and disseminate those Navy intercepts covering the period from before the Strike force left Hittokapu Bay until the Pearl Harbor attack. If there is and has been nothing to hide, then why is the Navy still sitting on those files? After all, the Big Secrets of World War II (Manhattan Project, ULTRAMAGIC, radar, etc.) have long been declassified, so why have not Navy intercepts from shortly before the attack also been declassified?

The material immediately below is taken from the excellent article which appeared in New American on Sunday, 07 December 2014 and previously hyperlinked to above in referring to the still-classified intercepts. Bold and Italics are mine. Robert Stinnett, named below, is the author of the shattering expose of the truth of Pearl Harbor called Day of Deceit, a book which in its review  stated was “Highly detailed, reasoned and literate, Stinnett’s book is a triumph of historical scholarship and a valuable contribution to the record of World War II.”

The links within the excerpts presented are mine.

(Fair Use)

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not
Written by James Perloff

Excerpt One

“As Robert Stinnett has revealed, Washington was not only deciphering Japanese diplomatic messages, but naval dispatches as well. President Roosevelt had access to these intercepts via his routing officer, Lieutenant Commander McCollum, who had authored the original eight-point plan of provocation to Japan. So much secrecy has surrounded these naval dispatches that their existence was not revealed during any of the ten Pearl Harbor investigations, even the mini-probe Congress conducted in 1995. Most of Stinnett's requests for documents concerning Pearl Harbor have been denied as still classified, even under the Freedom of Information Act.

It was long presumed that as the Japanese fleet approached Pearl Harbor, it maintained complete radio silence. This is untrue. The fleet barely observed discretion, let alone silence. Naval intelligence intercepted and translated numerous dispatches, some clearly revealing that Pearl Harbor had been targeted. The most significant was the following, sent by Admiral Yamamoto to the Japanese First Air Fleet on November 26, 1941:

The task force, keeping its movement strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft, shall advance into Hawaiian waters, and upon the very opening of hostilities shall attack the main force of the United States fleet and deal it a mortal blow. The first air raid is planned for the dawn of x-day. Exact date to be given by later order.”

End Excerpt One

Excerpt Two

1941 also witnessed the following:

On January 27th, our ambassador to Japan, Joseph Grew, sent a message to Washington stating: “The Peruvian Minister has informed a member of my staff that he has heard from many sources, including a Japanese source, that in the event of trouble breaking out between the United States and Japan, the Japanese intended to make a surprise attack against Pearl Harbor with all their strength….”

Nor do we have to take what's said in the article on faith, since we have both the quote and the full citation from an official US source:
“The Peruvian minister has informed a member of my staff that he heard from many sources, including a Japanese source, that, in the event of trouble breaking out between the United States and Japan, the Japanese intended to make a surprise attack against Pearl Harbor.”
(Source: U.S. Department of State Publication 1983, Peace and War: United States Foreign Policy, 1931-1941, Washington, D.C.: U.S., Government Printing Office, 1943, pp. 617-618)

End Excerpt Two

Excerpt Three

Congressman Martin Dies would write:

Early in 1941 the Dies Committee came into possession of a strategic map which gave clear proof of the intentions of the Japanese to make an assault on Pearl Harbor. The strategic map was prepared by the Japanese Imperial Military Intelligence Department. As soon as I received the document I telephoned Secretary of State Cordell Hull and told him what I had. Secretary Hull directed me not to let anyone know about the map and stated that he would call me as soon as he talked to President Roosevelt. In about an hour he telephoned to say that he had talked to Roosevelt and they agreed that it would be very serious if any information concerning this map reached the news services…. I told him it was a grave responsibility to withhold such vital information from the public. The Secretary assured me that he and Roosevelt considered it essential to national defense.

End Excerpt Three

As you can see, Mr. President, not only was there clear and direct warning of the planned attack, information known directly and specifically by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but hiding this information from the American people and the world was done, to use the legal phrasing, knowingly, willingly and with malice aforethought, both before and after the fact. As if the above was not damning enough, the US knew, via FBI taps of the Japanese Consulate phone trunk and surveillance of the very busy spook (intel expert on US Navy) cum diplomat (chancellor under his cover identity) on the ground and in the air Takeo Yoshikawa, that the Japanese were gathering what could only be targeting data for a planned attack. There were also the actions of Nazi spy Bernard Kuehn, who was arrested by the FBI after the attack for espionage, including providing the Japanese Consulate with extensive specifics regarding the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor and for using a system of signals to communicate with Japanese submarines. That was December 2, 1941.

