ETs/EDs’ Predictions Proven Correct! Bodies Are Dropping!

ETs/EDs’ Predictions Come To Pass! ETs/EDs’ (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) warnings made earlier here have been proven fatally correct. Ultra reliable information indicates some five plus CIA officials, ranking as high as the Deputy Director level, have apparently committed suicide en bloc by hanging themselves with their own silk ties. Some did it in their office cubes, while others […]

NWO Doomed! ETs/EDs Declare War On The NWO

NWO Doomed! “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide!, Vow ETs/EDs New World Order types, beware! You are squarely in the sights of an ever growing, single minded force of ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) determined to liberate Earth and her people from your terrible thrall. What has happened so far to the NWO game plan is as nothing when […]

Middle East War Canceled! Denuclearization Proceeding

Middle East War Canceled; Iran Seeks Real Talks And Promises To End Drive To Obtain Nuclear Weapons War in the Middle East has been narrowly averted. Iran, formerly the leading trouble maker of the Middle East, is now seeking “serious negotiations” and has promised to stop seeking to acquire the means to build nuclear weapons, […]

Middle East–Insanity Continues–Watch The Home Front!

Middle East–Racing to Annihilation War is one twitchy trigger finger away in the powder keg Middle East as this is being written. Yesterday, saw a U.S. carrier eyeball to eyeball with an Iranian naval vessel. That carrier battle group is confirmed as being temporarily trapped in the Middle East’s highly constrained Persian Gulf–via a minefield covertly […]

Israel Betrays U.S. By Selling 69 Patriot 2 PAC3s to China!

Israel’s Patriot 2 PAC3 Betrayal Merely The Latest! Israel has been caught red handed this past Friday trying to deliver no less than 69 state-of-the-art Patriot 2 PAC3 missiles to China, according to well-informed, very angry U.S. intelligence and military sources. Reportedly, this was being done in exchange for the missile guidance frequencies, uplink codes […]

War In Middle East Not Permitted, ET/ED Sources Say

War “Not On,” Even Conventional Warfare! War in the Middle East will not be permitted, according to ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources repeatedly proven correct after making a series of a priori predictions which a)  later occurred and b) were independently confirmed by extremely well-informed terrestrial sources. This “No war!” message came with some very specific targeted warnings. Neither War […]