NWO Boomer Down! NWO North Korean Corvette Explodes!

NWO Boomer Presumed Lost-Missed Multiple Radio Check-Ins; U.S. Navy Asked To Help With Search! The NWO boomer was warned, NWO-controlled Israel was warned, but neither listened to the ETs/EDs. Now, that NWO nuclear powered ex-French ballistic missile sub is gone, having missed as many as four mandatory radio check-ins. Somewhere in a 100 nautical mile […]

ETs/EDs To Israel’s NWO Boomer–“Retreat Or Die!”

ETs/EDs Have Had It–Israel Retreats Sub Or It Dies; Crew’s Fate Still Undecided ETs/EDs have had it with Benjamin Netanyahu and his war party’s headlong rush, with the U.S. included, to confrontation with an Iran firmly backed by Russia. The ex-French boomer (nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine) survived a battering while rounding the Cape of […]

NWO Ignores Warnings From ETs/EDs & Seeks War Still!

NWO Will Pay–ETs/EDs Adamant NWO failure to listen to the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) last time has yielded another attempt at starting a war in the Middle East. As this is being written, thousands of war-weary U.S. troops from Iraq who thought they were going home have been quietly diverted by the NWO to Israel, and thousands […]

ETs/EDs’ Predictions Proven Correct! Bodies Are Dropping!

ETs/EDs’ Predictions Come To Pass! ETs/EDs’ (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) warnings made earlier here have been proven fatally correct. Ultra reliable information indicates some five plus CIA officials, ranking as high as the Deputy Director level, have apparently committed suicide en bloc by hanging themselves with their own silk ties. Some did it in their office cubes, while others […]

NWO Doomed! ETs/EDs Declare War On The NWO

NWO Doomed! “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide!, Vow ETs/EDs New World Order types, beware! You are squarely in the sights of an ever growing, single minded force of ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) determined to liberate Earth and her people from your terrible thrall. What has happened so far to the NWO game plan is as nothing when […]