Vimana of the “gods” stolen! Last laugh’s on the UFO thieves!

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Those of you who’ve read my E-book UFOs, Vimanas, Antigravity and Mystics will understand this.  The rest of you’ll probably find this breaking news on the spirited away vimana of the “gods” (happened Tuesday, October 4, 2011 in an ultimately failed black op) incomprehensible. How They Stole Zoroaster’s Vimana The mixed guard force (three U.S., […]

Unicorns–fact or fiction? New cryptozoology post coming soon!

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Unicorns aren’t just for little girls and young women. Rather, unicorns fall squarely under the gimlet eye of cryptozoology, the science that studies the creatures conventional scientists by and large wish to ignore, preferring to protect their reputations and “rice bowls” (conventional funding sources).  Unicorns make for a natural first blog on cryptozoology, with the […]

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