Additionally, Colonel William J. “Wild Bill” Donavan, who founded and ran the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the CIA's lineal ancestor) recorded in his personal papers in November 1941 that Dr. Hans Thonsen, a German diplomat, had relayed to him the Japanese planned to attack  Pearl Harbor in November or December. This is paraphrased from page 130 of The Folly of War: American Foreign Policy, 1898-2005, by Donald E. Schmidt. Given “Wild Bill's” well documented intimate friendship with and direct physical access to FDR on the most sensitive of matters, it is absolutely inconceivable that he would not have informed FDR of this most vital of facts.

Big Lie Number Two

The US military, in the form of the Navy and Army commanders on the scene, was responsible for the disaster at Pearl Harbor, which is why Admiral Husband Kimmel and General Walter Short had their careers and reputations publicly destroyed at the time.


The US military warned Washington time and again of the dangers Pearl Harbor faced from Japanese attack. In fact, in military exercises held in 1932, it was determined that Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to Japanese carrier borne air attack. Below is taken from the most informative The Pearl Harbor Deception, by David Rivera.

In 1932, the U.S. Navy had conducted tests at Pearl Harbor which indicated that it was vulnerable to an attack from sixty miles away without being able to detect it. Admiral James O. Richardson, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific fleet, wanted the fleet withdrawn to the west coast of the United States because they were inadequately manned for war and because the area was too exposed. It was not done. In January, 1941, Richardson was relieved of his command. It was later revealed that Roosevelt wanted him to create a naval blockade around Japan, to provoke them into a response, so the United States could declare war. He refused to do it, saying it was an act of war.

I can tell you, too, from my own research and confirmed by a retired Four Star, that the strike potential of carrier based aviation against the Fleet at anchor was first identified during naval exercises near the Panama Canal, circa 1929. Even then, the handwriting was on the wall!

Consequently, for people to go around claiming “Nobody knew Pearl Harbor was vulnerable to Japanese air attack” deserves exactly the blistering response  National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice should have gotten when she told her own Big Lie regarding terrorist attack using a passenger plane as being impossible to anticipate. Yet President George W. Bush was hastily evacuated, along with many other world leaders, from the G8 meeting in Genoa, Italy in June 2011 for exactly that reason! The records clearly show the Pentagon investigated the issue in 1993 and that in 1994 there were multiple instances of direct attempts and thwarted plans, some by terrorists, to use jetliners as kamikaze weapons. The attack on Pearl Harbor was predictable, then, on a bunch of fronts, as was the use of jetliners as kamikaze weapons on 9/11. The Big Lie on both occasions.

If The Pearl Harbor Deception is a bit much for your taste, there is also a set of official warning messages sent by the Navy and the Army in late November 1941 and shown on the authoritative site HyperWar, a giant hypertext archive of the US in WW II. The US military did issue warnings, but at the very top levels, critical time urgent actionable intelligence indicating imminent  Japanese attack immediately before the Pearl Harbor strike was knowingly, willingly and with malice aforethought withheld from Admiral Husband Kimmel and General Walter Short by their bosses, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Harold Stark and Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall.  Kimmel and Short were deliberately hung out to dry by being kept in the dark by their superiors in Washington, DC. It is no accident that the “attack is imminent” alert was sent to them by routine (zero time urgency) communication means. Unsurprisingly, it conveniently arrived after the attacks hours later.

Why were they abandoned thus? The record is quite clear for those willing to look. The President wanted to go to war against Hitler's Germany, and getting Japan to attack the US was the way to do so. Though this might sound crazy on the face of it, FDR's reasoning was based on Hitler's demonstrated behavior when an Axis partner was in trouble, and Japan was an Axis partner under the Tripartite Pact, entitled to (but not necessarily guaranteed) defense by other Members if attacked. Hitler had rushed to rescue Il Duce, Italian dictator and friend Benito Mussolini as his African empire in Libya was on the verge of collapse by sending in still famed General Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps in March of 1941.

Roosevelt fully expected Hitler to declare war on the US, and was he ever right! While the official canon says Japan attacked first, we now know that in truth it was the US which first initiated war against Japan through a series of Eight Actions suggested by Far East Intelligence Chief,  Lieutenant Commander A.H. McCollum (who controlled what sensitive intel got to the president) to Roosevelt and executed on FDR's orders or at his behest. You have but to look at subsequent US official internal and public statements to see that the “suggestions” became eminently real. These actions included repeated grossly illegal invasion of Japanese territorial waters by Navy warships. Each and every such flagrant and deliberate act, of which the Japanese were made aware of on purpose by doing it in their view, was an Act of War and a terrible insult to Japan and its leaders. Note what the Eight Actions were and what the anticipated result would be.

