Extraterrestrial Produce? We Eat It All The Time!

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Extraterrestrial Fruits & Vegetables? Say What? Extraterrestrial produce–the natural consequence of various extraterrestrials /extradimensionsals (ETs/EDs) coming here ages ago and making their mark as settlers. And as settlers do, each extraterrestrial group brought with it the produce of the home world. And what produce it is! While there is no way to prove this via […]

MIB (Men In Black) & UFOs–The Real Story!

MIB (Men In Black)–Real Or Unreal?   MIB. Long before the 1997 hit movie Men in Black (MIB) was a gleam in the screenwriter’s eye, MIB had already become a commonplace in UFO literature. Shadowy figures, invariably clothed in black suits and usually wearing dark sunglasses, would appear at the doors of those who’d had […]

Colorado Fire–New Insights

Colorado Fire: A Weird Admixture of Natural and Unnatural Fire Phenomenology Colorado fire, now fortunately out following a torrential downpour on the heels of seemingly endless record heat and high winds, exhibited a bizarre blending of natural fire behavior and things that simply aren’t explainable using even the limits of fire science. In between lie […]

John Kettler Is In The Hospital!

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  ATTENTION EVERYONE! John has been going through a very stressful, complicated and unexpected move. He was just settling into his new place when he had a slip and fall accident. He hit is head very hard. Being the typical guy, he didn’t want to go to the doctor but fortunately, friends convinced him to […]

We Welcome Sunfire!

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    From John Kettler to the readership: Although she generously volunteered to help long before she actually took up the mantle of an editor here, Sunfire was handpicked and given special trust by virtue of my many hours of conversation with her, during which her intelligence, depth and breadth of knowledge, warmth, genuineness, sunny […]

New Comment Policy

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    We’re having to change the way we handle comments on this site. If you are a commenter, or you’re thinking about commenting, please see the new Comment Policy for a full explanation of what’s going on and why it’s happening. Thanks for your kind attention and the ongoing support and encouragment. It means […]