Israel Betrays U.S. By Selling 69 Patriot 2 PAC3s to China!

Israel’s Patriot 2 PAC3 Betrayal Merely The Latest! Israel has been caught red handed this past Friday trying to deliver no less than 69 state-of-the-art Patriot 2 PAC3 missiles to China, according to well-informed, very angry U.S. intelligence and military sources. Reportedly, this was being done in exchange for the missile guidance frequencies, uplink codes […]

War In Middle East Not Permitted, ET/ED Sources Say

War “Not On,” Even Conventional Warfare! War in the Middle East will not be permitted, according to ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources repeatedly proven correct after making a series of a priori predictions which a)  later occurred and b) were independently confirmed by extremely well-informed terrestrial sources. This “No war!” message came with some very specific targeted warnings. Neither War […]

Anti-UFO Weapon Targeting System Off Sakhalin Destroyed By ET/ED Action!

Anti-UFO Weapon Fire Control Center Destroyed By A “Wave Like A Hand” 49 Military-Technical Specialists Killed; 12 Technicians Survive The Russian  anti-ufo weapon system has existed since the 1970s, and its use in action was been seen around the world in the September 15, 1991  STS 48 (Space Shuttle Mission 48) live video–by those paying attention. […]

Bin Laden vs. SEAL Team Six–The Untold Story

Bin Laden–How We Found Him While much of the “official” story of the Jedis of SEAL Team Six (cover name NAVDEVGRU–Navy Development Group) attack on bin Laden is true, there are important things to be told.  The brave men of Red team (12 enlisted, 2 officers) who were there and took out bin Laden , while […]

Black Programs Raided! Raiders Take UFOs, UFO Tech & Crew!

Black Programs in Dire Straits–Accelerating Disappearances, Facility Raids, Vanished Personnel Create “ID” in Black Programs’ Managers and Staff Black programs require special, highly guarded and screened ultra secure facilities, such as Area 51, the underground complexes at Wright-Patterson AFB (Air Force Base) Dugway Proving Grounds and Dulce, New Mexico’s D6, to name but a few […]

YU 55 Intercept Launch from Vandenberg AFB Multiply Confirmed!

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YU 55 Intercept Launch Seen By Three Independent Eyewitnesses In Two Different California Cities Despite the strenuous, repeated objections of Mr. Janos Clare of Hungary and several others, it has now been conclusively established that two independent eyewitnesses in Santa Barbara, California and one in Lompoc, California directly observed the launch of the nuclear-armed (3-5 […]