BEK - Black Eyed Kids - A Threat Assessment by John Kettler - Book Cover BEK - A Threat Assessment, John Kettler's shocking new expose of the "black eyed kids" phenomena, is now available in paperback and thru the Kindle Unlimited program for FREE! A review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.  CLICK HERE to CHECK IT OUT!

Tesla Tech & SF Join the U.S. Navy!


“Tesla tech’s joined the Navy?” “And what’s this about SF?” Correct on both counts. The great Nikola Tesla dreamed of supplying wireless electrical power, and the Navy has made his dream come true. Except his Tesla coils aren’t beaming power to entire cities, but to a few innocuous looking prop driven aircraft. These are brand […]

JKI/SA About to Launch New Exclusive Series!


By “exclusive,” I mean, in this instance, none of it will appear here. Yes, I have more or less risen from the dead (finally) and am taking maximum advantage of that likely to be brief window (the whys and wherefores to be shortly released on JKI/SA) of productivity to, well, produce. To generate some exciting, […]

UFOs, Dulce Base, Area 51–Norio Hayakawa Interview Pt.1 Excerpt

norio hayakawa

Karl the Webmaster here. Yesterday, John and I were thrilled to conduct the first of what we hope will be many interviews with one of the leading lights of modern UFO research, the erudite and always interesting Norio Hayakawa, considered by many in the UFO field to be the dean of Area 51 research. Norio […]

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