9. It is not believed that in the present state of political opinion the United States government is capable of declaring war against Japan without more ado; and it is barely possible that vigorous action on our part might lead the Japanese to modify their attitude. Therefore, the following course of action is suggested:

A. Make an arrangement with Britain for the use of British bases in the Pacific, particularly Singapore.

B. Make an arrangement with Holland for the use of base facilities and acquisition of supplies in the Dutch East Indies.

C. Give all possible aid to the Chinese government of Chiang-Kai-Shek.

D. Send a division of long range heavy cruisers to the Orient, Philippines, or Singapore.

E. Send two divisions of submarines to the Orient.

F. Keep the main strength of the U.S. fleet now in the Pacific in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands.

G. Insist that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese demands for undue economic concessions, particularly oil.

H. Completely embargo all U.S. trade with Japan, in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed by the British Empire.

10. If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully prepared to accept the threat of war.

– H. McCollum

This is nothing less than a geo-strategic integrated plan, of international breadth, intended to back Japan into such a corner that war was the only viable recourse. This case study, conducted using American University's ICE (Inventory of Conflict and Environment) Template, shows how extraordinarily bad Japan's plight became when the full court press was executed. Simply put, Japan was on the verge of being destroyed,

Bluntly, Roosevelt, who later orated so tellingly of” December, 7, 1941″ and its “infamy” was right, but he left out his calculated, deliberate salient and essential part in starting the War. This, mind, was after getting the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Reuben James torpedoed by a German U-boat as a result illegally ordering the escorting (direct violation of the Neutrality Act) a British supply convoy in the Atlantic. He thought the well publicized October 31, 1941 sinking of the Navy warship, at the cost of 115 men out of 160 total, would spur the country to outraged declaration of war. This did not happen. Indeed, so small was the reaction that the great Woodie Guthrie wrote a song about it because it made him mad that no one seemed to care.

Though they were subsequently exonerated on May 25, 1999, by Senate Resolution, of responsibility for what happened,at the time, Mr. President, these two officers, Admiral Kimmel and General Short, who devoted their lives to this country, were subjected to what might inadequately be termed a travesty of justice. They were denied counsel under false pretenses, denied the right to question and cross examine witnesses; denied access to pertinent records, and their testimony was systematically butchered to their disadvantage in the incredibly crude stenographic record, and were denied the right to correct the errors made in that record. That was merely the beginning of the odiousness which was done to them. As a Constitutional lawyer, I have no doubt you will find this article, Pearl Harbor: Scapegoating Kimmel and Short, by James Perloff, quite a fascinating, and appalling read. The last paragraph, following a litany of coverups and rigged investigations, says it all of these two good men deliberately abandoned by their top commanders all the way to the Oval Office.

(Fair Use)

“The lie of Kimmel and Short's fault was perpetuated and Washington's secrets sealed. Congress did conduct a “mini-probe” in 1995, at the urging of the families of General Short (died 1949) and Admiral Kimmel (died 1968). The families hoped to restore the ranks of their libeled, demoted fathers. The 1995 probe requested that the Pentagon reinvestigate Pearl Harbor in light of the new information. However, on December 1, 1995, Undersecretary of Defense Edwin Dorn concluded his own investigation with these comments: “I cannot conclude that Admiral Kimmel and General Short were victims of unfair official actions and thus cannot conclude that the remedy of advancement on the retired list is in order.”

However, on May 25, 1999, the U.S. Senate approved a resolution that Kimmel and Short had performed their duties “competently and professionally” and that our losses at Pearl Harbor were “not the result of dereliction of duty.” “They were denied vital intelligence that was available in Washington,” said Senator William V. Roth Jr. (R-Del.). Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.) called Kimmel and Short “the two final victims of Pearl Harbor.”

Thus, these good men were deliberately denied vital information which could have, at the very least, greatly reduced our 2400+ dead at Pearl Harbor, instead had their careers and lives ruined, shame brought upon them and their families, and even after their deaths the Pentagon still blames them and has therefore denied them the advancement on the retirement list (posthumous promotion) which is customary.

The truth is the truth, and the Pentagon, in the form of your very able SECDEF, Ashton Carter, together with SECNAV, SECARMY, the CNO and the Army Chief of Staff, needs to formally, plainly and publicly state the truth of what happened and why, officially exonerate them, rehabilitate their reputations, restore their lost ranks and give them the posthumous promotions their distinguished service to this country so richly deserves. I ask you, as Commander-in-Chief, to order this be done. The situation, as it currently stands, is nothing less than a national disgrace which cries out be righted–and has for decades.

Big Lie Number Three

The water depth at Pearl Harbor was too shallow to use aerial torpedoes (not synonymous here with the old word for aerial bombs). Therefore, it was impossible for the Japanese to torpedo our battleships in the anchorage. Such a threat could not be anticipated.


The smashing victory of the Royal Navy at the Battle of Taranto, November 11, 1940, inflicted a crippling strategic blow against Mussolini's navy, the Regia Marina. The entire operation, flown at night, was conducted with a mere 21 ancient Fairey Swordfish biplane torpedo bombers. The British destroyed or heavily damaged 3 of the 7 battleships present (sank 1 and mauled 2, along with also damaging a heavy cruiser). Unsurprisingly, the Japanese devoted a great deal of attention to all aspects of the Battle of Taranto, ranging from the planning and the attack proper to its tremendous strategic effects. Funny thing about Taranto, you see, for it, too, had “impossible for aerial torpedo attack” shallow water in the anchorage. Guess someone forgot to tell the British the problem was insoluble. From the above link on under  World War II: Battle of Taranto:

(Fair Use)

“The Taranto Raid changed many naval experts' thoughts regarding air-launched torpedo attacks. Prior to Taranto, many believed that deep water (100 ft.) was needed to successfully drop torpedoes. To compensate for the shallow water of Taranto harbor (40 ft.), the British specially modified their torpedoes and dropped them from very low altitude. This solution, as well as other aspects of the raid, was heavily studied by the Japanese as they planned their attack on Pearl Harbor the following year.”

Summing Up and Some Additional Thoughts–Your Call to Action

What I have presented above is but a sliver of the truth of Pearl Harbor and the decades of presidential, military, political, journalistic and historical coverups. Even so, Mr. President, I believe I have more than made my case regarding the truth about Pearl Harbor and the Big Lie the people of this nation and the world were taught long ago. And largely, still wrongly believe. This Big Lie (there are many, after all) is one which has been continuously reinforced and has been deliberately propagated, defended and lied about by the US Government ever since the warned of many times planned  Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor took place. Though shattering information is available at the sources cited and elsewhere, the grim reality is that the general public fundamentally knows little or nothing of what really happened at Pearl Harbor, why and who was responsible.

Worse, administration after administration has made, by choice or by default, the decision to deny the people the truth of one of, if not the, most important events in the history of the country. You can materially and directly take all but irresistible action to fix that, since it is you who officially controls the entire classification system in this country. This is made clear by your issuance of Executive Order 13526–Classified National Security Information.

Here is your shining opportunity to obliterate the veil of government secrecy which has hidden what has long been considered a national tragedy, yet ought rightly now to be perceived as the blackest betrayal of this country, whether for reasons good or ill, by its very own president. The man who said he would not send our boys (cough, unless we were attacked) to war was the very man who worked without surcease to start one. And succeeded!

FDR got his war–with a Big Lie. I formally ask that you, President Barrack Obama,  now resolutely stand up for the truth and order the full and immediate declassification (not review) of any and all US government documents relating to the Pearl Harbor attack: what we knew, when we knew, how we knew it, who knew it, what was done and when. For starters. Additionally, I ask that you ban forthwith any and all destructions of such documents, order their protection  and require that their handling be done from now on only in the presence of disinterested parties (suitably cleared if need be to gain access to secure document storage facilities), to avoid any last minute “regrettable accidents” and “missing files.” The evidence shows that much has already been deliberately disappeared one way or another, and it is urgent that you take swift action to preserve what is left of this searing part of our national patrimony.

The American dead whom you will honor this Pearl Harbor Day were but Roosevelt's second installment in a war which cost over 405,000 American lives. Do not those who gave all, and their families, who still grieve even now,  deserve the fullest and most candid account of the events which led to their death? You can help make that possible. You have the opportunity and authority to right a series of terrible wrongs. Will you, Mr. President? You campaigned under the banner of Hope. Here is your chance to restore some of ours!


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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